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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Johnny Moronic, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Johnny Moronic

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    Any nightly edible users out there? I have been eating these very powerful "on the rise" brownies every night because I can't smoke or vaporize anymore. The brownies contain almost 4 grams of cannabis per 12 dollar brownie. At first, I was able to get high off 1/4 of one, then after a couple of weeks I had to start eating half and now after a month I have to eat 3/4 of one to get the same effects. It is costing me 9 dollars a night now, which I can't afford anymore. I tried a brief tolerance break for 4 nights and then it was a little better but not much. I am afraid that even after a 2 week break, I will be in the same situation within a month of nightly usage again. Does anyone out there have this same problem? How do you deal with it? Should I just buy pre-made cannabutter from the dispensary? There is a 60 dollar vat of cannabutter for sale at one of these shops and I am wondering if I buy that, maybe I will be able to get a lot more doses out of it, much cheaper, because you are not paying for all the extra ingredients, just the butter. Can you just put the butter on a cracker and eat it? Since it is pre-made butter, it does not need to be heated up right? Would this be a way to eat pot nightly without spending too much money? Is there a saturation point you can reach where edibles simply don't work anymore? Can someone who uses edibles nightly for a several month period please tell me how you do it so you can still feel the effects? Thank you
  2. Buzzby

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    On the surface, that seems pretty odd. I've never heard of medical-grade cannabis going for less than $10 a gram. How can a brownie containing four grams cost only $12?

    That sounds like a normal tolerance situation.

    If you are eating these brownies to get high, there's not much to be done about it. If you are eating them for medical reasons, tolerance to medical effects doesn't develop at the same rate. You don't need to get high to get the medical benefits.

    That is most likely the case. Because of tolerance, less is more. You get higher if you use less weed less frequently.


    It doesn't matter how you get it into your system. It's the amount of THC you take in and the frequency with which you do it. I know people who chain smoke joints of KB all day long and barely get a buzz.
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  3. ZoZo

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    4 grams all together = 4 brownies

    $12 per brownie x 4 brownies = $48 all together for 4 days worth of brownies.
  4. Johnny Moronic

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    To Buzzby, yes, it says on the label. "Contains 3.75 grams cannabis" Find "on the rise" brownies. They are the most powerful I have found and it says on it 4-8 doses. For me, it is only a little more than one dose. That is why I am concerned. I use it for anxiety and appetite stimulation because I have no appetite. I use it instead of PAXIL which scared me when I took it. I trust nature's medicine more than anti-depressants. So you are saying a tolerance break is the only solution?

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