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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Mr Haze, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Mr Haze

    Mr Haze Sr. Member

    Ok This has been floating around my brain for some time and Always forgot to ask about this.

    most people categorize pot in strains such as skunk, haze, northern lights.. etc..

    now some people will say yea i smoked some sick DRO before.

    now i always thought DRO is just the way the strain was grown.. hence HYDRO-PRONICS

    so in any sense any strain can be considered DRO if it was grown hydroponically correct?

    so people are like yea i got sick dro for 300$ an ounce or whatever.... and i ask them well what type of pot is it. and they say are you stupid it's DRO....

    but 2 me that don't mean what fucking kinda pot it is.

    am i totally wrong on this? or is DRO an actual STRAIN??

    i always thought most kids had it mixed up, cause Dro isn't a strain it's a grow method.

    can someone please give me an answer on this.
  2. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned


    Some people use Dro as slang for high quality weed.
  3. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    you are right, other people are confused. it refers to hydroponic. since most beasters are dro this is often used as a name for it, and many people probably dont know what dro actually means.

    either way you are 100% correct
  4. king_ofbonghits

    king_ofbonghits New Member

    Dro or Hydro is grown underwater. i dont know how it is grown ive tried to do it but its almost a tottally different genus than just your regular weed. i grow weed and i must say my plants are pretty dank but they come nothing close to Dro. Dro is almost a totally different genus because if you try to grow your regular weed underwater itll die cuz ive tried... Yea alot of kids think Dro is different drug than weed but more experienced smokers know what it is.
  5. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    You can grow any weed hydroponically. You dont grow it under water, the roots are suspended in the water, or even a basket.
  6. Mr Haze

    Mr Haze Sr. Member

    yea i was searching around here and seen more kids kinda using the word "DRO" as a slang word for good pot... some say DANK, kids in staten island call good shit "Murders" so i see what your saying now,

    nicely done fellas.

    yea cause growing the plants hydro is giving the plants the proper nutrients and everything to the fullest at the right times. where as regular growing in pots is more difficult i would assume, i never grew ever, but i fucking wish i can setup a very small area, 1-3 plants even 1 plant.
  7. imported_replica

    imported_replica Sr. Member

    I've recently come to texas, and the same thing kind confused me. Soon as I heard dro, I thought Hydroponic... But I didn't know why that would make such a huge difference. As mentioned, it's a method, not a strain.

    Dro is just used here like we used to say KB back in DC.
  8. SmasheR

    SmasheR TONIGHT, we RIDE

    The whole plant isn't in water, just the roots are suspended in a liquid nutrient solution. It's alot like growing in soil except obviously it's a liquid nutrient solution instead.
  9. imported_NiceGuy

    imported_NiceGuy New Member

    I live in Texas, and that's just what it's called. In other states I hear "mids" or whatever, but in Texas when someone says "Dro" they mean no specific strain like Northern Lights or whatever else, just regular hydroponically grown bud. I can tell the difference between different types of dro, even though they're referred to just as dro. If you catch some bud that has a specific name, you'll probably pay more for it. Beasters (someone said it above) is a slightly more specific dro -- many small buds, rather than one large one. For the most part if you hear "Dro" you're just getting some regular -- but good -- bud.

    A common misconception, as already answered by a lot of people, is that Dro is a strain. But like you said, it's a method. Those who think otherwise are either being told differently, or don't know their vocabulary.
  10. negaDuck

    negaDuck straight rollin'

    They call it dro, dank...but usually Kill around here. Kinda like murders i guess.
    Bad shit is either wood or huff

    two cents and all

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