Effect of Pot Use on the Family

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by mistyryus, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. mistyryus

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    I've been reading about why cannibus was made illegal. I've heard everything, except why it should remain illegal. I'm not a pot smoker. My issue is the hardship to the families of pot smoking parents. If I had smoked pot, my children would have gone hungry. It's a very expensive hobby. It ends relationships, tears families apart; and for what? A few hours of self induced euphoria? My ex calls it "relaxing". It's a damned expensive way to relax if you ask me. I can relax just fine without it; not that I had time to relax, somone had to take care of the kids, the paycheck. You all make it sound so attractive. Why don't you tell the trueth? You're just hooked. Yes, it is addicting. If you don't believe me, see how much it hurts to try to quit! Drugs is the only sickness where the patient doesn't want to get well! What kind of immoral things have you done so you can smoke? Beat up a school mate for money? Work 20 hours a day, to support your habit, while your mate is being the only caregiver of your children? How many times have you sworn you love someone but choose the habit instead? How many times did you opt out of a vacation, because " you'd rather spend your money on pot? When was the last time you attended a function in public, and were comfortable knowing you couldn't smoke? Did you leave early? Did you see the end of the play? Did you get your money's worth?

    I'd like to see some replys. By the way. I'm so fed up I just sent my hubby the pot smokers version of singles dating site. Think about that the next time you need a hoot. Maybe someone cares a hell of a lot about your bad habit. Maybe your marriage or relationship is on the brink of disaster. Or maybe you could just QUIT because after all "IT'S NOT ADDICTIVE".
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    I will admit that i find marijuana to be addictive, but why do you just single out us pot smokers? You see people everyday that are tweaked out, drunk, or under the influence of any of the other drugs. You see, it can tear apart families if someone does not have the will power to quit when they know that they have gone too far. You cant just come into an argument and say that all pot users are too far addicted to quit or be able to. I have quit several times in the past and would anyday of the week if it would benefit my family. For instance, take cigarette smokers, they can spend upwards of 300 dollars a month on cigarettes, but someone may spend a hundred or so on a little pot to chill after busting you ass all day, and look who is the bad guy. The American society says that smoking marijuana is so bad and everything, but you dont see presidents making laws where you cant have tobacco. Also, wouldnt you feel at ease knowing that some states have legalized it because of its superior medicinal effects? If you can help someone that is in extreme pain and maybe let them eat a little, how would that tear a family apart? So again, dont come into a discussion and say that pot is destroying our relationships with anybody. If you hate marijuana, why come to a marijuana supporting site and discuss it? We are all pro-marijuana, we cant be changed. Anybody who reads this, please reply because this is a topic i feel very strong about and would like to how you feel about it.
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  3. hendrix

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    You really have no idea. Good job displaying you're ignorance though, it's people like you with their generalizations and false assumptions that keeps marijuana illegal. to keep my post short, i've been smoking on and off for approximately 6-7 years. After my first year of smoking I took a 2 year hiatus.. did you get that? I smoked for a year straight, then stopped for 2. no withdrawls, depression or anything of the sort. I felt completely fine, of course I wanted to smoke, but I didn't need to smoke. I still hung out with people who smoked and i could simply say no, without regret.

    after those two years, i thought to myself theres no reason for me not to smoke, it relaxes me.. leaving me stress free, enhances everything from music, visuals, thoughts and sex.

    i've never done anything illegal to get weed, besides the act of obtaining it. imagine that.. i work atleast 40 hours a week, i pay taxes, attend school, i vote and i'm very generous with money (research, donations etc..) yet, because I decide to smoke a natural plant, i'm labelled a criminal and can spend years in jail for doing something with MY body.

    the only downside i find, besides being labelled a criminal, is the price. i've never stolen, lied or put off something just to smoke. if i'm saving for something, i can stop smoking. when i'm in school (i took this semester off for personal reason.. nothing to do with marijuana like you're probably thinking), but when I am studying, I don't smoke unless on vacation or after a major exam. if it were legalized, i would be grateful for not having to go through real criminals and support them. if it were legalized, the price would be a lot cheaper while local goverments can still make large profits. if it were legal, it would be harder for people under 21 (or perhaps 18) to obtain it, considering it would (and should) be regulated like alcohol.

    it's kind of like drinking, except a lot safer. people can become mentally addicted, but it's not the substance at fault, but the persons lack of self control.

    all I ask is to be allowed to do what i want with MY body. I want the government to give up the rights to my body.

