Extreme increase in heartrate after smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Nash, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. Nash

    Nash New Member

    Greetings, fellow tokers ;)

    I've lurked for some time now (over a year), and finally decided to start posting. Anyway, heres my problem.. every time I smoke alot, like a 3-4 gram blunt to the head, my heart starts beating so fast (150+ a minute) that I worry about having a heart attack, my heart exploding, etc. It gets to the point sometimes to where I don't even enjoy the high because of this. I know the most obvious thing to do would be to smoke smaller amounts, but I like getting really blazed ;p. I don't have any heart problems and I'm 18 years old, and I've smoked for years with no problems, so I doubt that anything will happen.. it's more annoying than anything else. Does this happen to anyone else out there? Should I stop smoking altogether?(yeah right, lol..) Any comments would be appreciated.. Thanks
  2. anti147

    anti147 New Member

    hey man, i get the same ****. it really sucks when i go to bed stoned and i lay on my stomach. best bet it to try and ignore it the best you can and liten to relaxing music. you won't have a heart attack. uh, BTW 4 - 5 grams could get me stoned for weeks, it might help if you didn't smoke that much. cuz thats like between an eight and a quarter. way too much to be smoking at once, waste of money
  3. BlueJ

    BlueJ Guest

    not really

    i have felt that too but i dont think its actually your heart (i could be wrong), to me the first minute i feel the same way i feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest but all i do is breath slowly for a few seconds and then feel my chest i can still feel the incessent beating but i also feel something stronger behind it that is actually my heart i dont know what the speed beating is yet, thist is just the way it happens for me but i suggest trying it for yourself it cant hurt and it might solve your problem.
  4. Fryth

    Fryth New Member

    What you are experiencing is referred to as heart palpitations, and THC is known to increase heart rate (in some people, some of the time). Unless you have a heart condition or high blood pressure, this is probably harmless, unless you're smoking up in a sauna or something :).
  5. Lymelady

    Lymelady Guest

    Guys! What you describe are anxiety probs! I've had this same prob for over 20 years.(am 42) Sounds like you may have a chemical imbalance....a seritonin problem in the brain. I did not smoke for MANY years cuz I thought it would "trigger" an anxiety attack.
    I've been on zoloft (SSRI) for 14 years & I can now smoke to relax. At times(few & far between) I still can get a full on anxiety attack when I smoke...it is usually because I did not take my zoloft for several days!
    Bottom line is...if you are having anxiety or panic attacks....give up smoking until your DR. Can RX an antidepressant that works for you. Most Panic attak people have a seretonin dificiency. Please don't blame the weed!
    LymeLady & Legal in CA!
  6. Fryth

    Fryth New Member

    Lymelady, that is good advice, but an acceleration of heart rate can occur without an associated panic or anxiety attack. Just thought I'd post that.
  7. Lymelady

    Lymelady Guest

    accelerated heart rate

    You are exactly correct! And fast heart rate needs to be evaluated by your doc! My advice will ALWAYS be to tell him the truth if you use pot! Have had several surgeries & I was honest with the anethesiologist.
    If they know what is in your system they can care for you better! Always tell the truth to your Docs & you will fare better!
    "Tired but only the truth"!
  8. bostonai

    bostonai Guest


    Hey everyone, please don't freak out. What you are referring to is tachycardia. This is simply the pulse rate over 100 mer minute, the same thing happens when you go on a roller coaster, jog, etc etc. This is perfectly normal, unless you have pre-existing heart conditions, experience pain, or feel your heart palpitating for more than five minutes- don't worry.
  9. Jax Armani

    Jax Armani Guest

    I get the same...

    ...thing, they said on the news that increased heart rate is muched worsened by holding hits in longer. proly not a valid fact, i dont know. but most chest pain is from the smoke being in your lungs, yet it is mistaken for heart pain. and scince im expiriancing tachycardia from that good bud i smoked a few mins ago! TTFN epanis!
  10. Ragweed

    Ragweed Guest

    just a thought.......

    Hey dude,welcome I was just wondering if you toked with zig zags or buglers instead of cigar paper for a while would it help,I been smoking 30 years and the only time my heart rate increases is when the really really good bud jumps in my bong,just a thought.Peace
  11. Nash

    Nash New Member

    thanks everyone for your replies :D

    i think i've pretty much figured out why this happens to me... usually when im about to smoke a moderate amount, my heartrate increases before i even light up.. because i know that once i'm really high, it'll speed up like crazy. then when i do smoke, my heart starts to speed up, and i get worried/anxious, and it speeds up even more. i know this is caused mostly by anxiety.. but i just cant think myself out of it once i'm high and sometimes it turns into a mild panic attack. ahh, how great it'd be to smoke a fatty and not feel my heart pounding out of my chest.. anyone know some type of herb or pill that i might could try taking before i smoke to slow my heart down?
  12. I have had the same problem, but I figured out how to stop it.

