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  1. I could not find a better spot than this to post such a topic, so I understand if this topic gets moved. My question has to do with people's eyes getting red when they smoke weed. My eyes get extremely red, as well as slamed. This I know to be normal when smoking the herb. What trips me out is how a few of my friend's eyes never get red. They hardly slam too. They never look stoned. How can this be? Did they enharet some kind of stoner gene(jk)? Im just trippin that they can get stoned whenever they want without worrying about having that bottle of Visine ready. Its my best friend...besides my pipe.
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    This will be at home in the Chemical and Physiological forum.:)
  3. HillBilly

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    I cant read the post.. my eyes are too red!

    Howdy WH420!!

    Red eyes are a bummer. Some people's eyes are just more sensitive to smoke irritation. Some people have a greater vasodilation reaction (when the blood vessels relax and get larger allowing more blood into the eyes). And some people, I've seen em too.. no matter how much they smoke... no red eye, no puffy eyelids. I think you're right when you related it to genetic make-up. If a person has allergies to mold, house dust, cat hair, common environmental things, chances are, they'll have an allergic reaction (red eyes) to marijuana..

    I could get into great detail about the release and blocking of histamines, and how levels are altered by cannabis, and the outcome is usually red eyes. But that would take forever and a day.

    An eye drop or 2 before smoking keeps the red away for me.

    ~~hb did I answer your question?
  4. GhostPimp

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    my eyes used to get red when i smoked

    then i started to smoke everyday and i never get red eyes anymore...

    unless its a new strain of pot...the first time i smoke it i will get red..but never again...

    like other stoners whos eyes don't get red i have bags around my eyes when im stoned too
  5. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    Well tell me more about the red eye problem

    Still to this day (only been smoking heavly for about 5 months) my eyes get BEAT-DARK RED when I am stoned.

    And the only time they dont get red is if I didnt smoke enough, and then I know I am not stoned.

    But when I smoke enough, WOW LOOK-OUT my eyes EXPLODE INTO RED. Sometimes they get SO RED that you dont even see the veins anymore.

    I hope this problem goes away, its impossible to HIDE, I was almost snagged for sure once, just because of the EYES, you cant help but notice how bad they get when I am stoned.

    Doesn't matter what type of weed either, good stuff, bad stuff.. doesn't matter.
  6. Pimp

    Pimp Guest

    My used to get read red...when I smoked lightly.

    But now that I smoke multiple times daily I can be around family members {that I've known for years} and they aint got a clue...

    Do you smoke daily or just couple times a week ?
  7. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    I smoke about 3 times a weed

    I smoke about 3 times a week, and am currently having trouble with that. I find myself wanting to smoke whenever I have the chance.

    But right now I mainly smoke in the evenings on Thurs, Fri, Sat.
  8. Pimp

    Pimp Guest

    I aint trying to get you to smoke more than that , but smoke it everyday for a couple weeks and see if it'll help. Some people there's just nothing you can do , one of my friends is pretty much the same way...

    Have you tried putting eye drops in before you smoke like HillBilly said ?

  9. Cloak

    Cloak New Member

    Best Eye Drops are..

    I smoke mary jane in my room and my eyes get bloodshot.. I tried Visine at first, and when I ran out I decided to give "Clear Eyes" a shot.. Its great, and removes much more redness than Visine I think.. Give it a try!
  10. OverDrive

    OverDrive New Member

    When I get stonned, my eyes get totally red!! Even if I'm just buzzin' a bit... I don't get the puffy eye-lids, just alot of red in my eyes with hardly any white left. If I put in a couple shots of Visene, they clear right up in about 10 minutes.
  11. Crow

    Crow Guest

    My eyes get reeeally red and my eyelids get droopy too.
    it kinda sucks but i just carry a bottle of visine wherever i go =)
  12. Rxrgood4u

    Rxrgood4u Guest

    I agree .cClear EYES is the best buy it by the gallon...and hook it up to an iv directly to the retna
  13. GhostPimp

    GhostPimp Banned

    im pretty sure it has to do with tolerance

    people who's eyes don't get red are expierienced smokers

    so just keep smoking..when it isnt a trip to smoke and it just becomes a buzz then you'll probably not get red eyes anymore
  14. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest

    just a dab'll do ya

    Use directions as indicated on the box when it comes to redness relievers. There is an effect called the rebound effect. It happens mainly with nose sprays and eye drops. Overuse will make 2 things happen:

    1) loss of effect, all the drops in the world won't take the red out.

    2) red eyes when they shouldn't be red.. ie: not smoking, but still have red eyes

    nose drops / sprays have a similar effect but with rebound congestion and runny nose instead of red eyes.

    Ya'll be good.
  15. Shawn420_8

    Shawn420_8 Guest

    best eye drops are called Optcon it cost like 9 bucks but its hella worth it.
  16. CheebaKing

    CheebaKing New Member

    I think HillBilly is right about the allegies in relation to red eyes. I never have seasonal allergies, nor do i ever get red eyes :D And like everybody said, Clear Eyes and all those will do the trick.
  17. Crow

    Crow Guest

    yeah hillbilly nailed that one. When i use visine more then three times in a night my eyes start to sting and get red again...really sucks...
  18. dubstylee420

    dubstylee420 New Member

    well then

    I've been smoking for almost four years now, everyday for the two years or so, unless I can't, then its no big deal. But anyway, I was saying that, because my eyes still get insanely red everytime i smoke, so that should blow the tolerance factor out the window. I also have no allergies, so I suppose its just bad luck.

    Oh and here's the kicker:
    One day, about three weeeks ago, Visine just stopped working. That was bad. Thing was, I didn't even know it, and my parents decided to search my room after my eyes were bloodshot to hell and back. Not good.

    So I had to stop smoking for awhile, and Visine works again. I'm going to try switching to Clear Eyes, as you all seem to say it works better.

  19. TheDude0306

    TheDude0306 New Member

    You know what I relized about my BAD RED EYES?

    If I don't get RED eyes while I smoke (been smoking 7 months now) I am not fully HIGH.

    I mean I can get buzzed and have just slight red eyes that you really cannot notice from a distance.

    If my eyes arents BLOOD SHOT BAD then I am not fully HIGH. The more I smoke, the redder they get, they higher I get.

    If there not RED at all, I am barely stoned (usually takes atleast 4 good hits to get the real RED eyes.
  20. AfRo

    AfRo New Member

    The longer ive been stoned for me is kinda an indicator of how red my eyes get, if i'm starting to feel kinda tired or burnt-out then my eyes are pretty red. And if the smoke actually somehow gets into my eye(being stoned and taking a "close" look at the cherry till it burns out) my eyes get real red. So when there's a joint going around and smoke is just in the air, my eyes will get itchy and red anyone else notice this?

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