    i apologize if i seem to be rambling, i just got home from a late night of work and i am way too tired to make corrections.

    p.s. it will come of no surprise to me if you think i'm lying and continue to generalize.. i've seriously lost a lot of faith in man kind. not just because of prohibition, but everything from the way we, people, treat each other and the people we elect to run this country.
  4. mistyryus

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    Hi hendrix

    Thanks for your reply. I mention all of those things because they are near and not at all dear to me. My guy chain smokes pot. He spends upwords of 800. 00 a month, and smokes cigarettes as well. And the fact that it inhances visuals etc is exactly what makes it so addictive. Anything in moderation is fine with me. I totally agree that drinking and smoking cigarettes is bad for your health and addictive, and i can't see why the government decided to sell them instead of pot. Creating a monopoly was not doubt the reason for this. The fact remains that it is a mind altering drug, and like alcohol, should be used with restraint. The trouble is by the time you are well and truely hooked and depend on it for your leisure, and relaxation, it's got you!

    Also, I'm guite happy to be ignorant of this drug, though after being with someone who is adicted to it, i've done a lot of research and talked to a lot of addicts, and most tell me that it's not that great, and they wish they had never started. My guy had beaten up kids in school too, for money to buy pot, and this at a very early age.

    You want to be allowed to do what you want with your body, but you are young and don't forget someone, sometime will want to share that body. You are young now and only need to smoke when it suits you but a time will come when you need it when it's not convenient for you to have it. And yu will hurt because of it. That's addiction!

    Think about this too; He's become peranoid, suspicious, thinks he's unworthy of love. He thinks everyone is against him and the government is on some private mission to make his life misserable. He finds fault in everything and can't even enjoy simple pleasures anymore. He's become a hermit, and has alienated all his friends and his family, even his pot smoking friends (freeloaders, actually, as long as you are free with your stash you have lots of friends i've noticed).
  5. Mamabudz

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    It appears that you have some serious issues about finances; family responsibilties; and shared work ethics with your husband.

    Your problems run much deeper than your husband's use of pot.

    I would suggest -- for the benefit of the children -- that the two of you enter counseling immediately to deal with the current crisi in your relationship.

    Whether your marriage can be saved or not; you owe it to your children to handle this matter in the most adult and civilized manner possible to alleviate the effects of this traumatic and volatile situation on their young psyches.

    Even if your husband does not agree to therapy -- please seek therapy for yourself so that you can provide adequate Mothering to your family during this obviously difficult time.

    This thread is being moved to a more appropraite forum

    You had added this while I was responding previously.

    What you have described are classic symptoms of extreme depression and possibly other more serious psychological illnesses. Your repeated mention of antisocial behaviour on his part (beating people up for funds) also concerns me greatly. It demonstrates an inability for him to set acceptable limits on himself.

    I must stress that this is ATYPICAL behavior and really requires immediate professional attention and possible intervention for your husband, for you and for your entire family to protect your safety emotionally nad possibly physycally.

    Please do not delay in seeking advice from your local Mental Health program.

    I cannot stress enough the serious nature of the matter you have described.
  6. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    I can answer this all in one simple statement.

    Everything you said is true about alcohol as well as marijuana, or any other intoxicant. Yes, it can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. Yes, people can get psychologically addicted to marijuana, just the same as they can get psychologically addicted to anything pleasurable, such as eating, washing your car, or painless bowel movements.

    However, does the existence of alcoholics preclude the possibility that responsible citizens can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with dinner, and do so in a responsible way? I think not. The same should be true for cannabis.

    Believe it or not, there ARE some of us that strive to use it responsibly. Not all of us are couch-potato dorito-eating tv-watching potheads living in our mother's basements at 30. You don't take the second amendment away just because some people choose to commit crimes with guns. You don't take the first amendment away just because some people choose to libel or slander others. You don't outlaw alcohol just because some people choose to drink and drive. Marijuana is, in fact, less harmful than alcohol, and I dare you to try and argue otherwise. Anything you can think of that would make marijuana more harmful than alcohol are results of marijuana prohibition, not marijuana itself (things like, permanent criminal records, loss of educational funding, etc). If marijuana were legal, it would be plain to everyone that it is less harmful than alcohol.
  7. hendrix

    hendrix New Member

    After seven years theres no sign of addiction. Sinse you know everything about something you've never tried, just by watching the wrong people.. please, tell me, if not seven years, how long?

