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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Farmer Brown, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Farmer Brown

    Farmer Brown New Member

    I am trying to find an air pump that I can use to make an electric bong. I don't know if it'll work or not, but I am always trying to build things for the fun of it. I am trying to think of a pump with a way of attaching a hose to the air in side and the air out side. Of course the hose on the air in side will be attached to my bowl and the air out side to a glass tube that will slide in my bong (if that made any sense). Thanks for your help!
  2. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    IMO This really would not work very well. I'm sure in the end it is possible, but it would require alot of testing. I have had pipes like this and it just blows the smoke out.

    The big problem with this is pressure. It literally shoots the smoke out at you. So its kind of hard to take a hit when you are not controlling the pressure by breathing in. You kind of have to let it in your mouth and then breath it in.

    So if you were to attach a mechanism such as this to a bong(most probably inbetween the bowls and downstem) it might get a little messy. Basically you want this motor to suck the air through the bowl piece and then have that smoke go through the downstem and bubble out into the piece through the water. But the problem is as soon as you seal your mouth on that bong you are not letting that gas escape out the top so it will find the easiest way to leave(out the bowl).

    Now you could always let the bong fill itself up, turn the motor off and then take your hit.

    But to be quite honest to get something like this to work properly, effectively and cleanly would be a challange.
  3. Farmer Brown

    Farmer Brown New Member

    Yes Hauptmann, that's exactly what I was thinking. I was planning on having a fitting for the hose coming off the pump that will easily slide in and out of the downstem, allowing you to pull it out when the bong is full. I haven't figured out yet how to overcome the pressure difference issue. I realize that when you seal your mouth around the bong, the pump will not be able to fill it with smoke. I'll figure that out once I identify a pump that would work.

    It may not work, and that's fine, I just like to have fun figuring these things out.

    If anyone can think of a pump that will work, I will deffinitely post pictures of the final product.
  4. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    Here's an Idea, make a hookha style device and mount the motor on the top pulling through the other hole, this device would probably spray smoke, so if you were going to be doing a hot box it would be pretty good, you could also build in some kind of thumb activated presure switch so you could start the pump with your thumb light it, let the motor blow smoke into your mouth, like shotgunning somke from someone and when you have had enough of a hit just take your thumb off the switch. That would solve the problem of the motor getting all gunked up from tar. From my experience a hookha's are the easiest bong type devices to build, and in my opinion are far more chill, then again, I like to get the bowl going really well to fill the chamber with thick smoke and then let the bowl go out afterwhich I slowly "drink" the smoke from the chamber. You probably want a extremly low volume/ mid to high pressure pump. Better to air on the side of too little volume than too much in my opinion. I have seen a product like this before but I'm not entirly sure what use a motorized bong is beyond pure novelty.

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