Eating raw weed to get high

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by peace n love, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Sambuca

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    Ive tried eating a bit before school.
    I only ate about .4g

    Nothing happened, it probably would if you ate ALOT more.
    -Sambuca :spin:
  2. cb007sax

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    I'm going to throw a shoe at the next person who says that THC needs to be dissolved or bound to a chemical for it to be absorbed into the body!

    Get this through your head, THC is readily absorbed through the tissues of your small intestine. By suspending the THC in oil/fat/etc. you are simply increasing the surface area of the molecule to tissue interaction i.e. You are allowing more THC molecules to 'touch' the inside lining of your intestines. This is simple chemistry, you allow more area for interaction by putting particles in fluids rather than keeping them bound to some solid structure.

    In this case, we have THC hanging onto plant material. Obviously removing the THC from indigestible plant material and keeping it in a liquid which allows more of it to absorb into any medium that would readily accept it is a much better solution to "eating it raw". This is one of the reasons we bake Marijuana into specific foods. Another reason is that, it simply tastes better to eat!

    THC REQUIRES NO SORT OF HEAT TO 'ACTIVATE' IT. THC is active at room temperature. Smoking simply vaporizes all the THC molecules and allows them to travel in a fluid (in this case, smoke) which makes it easy to absorb in the lungs.

    When you cook with Cannabis, it also requires no heat to 'activate' the THC. The only reason heating is used is to make the THC more soluble inside whatever medium you're trying to dissolve it in. Note if you sprinkle Cannabis raw into some food and then cook it without letting it sit in a substance that will absorb it (butter/oil) you will vaporize nearly all of the THC very quickly (depending on how hot the oven is and how long you let it cook).

    I really don't want to hear anymore bullshit on this, it makes real life conversations weird when people get incorrect information but are certain of its correctness.

    Note I may have misspoken on a particular sentence. I am not educated in the field of Chemistry or Biology so don't take my word for it, research it yourself.

    Side note: I just ate 4 grams (raw) of high quality Marijuana about an hour ago. Feeling mildly high and euphoric (nothing intense).

    Update: After eating 4 grams, I waited about 4 or 5 hours and never felt anything above a very mild high. I went to sleep and woke up a few times during the night. I felt very lucid and sleepy when I woke up. Sort of like the feelings you get AFTER you come down off a Marijuana high. It's been about 18 hours since I ate and I just feel tired. Overall, waste of money and waste of weed. Would have been much better if I had cooked it in some butter first. I won't be eating raw weed again unless I'm forced to.
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  3. 1956

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    I don't remember the first time I heard of using cannabutter or oil for MJ baked goods, but I know I have gotten very stoned just mixing weed into a recipe or box mix for both cookies or brownies. It is also true that most if not all recipes/mixes for these products require the addition of either oil or butter.

    I have also had failures adding weed to recipes, in retrospect because I was unaware of the vaporizing temp of MJ and cooked the final product until it got way too crispy (burnt)

    I saw a related post on this subject on another site that made sense to me that making canna oil or butter is the best way to concentrate THC from low grade weed in to an edible, and that somewhere down the pike that notion got bastardized as the only way to make edibles. It is also the best way to get an even distribution in your mix. If the THC is bonded to oil or butter and the whole mix gets moist your distribution is pretty even. If you put it in raw, it might all end up in disproportionate amounts in different parts of the pan.

    My very basic Anatomy and Physiology class taught me that lipids, which include oil and butter, and alcohol, the other substance THC bonds easily with, will both begin being absorbed into the blood stream in the stomach. The third type of products that starts to be absorbed in the stomach are some drugs. Most notably aspirin, an analgesic. Given that MMJ is frequently used for it's analgesic properties, I have to wonder if an anlgesic bonded to a fat or alcohol is even more easily absorbed in the stomach. Just my unqualified observation.

    I am a fairly light weight consumer these days and can get very pleasantly stoned on a small amount of raw weed. It is different than smoking. That body high thing many describe and it last several hours. MJ is very seductive to me, but I am always amazed with both pot of alcohol how little it takes to feel the effects if I haven't been using much.
  4. knowsallfacts

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    How to decarboxilate weed for raw eating

    mostpeople dont kno why eatin raw weed doesnt work so i did alot of studdying but what everyone was saying didnt add up soo i foun out mysellf. weed CAN be aten raw only ater decarb which s basically your weed drying or curring but how do we do this decarb can happen at 200 dggrees celcius for 5 min but thas above weeds vporizing temp. so i found an online book that further explain possible ways to decarb basically so yu can eat it raw aafter. what yu do is wrap yur weed in tin foil optional just to make sure no vaporizing happens and put yur oven ononly 210 degrees FARENHEIGHT. for a full 90 mins this mkes yur weed 100% ready for ingestion and all the THCA is converted to THC. FUCK iwish someone cuda posted this for me. so i didnt have to go searcin for 6 hours to make sure i didnt fuck up ma chron. i dont get hie from smokin anymore cuzof a tolerance so eaten a hq of this shud be good
  5. donnachris

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    if you want to try something easy that doesnt take a bunch of weed, try hot pot chocolate. if you look for other posts that i have made, ypou will find my recipe for hot pot choclate.
  6. laCster

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    but why would you want to eat raw buds?? i'm more than fine with smoking and vaping...its fun to try new ways to smoke anyways! and it's such a waste of time and money to eat 4grams when you can smoke .1-.3 and get ripped! :blazed:
  7. donnachris

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    according to Robert A Nelson, author of "Hemp Husbandry" you have tpo decarboxylate your weed at 105 degrees celcius for one hour in order to convert THCA (non-psychpactive) into THC (which is psychoactive).
  8. Kushy

    Kushy down

    If you literally do not get high from smoking chronic, I cannot even imagine how much weed you are smoking. I smoke many times per day and I still get high even if I have a high tolerance. If you don't feel any buzz whatsoever from chronic, then it has nothing to with your tolerance, it's probably just not weed at all.