    You seem to be taking your husbands problems (lack of self control, etc..) and blaming them on marijuana. Whatever lets you sleep at night. People have lied, wasted money on, beat up people for alcohol (hell, I've seen a fat guy beat up someone for a candy bar). If your husband were an alcoholic, would you blame alcohol or your husband? Do you think alcohol should be illegal because a minority of users has a problem?

    It's the same with pot, a minority aren't responsible. It's simply that the majority are no where to be seen except by other smokers. Why? Because it's illegal. Everyday people smoke pot, from doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, architects, engineer and accountants (i've met people from all those professions who smoke).. but these people keep their use in secret except when voting, because theres some bs stereotype that can land them in jail.

    If you're a working adult who contributes to society, you have the right to do whatever you want to do with your own body, if you can't, you do not own your body, the government does. You see nothing wrong with this? Don't mix up your husband and other peoples problems with the rest of us.
  8. zeljmond

    zeljmond New Member

    I just want to say that i smoke marijuana for 5 jears constantly but never did other drugs.in fact i hate when some of my friends do other drugs and after that cant function like a normal person.i now work 40 hours a week in a car parts factory on cnc machines and is boring as hell,so i smoke a joint before going to work.if other peoples can drink 3 or 4 beers during a brake i can smoke a joint.i communicate with my workmates normally and work normally, even better than others.sometimes i dont smoke because i dont feel like it.when i get payed i allway buy 50 grams.over here it costs for about 50 dollars.some times it lasts for a mont some times less.but it is allways 50 grams a month.so there is a evidence of not being hooked on.i just love to smoke it just as much as someone likes to drink coca cola.it relaxes me and make my brain function slowly but more intense.if working im all into work and sence of time dissapear.when playing my bass it takes me and my band to another place and we have so much ideas when improvising.when i go to the partys i prefer weed than alcohol.consuming alcohol often result in geting into fight and you smell really bad and say inpropriet things while on weed we all want to be friends,and we are.eather way weed is cool and almost allways funn.
    weed addiction is all in your head.if you dont want it you want have iT.

    sorry for typing or spelling errors.i hope you will understand what i was trying to say.
  9. DereX

    DereX New Member

    mistyryus, I would say that you are absolutely correct, thats just me though.

    The definition of ADDICTION: (Dictionary.com)

    - The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
    - An instance of this: had an addiction for fast cars.
    (Notice the 'FAST CARS')

    I would guess that most are addicted to marijuana, afterall, it occupies alot of their time. If someone can say they are not addicted, They might be hiding the truth. The drug is addictive and what does that make the people who use it.
    you need to find something else to do in your free time if smoking has become your life. If you cannot think of anything you like to do other then smoke, there is definately a problem because life is wonderful and we are blessed to be here.

    The key is to not get to the point where you cannot live without marijuana, likewise, the key is not to hate everything about marijuana just because some cannot use it responsibly.

    If you know someone who is abusing the substance, dont let it stand, tell them your thoughts. If they can be mature enough to accept criticism, they may wise up and say, "Hey, i might be obsessed with spending my money on this drug."

    - It will never be legal if people abuse it

    Thats my opinion, and it probably wont change - if you disagree, im happy to read your opinion
  10. Jordan70

    Jordan70 New Member

    Well I smoke marijuana everyday, but I did quit for 6 months after an ACTUAL ADDICTION to opiate pain medication. Lol, it's all good and well to say marijuana is addicting but real withdrawals from chemically addictive substances are much worse the a couple nights of insomnia; marijuana is truely a different from the rest, "god's gift to man".

    And I've never hurt my family or a beat up another person for marijuana, I live in washington state where we get pretty decent marijuana. $40 worth will last me 1-2 weeks, I don't smoke before 6:00, mainly I use it for sleep because i've tried every sleep med out there and pot is just better. It sounds to me like you might wanna smoke a bowl yourself. :)
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I spend half money on pot that my friend who smokes a pack a day spends on cigarettes. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than the legal "hobby" of drinking in bars.

    Marijuana doesn't tear families apart. Marijuana abuse might do that. Far more likely are the repercussions of prohibition and getting arrested.

    It sounds like your ex was a drug abuser and thoroughly irresponsible. That's not pot, that a character defect. Why did you marry the jerk? The guy who works all day and has a beer or two in the evening isn't the same as the guy who can't hold down a job because he's drunk all the time. The same range of behavior holds true for marijuana users. I take a few tokes an hour before bedtime because it's fun and it helps me with a sleep disorder. Where's the harm in that?

