extracting thc from marijuana

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by ADR531, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. ADR531

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    does anyone know of any ways to extract thc from marijuana. i heard of using grain alcohol, but all i have is 80proof whiskey or bacardi? that would take longer but do u think that would work. all advice is greatly appreciated.
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    why do u wanna chief
  3. huh?

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    close to 100% as you can find, then just cook it all off without setting it ablaze, after proper soaking and straining of course. Try a search on the boards for oil my friend.
  4. Bongzilla

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    Re: Rubbing

    I used Vodka and it worked just fine, but my friend used some Everclear grain alcohol and it seemed to be more efficient. But we drank that stuff straight, so it could have been the insane high proof of the stuff ;)
  5. weedzinger

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    Take dried marijauna and crush it up into a fine powder.

    Put the powder in a jar with 100% pure Isopropyl alcohol, so the alcohol covers the powder.

    Soak in a dark place for anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.

    Pour the mixture through a screen onto a glass plate. A fine kitchen strainer or gold coffee filter work well.

    Evaporate the liquid carefully. This can be done either by letting it sit out in a warm place or by heating it up. If you're going to heat it, be careful...it's flammable. Do it someplace with good ventalation, preferably near a kitchen exhaust fan that blows outside.

    Scrape up the tar with a razor blade or spatula. Try to choose a pan or bowl that won't be harmed by a razor (glass?).

    If it is too sticky, add a little dry powder till it attains the consistancy of silly putty. Work it over and over. This seems to make it bind together. Practice makes perfect.

    Use in any way you'd normally use hash!

    This is better than any imported hash I've ever found. Burns slow at a low temp, so I think you get more THC. It makes a little pot last longer. I know people who go through a half an ounce weekly smoking the bulk material, a quarter will last a week if extracted. A different high altogether, light and trippy. Kind bud makes a gold tar and is SOOOO sweet!!!
  6. how can you crush it into a powder if you dont have access to a coffee grinder?
  7. Bongzilla

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    You can buy these hand grinders at most head shops, but they aren't as good as a coffee grinder. I recommend getting one man, they are a must.
  8. GanjeeSmoker

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    How much weed WeedZinger

    About how much herb would you add to that recipie you posted there WeedZinger? Hows about an 1/8 of some good 30/60? How would that do?
  9. Mamabudz

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    I'd put it into the Bacardi and make a green dragon Daquari out of it...

    Heck ad it to Cuervo and green dragon Margaritas would be dandy!

    Just let the pulverized weed sit for ...say...3 weeks, months...whatever...shake the bottle every day or so...and be sure to strain when mixing your drink

    And don't forget the little umbrellas...and my invite to the party...I hate to miss a good Tiki Party!

  10. telegroove

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    Alright Mama Budz, you've got me intrigued...do you have and approximate weed to alc. ratio? there are only a few things that I like as much as weed...and one of them is margaritas. Thanks! :chokin:

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