    Oh and tolerance doesn't apply just to smoking. If you don't get high from smoking, you won't get high from eating it either. And what is a "hq"? A half-quarter? Eating an eighth of weed is an extreme waste of money and would be better spent smoking or cooking it into food, or better yet, just take 3 days off smoking and when you smoke again you will get very, very high again.

    Honestly, how do you not get high? I can understand developing a tolerance and blazing all day every day, but even when I do that I still get high in the mornings and just kinda burnout throughout the day.
  9. planehopr

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    How much did you eat to get you high.
  10. Faded88/14

    Faded88/14 New Member

    interesting thread. Awhile back I was pretty baked and had just picked up some real dank nice looking og kush and I did eat a nice nug. That doesn't really add to the thread but I just figured i'd add that
  11. Ron420

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    During football season I eat my weed raw to save my lungs. Ill eat 1/3 oz on an empty stomach and get fucked up for close to 6 hours. Granted it does take about an hour until you start feeling the effects. I have come to like the taste and after a while your farts will smell like marijuana. If you arr looking to get high by ingesting your weed than eat it on an empty stomach. It will get you much higher!
  12. Jeffasp1

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    I personally have had sucess with eating raw pot, but I found it takes two bowls worth, although it is important to note that I am a MAJOR lightweight.

    If I attampt this, I usually rub my hands together very fast until they are as hot as I can comfortably make them, and then close them together tight around the nuggets, I do this probably 5-12 times, I don't know if this does anything but I like to think it serves as a primitive heating method when no ovens are available, to convert any THCA into THC that I can.

    Also, I find that eating properly cured marijuana (curing I think accomplishes the converting the THCA into THC I believe, correct me if I am wrong) is more effective than improperly cured or not cured marijuana. this is my experience. You can tell if your marijuana is cured by breaking the stem, if it feels solid and brittle, and you hear an audible snap, you have properly cured marijuana. I find eating improperly/not cured marijuana to be a waste of time, and pot.

    it's not very effective, but if it's cured properly and you heat it in your hands, I'd say eating about twice as much as you'd need to smoke will do in paperless, pipeless, and ovenless situation.

    Everybody is different, but in my experience I find that eating marijuana generally takes between 30 and 40 minutes on average to kick in, although some people will say it takes up to an hour and a half. Also, I find that pure sativa varieties for me begin to kick in in as little as 15-20 minutes, and creep up on you, and that pure or dominant indica varieties take 35-50 minutes to take effect. and hybrids are somewhere in the middle. I also personally think sativa varieties seem to notably more efficient than indica varieties when it comes to straight eating, that is, they produce more effects, yet this might just be a personal reaction and probably does not hold true to every single person.

    In my experience, eating yeilds more of a balanced head/body buzz, and is slightly trippier, with a very faint physical numbing effect that I rarely get when I smoke it, but it adds a nice touch. It also lasts about 6-8 hours, more or less depending on dose and your personal body's reaction to it.

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    stop eating your weed !!! for THC to be psycho active it has to reach a temp. of at least 250 degrees this is what i read in hightimes mag years ago can you say placebo!!!!!!!
  14. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Placebo. There I spelled it and said it out load as I typed. You'll have to take my word for it.

    Decarboxylation, the process you are referring to takes places via the application of heat or over time at room temperatures and low humidity. Thus with crispy dried weed, the thc is already active.

    Check Ed Rosenthal's comments. He has written extensively for High Times.

    People with a strong tolerance can't believe the effects of MJ on those of us with a low tolerance.
    There are also sedative and analgesic properties in some of the other chemicals in the MJ plant.
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  15. Deadpool13

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    Obviously you guys need clarification and to establish a difference between "raw" and "dried/cooked" weed. Raw, uncooked, fresh leaves and buds (*not* dried buds) straight off a living plant will not get you high. Also, the majority of weed found in the States has been specifically bred to increase the THC content with the intent of increasing the highs, so yes eating *dried* buds you buy from a dealer most likely *will* get you high.
    The medicinal benefits of Marijuana are from the raw form, once you dry/cure/cook/smoke it you lose a lot of these medicinal nutrients and get the high in return. Plenty of research available regarding this, some of which I've linked below.
  16. nugatronica

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    thats a waste of weed ur body cannot break down the weed to get u high
  17. Andres Garza

    Andres Garza New Member

    I've tried it before and it tastes pretty nasty, made me gag a bit.
    If you love licking your fingers after getting weed bits on it, then you might like it. I only got a small body high. Better idea to smoke it or cook it.
  18. nugatronica

    nugatronica New Member

    yea i believe that idk y anyone would waste there time to eat it
  19. Mr3alloonHands

    Mr3alloonHands New Member

    i wanna try emptying a couple pill capsules and filling them with bud :chillpill: iv baked before and i love edibles so neone know if this will work? and im not concerned about wasting it iv got plenty and always down for something new but will always choose a nice fat j
  20. bfaulkner420

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    I was wondering what would happen if you inhaled raw weed that was never lit... accidently did that on my joint my friend rolled I was super high and woke up with a headache.

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