    I quit a week ago because I ran out. No problems except that I've had to take a pharmaceutical drug for my sleep disorder that costs twice as much, doesn't work as well, and leaves me "hung over" in the morning. BTW, how do you know how much it hurts to try to quit, since you aren't a user? Is it, by any chance, the whining of your layabout, drug-abusing ex husband? Drug abusers always exaggerate. They're a bunch of cry-babies.

    Non-abusing drug users don't like to give it up because they enjoy it. Drug abusers often want to give it up but haven't got the strength of character to do it.

    None of the above. It's really too bad that you married a bozo, but don't take it out on all of us who are responsible, moderate marijuana users. The only drug problem we have is finding a supply and not getting arrested.

    I've been smoking marijuana since 1967. I've never had a problem except for a possession bust in 1970 (not a pot problem; a prohibition problem). I've taken breaks many times because the supply has dried up and never had a problem. It was no worse than when my favorite TV show went on hiatus.
  12. Tweed Master

    Tweed Master New Member


    I agree with Buzzby.

    I strongly recommend that you further educate yourself before creating an argument.

    Buzzby, I have a sleeping disorder also, and I have a very hard time keeping a schedule. I have tried pharmaceuticals, (only because I couldn't find any other way to help) and they did help me fall alseep, but it made me immobile (I had trouble getting up to use the restroom at night) and not to mention I felt like crap in the morning (same as you Buzzby). Marijuana on the other hand, relieves my headaches, stomach aches, and makes me fall alsleep without negative effects (as far as feelings go). So with marijuana, I am able to keep a schedule and fall alseep when I need to. (i also had major depression problems before I started smoking and I haven't been depressed since I started, and I'm not even an everyday smoker even though I know lots of you would argue and say that the substances do not affect anything that has to do with seratonin production etc...)
  13. whyaremyeyesred

    whyaremyeyesred New Member

    I dont know about other people, but for me, to quit smoking is like to quit drinking caffeine drinks. It's not a big deal, just whats the point if you don't have to. ::rocket:: ::glob::
  14. weedisgod

    weedisgod New Member

    i think you are IGNORANT

    Weed to me is a choice. I choose to smoke marijuana. I have saved my mony up for many different vacations and traveled around the world. You might wonder why i tell you that: Weed has NOT put me financially in debt, and also i am not addicted to it. if i was addicted to marijuana i could not have spent the months traveling with my family that i support, i would have had to smoke pot there. But i didnt.

    i think you are ignorant, and should not post anyother replys on this sie criticizing marijuana until you have tried it for your self. Oh yeah and would you like to know what my profession is? I PROGRAM COMPUTERS. weed hasnt affected my prpfession at all, although my proffesion requires a quick mind. WEED IS WONDERFUL, if used responsibly, and that is what i and the majority of the users on this site do as well.
  15. magicstoner56

    magicstoner56 New Member

    what's the worst thing about pot she can say

    people shouldnt make the mistake of demonizing an intoxicant without drawing attention to all the others that destroy people's lives,my father was a hideous drunk who did everything you said and a hell of a lot more before he left,if she thinks her husband is bad on weed she should have seen my drunk dad cut off my drunk moms finger and then her stab him in the neck with a butcher knife.I personnally think she should be making beer the devil,i had to see that when i was seven,so who else wonders whats her worst pot story?
  16. lilguyboi03

    lilguyboi03 New Member

    I've been smoking pot for about 2 years now. The first time i got high, i enjoyed the feeling. After the first time i got high, i wanted to get high again. Probably it was because i wanted to feel the high again. But that feeling only lasted for a week or less. I've had absolutely no problem not using marijuana. I can stop whenever i want, for as long as i want. At the same time, i can use it whenever i want. You were too quick to assume. You stated that marijuana is addicting. Well, i smoke marijuana and cigarettes and if i ever crave for something, it's the nicotine in the cigarette. And i never go crazy when i don't have marijuana laying around, but cigarettes, yes. And it's not the marijuana's fault just because some people are abusers. Playing it safe, that's how responsible marijuana users do it. :)
  17. dankaffinity

    dankaffinity New Member

    been smoking dank for bout 3 years now. no addiction. stopped for a year and even forgot about "weed" for a couple of months. i dont think weed has a physical addiction but a MENTAL addiction. and i dont think it increases visual effects (if ur smoking weed for this u might as well quit or goto shroooms and chill to the winamp visuals). maybe it trips u out a lil.

    it does sound like u have problems. maybe u should have a talk with ur man (high as a kite). smoke a bowl of ganja with him and see what flys.

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