Extreme Vaporizer 2 - do I need a grinder?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by InfectedWithMJ, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    I don't own a grinder - would that be a big problem for my upcoming Extreme Vaporizer 2? I hope manual grinding won't put me at a huge vaping disadvantage.
  2. beezleb878

    beezleb878 Sr. Member

    My understanding is it is not necessary but will make it easier. You can just cut it up with scissors but if you get a grinder I recommend getting one with a Kief Catcher.
  3. Enthralling_Greens

    Enthralling_Greens New Member

    Its a good investment especially if there is a Kief Catcher. After the Kief Catcher has collected enough crystals you can throw that in the vaporizer and get super baked.
  4. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    I hope its a good vaporizer and that I can manually put bud apart to use it! I wonder if that magnolia aroma thing can be used with bud to add taste.

    I need to inspect local headshops for a grineder.
  5. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    The consensus is that grinders are better than fingers, but it's not a necessity.

    BTW, what's an Extreme Vaporizer 2? AFAIK the company makes an Extreme and a V-Tower (no bag function).
  6. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Eh? Its the tower with digital temp. control, remote control, and it uses both whip and bags and comes with magnolia leaves/flowers or whatever. I read good reviews about it, but my friend's broke quickly. Is it no good? I do not want to waste 300!
  7. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    There is no 'Extreme 2' model advertised anywhere, so I assume the '2' you're referring to is just the Extreme, which is the dual mode, whip/bag, model. The V-Tower is the Extreme without the bag filling capability.

    The Extreme | Arizer - Extreme

    The V-Tower | Arizer - V-Tower

    You've got quite a bit of glass, plus a fan, digital processor and remote. So there's quite a bit to go wrong. You do get a 2 yr. warranty, and the company stands behind the product, but it's far from the reliability of a passive, analog whip model, where you mostly have to worry only about the heater (extremely reliable) and temp dial.
  8. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Yes, thanks for correcting me. What is the general opinion on the unit? Is it unreliable overall? I had Vapolution vaporizer before - I hope this one is a better buy.
  9. 1406

    1406 Retired

    I use a simple rosewood grinder with my extreme, no keif catcher or whatnot, just some pegs and some wood. Works perfectly. I would recommend one; ground up bud allows for better air flow, better hits, and more even heating.

    As with the Extreme itself, I love the unit and all the gadgets, but to be frank I use it more as a portable, so a lot of shit can break. They make a cool teflon/silicon coated shatter-proof / heat resistant cyclone bowl for the top which I invested in.

    Otherwise, I've been through two remotes, two elbow pieces, about three feet of rubber tubing, and lots of electrical tape.

    :2cents: The Extreme itself is an awesome unit, a fair price, and a remarkably sturdy stainless steel. However, there are a LOT of parts to this thing (not all mandatory, all you need is a bowl, the vaporizer, power supply, and tubing). As for the grinder, also not mandatory, but worth the $20 investment.

    Also, Arizer provides top notch customer service, and international discrete shipping.
  10. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Oh man, I ordered that $300 package from gotvape.com and it has a ton of stuff included. So, a lot of stuff broke for you? How did tubing break? My Vapolution tubing never broke - I broke bowls by stepping on them and after 2 and a half years the unit just died.

    What are safety tips with the Extreme? I want to keep it break-free as long as possible! It's going to be here on Wednesday!
  11. GotLucy

    GotLucy New Member

    it is my opinion that every semi-frequent smoker have a grinder for many reasons. ditto on the kief catcher. you will find it handy in many situations ;)

    in your case not necessary but def. better-- the more surface area of the particles, the more vaping happens, more even heating, etc.
  12. 1406

    1406 Retired

    Don't be discouraged; you're going to love your Extreme. I didn't personally break every piece, but a lot of glass pieces were broken at parties. That is my own fault though, it is designed as a home unit not a portable.

    The body of the Extreme is metal, so you don't have a lot to worry about.

    Enjoy your new vap!
  13. OldTimeToker

    OldTimeToker Sr. Member

    It mostly depends on what kind of herb is it. Most headies just crumble when you break it up so you dont even need a grinder, but for lower quality weed it might not break up as easy. Whether you use a grinder or not, its not gonna make the biggest difference in the world. As I grew older I started using the vaporizer for health reasons, but no it wont put you at a disadvantage at all you'll be fine bro :p

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