Edibles vs Smoking

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  1. Bud_Lightyear

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    Im going in on some edibles to ring in the new year. Ive never done them so i was hoping you could tell me some experiences you've had with them, how it differs, will i be functionable?
  2. lil_rabbit

    lil_rabbit New Member

    first off find out how much green was used. then eat half and wait about 30 to 45 minutes. You should start to feel a bit of a body buzz. Assuming your eating brownies take your time eating them and don't rush it. The first time I ate edibles was when my homie cooked some saved up vaped weed. While waiting we smoke a bowl and vaped about .5. Didn't really feel anything as far as the brownies for about an hour and thirty minutes...then BLOW. stuck to the futon :D

    To me edibles differs from smoking and vaping by the high and overall expierence.

    When I smoke I feel the high come either from behind my eyes to the rest of my body or from my face (as rapper curren$y calls it freckles) and spreads out towards my body.

    When I vape its a the same except there's no smoke on me

    With edibles the high kinda comes over you like if you where to pour some sort of syrup type liquid over a sphere until it was covered...the sphere being your body and the syrup being the high.....just picture it if you can

    Finally you should be able to function but for good measures being that its new years eve and them boys are always out at night :ns: and its your first time I would recomend find a safe place to plant. ;)

    Hope that helped dude.:thumb:
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  3. 1956

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    Don't eat too much other food before eating the edibles. Read an interesting article that said best to eat a small grreasy meal 40min-1 hr before consumption so that your liver won't metabolize the thc too quickly.
    I am not an expert, but it made sense. Investigate best cooking methods and fats to use. Think clarified butter or coconut oil. Have also read that lecithin is a fat that is added to many medicines and vitamins for better absorption, haven't had time to experiment with it yet.
  4. michelemishellie

    michelemishellie New Member

    I just can't get high with the edibles ,, it's a mind thing,, tried it several times,, different strengths,,, even bought an electronic smoking device with the liquid THC,, I bought it for my mom to use while she was in the hospital,,, between chemo, radiation and blood transfusions ,, seems like she a lot of time there ,, so when we saw that,, it was so cool. But she had the same problem I did,, my mind is very powerful. I need the rituals of breaking it up,, rolling,, lighting ,,, taking a hit,,, feeling the hit and blowing it out and seeing smoke come out. I know it sounds crazy but it's true.

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