    I used to smoke blunts all the time until one day I got a horrible heart problem when I smoked a big fat one. My heart would start racing and then my vision would fishbowl and everything would get blurry. I would get very very nauseus, but could never throw up. It was like the most horrible case of seasickness ever mixed with a racing heart. I did some tests where I smoked the same Marijuana rolled both in papers and blunt papers (made of tobacco). I quickly figured out that the combination of tobacco and Marijuana was not good for my body, so I stopped smoking blunts. Try rolling fat joints instead!
  13. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    Please READ THIS important addition to this thread (PLEASE READ) advice greatly neede

    I started smoking about 12 months ago, but havent smoked for the past 3 months, well small amounts, and I will tell you why.

    When I first started smoking, I really enjoyed it. After a few months, I started smoking more amounts on the 2 or 3 days a week I did it.

    Then after about 7 months I started smoking even more amounts and sometimes up to 4 times a week.

    I always ignored the pounding in my chest. My heart would feel like it was going to F**K** EXPLODE. It worried me a lot, because I have a heart murmer, that I was born with. But the pounding in my heart would usually go away after about 30 mins, then I would enjoy the high.

    About 2 months ago, I had something very upsetting happen in my life. Let me just say I lost something that was very dear to me. I also live with two cronic medical conditions, that limit from doing a lot of things I would like to do, mainly because I am in pain and always feel sick to my stomach.

    Well weed was my escape, I enjoyed it SO MUCH, I smoked and smoked. And I also found that when stuck home on a weekday not hanging with friends, I would smoke up lots and fool around on the computer. I could spend hours entertaining myself on the computer. It was a great way to pass the time away in my boring life.

    Well a few days after the disaster in my life, I was smoking heavy, still enjoying it, and it helped me escape reality.

    I awoke one morning with what felt like a racing heart. I had trouble breathing, and this would come in go in epsiodes. Of course I stopped SMOKING right away.

    But the symptons returned. Finally on DAY 5 I felt exhausted and breathless. I could no longer take it, and had a friend drive me to the ER on a Sunday night.

    Now I have never done any other drugs in my life but marijuana, but I did drink heavy once or twice a week. I also never have smoked cigarettes only marijuana.

    When I got into the ER, I could barely explain what was wrong I was so out of breath. They took my blood presure first and told me it was a little high.

    They then hooked me up to a heart monitor, they told me my heart rate was exactly 180 beats per min. I was actually turning white, I felt at that moment I was having a heart-attack. The quickly gave me and IV, brought down my heart rate, gave me a Xanax and sent me home 4 hours later.

    It took me 2 months for the pains to go away in my chest. Of course I have no insurance, but needed to have my heart murmer completly checked out again. So after lots of test, ecocartograms, etc, etc, my heart doctor said my heart murmer is FINE, and has not changed since it was last checked out roughly 10 years ago.

    Of course after this I swore to GOD I would never smoke again. But one night I tried smoking some of the same batch then I think caused this whole epsiode.

    I smoked just a 3 small hits from my bowl. Again my heart started to POUND! I had a brutal anxiety attack, no one home and no one to help calm me, (but I couldn't have told parents I was having an anxity attack from smoking weed, they dont know I smoke even though I am 24 years old) I took a DOUBLE XANAX and it didn't DO A THING. I had to sweat it out for almost 3 hours. I hoped that my heart would come back down and it did.

    The next day I flushed the remaining weed. One month later I tried smoking again with a close friend. This time I took just 1 small hit. I felt good, of course I had a few beers in me (atleast 8) so I took another bigger hit. Then the same thing, not as bad this time, but the terribly anxiety was there. I tryed everthing to hide it from my friend, and I just couldnt. This panic attack did not last nearly as long, perhaps because I was very drunk.

    Now after another 3 months I haven't smoked since. No matter even if I smoke a drop, My mind constantly worries about my heart rate, and in-turn I cannot enjoy the HIGH AT ALL.

    I am so disapointed, my smoking career of about 7 months is now over. I miss smoking weed so much, it helped me get through most of my boring days of life. It also helped me escape reality and forget about my (not life-threating), but just annoying inconvient illness.

    Now I think about growing my own pot. I think maybe my body can't handle weed with that has sativa in it.

    Maybe I would be able to handle a full body indica? I dunno. I do know that I like smooth SLOW HEAVY BODY stones. I cannot take any uppty HIGH stones, because right away I freak about my heart.

    I dunno if my whole epsiode with my heart was brought on, by the terrible thing that happened in my life, combined with the heavy smoking lack of excersise at the time, and heavy drinking?

    I dunno what to think. I do know that in my mind I can no longer smoke, because the only thing I can think about after taking a HIT is my heart rate.

    Very disapointed. I find myself trying to find some other type of drug, that could remove me from reality just for a little while. Weed was perfect. To afraid to try anything else, have been considering mushrooms, really the only other drug I think I would try, but wondering if I cant handle a GOOD stone anymore, I would probably FREAK on shrooms.

    I think maybe I could try popping a good dose of Xanex before smoking, but I don't want to get into that habbit. Besides I get the Xanex through a connection, and I pay out the ass for them. And who knows how good taking Xanex would be EVERY time you want to smoke a little weed.

    Desperate for any advice from anyone here. Are my SMOKING DAYS OVER? FOR GOOD?! God I hope not.

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