Edibles on an airplane?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Calculus, May 16, 2009.

  1. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    I'll be leaving on a 2 week vacation to Japan in about a week. Has anyone tried to bring edibles made with mj on an airplane? It's probably a a bigger risk since it's an international flight, but I have bought an edible from a club before and besides the taste, I could not smell anything different about it. I'm just worried about those drug sniffing dogs... I guess the worst thing is that I'll be out for 2 weeks at most.
  2. Lurkerboy (T)

    Lurkerboy (T) Sr. Member

    Sorry, I have no idea the answer to your question. But I`m quite jealous of you visiting Japan. Have fun. :)
  3. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    Drug dogs would definitely be able to smell it, and Japan has very strict laws regarding MJ. I'd say you're better off trying to find it when you get there or just going without.
  4. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    Well I figured just as much when I read about Tokyo in webehigh.com. Just wanted to seek a second opinion.

    It's actually my second time going to Japan. It's quite a nice place to visit, but it's expensive (like NYC).
  5. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    so your going there then? if so i would be very careful. not sure how they use there dogs there let alone there search procedures. But you will be going through Customs on there side which means the dogs could be present. me i would go without or eat some before going. ain't nothing better than flying high:angel:. then you always got cookies when you get back. just put them in a zip lock bag with a peice of bread and they'll stay fresh for you while your gone.
  6. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    First, your post is not specific - are you simply trying to have these goodies on your flight or have them after arrival? Are you planning on smuggling 2 weeks worth of goodies in your luggage. Prepackaged MMJ brownies from a club are clearly labeled as such - how are you going to explain that?

    Second, the folly of youth is to focus on dog detection - there are many other layers of detection that you ignore when focusing your efforts on hiding it from dogs. Are you familiar with the behavior detection methods involved?

    Frankly, I usually answer these questions with "if you have to ask - don't do it", but you have been there before. So are you really qualified to smuggle internationally if you must ask on an internet forum advice?
  7. frenchhustler19091

    frenchhustler19091 New Member

    I mean... it's gonna be a long plane ride. Why not just eat it a little before hand and have the greatest flight of your life. That way you'll be sure not to get caught :).
  8. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    It's really no big deal, depending on what kind of edibles. I usually buy hard candies at the local club and put them in a bag with lots of other hard candies. Whatever edibles you transport have a whole lunch with you and it will blend in fine. Everything really depends on how you feel about it though, if you're relaxed and well dressed, who cares about your snacks.
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  9. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    I went to Japan around the same time last year. The only difference is that I didn't have an MMJ card back then and thus I never used to smoke anymore than just the weekends. I used to hang out with someone who used to deal and I remember the night before he offered to sell me the last brownie edible he had. I had my doubts back then about just placing it in my backpack, but the question has popped back up in the back the of mind as I prepare for this trip. If I'm going to do it I might just eat it before going through check-in and stuff over here and just have an interesting flight over to Japan.
  10. 9184

    9184 New Member

    i have taken edibles on international flights that i know what is going on at the other end. if you have been to japan and not seen dogs in customs, you could risk it. i have been checked in customs several times with the edibles on me and no one noticed

    the places i go dont want you to bring food items in from other countries but i have small enough amounts to not be visible

    for sure you could bring it on the plane and eat it during the flight if you dont want to risk customs.i have never seen dogs looking at people getting on international flights in the places i am

    i dont know japan so i wouldnt know what its like at their customs
  11. Merkabah

    Merkabah New Member

    If some drug sniffing dogs are sniffing your edibles, can't you just say the dog wants it because it's food?

    If you pretend it's just cookies or brownies or whatever, how can they prove otherwise unless they take a sample and test it? Why would they bother going through all that effort over a dog that probably just smells something tasty?

    I'm not gonna say it's safe and that you should do it. But I will say that I'd probably do it. Of course, I have the gift of being able to act normal in all situations and not get nervous or paranoid.
  12. RespyShunt

    RespyShunt New Member

    i actually went to korea last month and i saw only 1 drug sniffing dog on my whole trip and that was on the return flight home when i stopped in San Francisco on a layover.
  13. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    It's not like they just let the dogs wander around the airport, they bring them out when they suspect someone has drugs or a bomb. That's why nobody ever sees them, and that's why some people have gotten busted thinking they don't have to worry about smell because they've never seen dogs at the airport before.

    If you take the proper steps and you don't act suspicious, you won't even see the dogs anyway.
  14. sanfranciscosadhu

    sanfranciscosadhu New Member

    I went through Narita airport a couple of months ago on a three hour overlay, no problem of course. They're focused on terrorists worldwide, NOT on edible "snacks"!
  15. Calculus

    Calculus New Member

    Well I'm in Tokyo now and I'll be visiting Okinawa soon too (which makes me wonder if there's weed there since it's near a naval base). Anyway I just decided to use this time to take a break from smoking. I only lasted 3 days max the other times I took a break.

    Speaking about sniffing dogs, there was an officer walking around with one once I got my baggage from baggage claim at Narita.
  16. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Actually, most of the time, the public never sees the dogs, because they are more often used for sniffing luggage behind the scenes, not sniffing people in view of the public. While dogs may on occasion be used to sniff human targets, its typically not necessary (or efficient), and the dogs are far better utilized checking luggage, rather than passengers. The reason mopst people don't see dogs in the AP is trhat they typically are doing their duties out of the public view. Just becasue you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

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