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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by kuipo, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. kuipo

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    Hi everyone,

    Just today I was informed, that unfortunetaly, a cousin has eye cancer. The results just came in yesterday, and tomorrow he'll have more studies made to see if they can save his eye (most likely they won't be able to). But the most important thing, is to know if the cancer has spread to the optic nerve, because that's the most dangerous part of an eye cancer.

    The question would be, has anyone heard or read anything about eye cancer and cannabis? I know that THC oil is really helpful with a lot of cancers, but I found nothing about eye cancer.

    I would really appreciate if anyone can share any info they have about this subject.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Frid

    Frid New Member

    It reduces eye pressure i know that so mabey that could help him/her. I am so sorry about your cousin i know how you feel my dad,aunt,grandma,uncle have all had cancer but thank someone they all lived.
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  3. kuipo

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    Thanks, I did read that it helps avoid glaucoma, by reducing the blood pressure in the eye. Problem is, I need to find out first if that would help.. He's 34 years old, and I doubt he would be like: Oh yeah, let me try weed! I think I need to come out with facts for him to even think about the possibility, I'll continue researching.

    And I'm sorry for your family, seeing that it may be common in your family, please take care and check yourself periodically with a doctor, just to be sure man!
  4. dirtbomb

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    Oh man. I hope and pray all works out for them.
    Pot can help to lower eye pressure and is also very useful as palliative medication for the immense physical pain Cancer can cause.
    Hemp oil is controversial, although some studies have noted positive effects.
    It wouldn't make me skip chemo, if I needed it, though.
    You have a lot of people on the forum praying, thinking good thoughts as well.
    Good vibes are helpful, too :)
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  5. kuipo

    kuipo New Member

    Thank you man! If he gets chemo (which is the most probable thing) I'll make sure to explain him a bit about MMJ, and if he's interested I'll buy him some hydro and make is as a tincture for him to medicate easily.

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