Failed drug test-NO IDEA HOW!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by [Miss Marijuana], Jul 6, 2011.

  1. [Miss Marijuana]

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    So I wasn't smoking frequently everyday but the times that I did I guess it was alotta weed but I hadn't smoked for exactly a month when I took this drug test and I still failed. I have absolutely NO idea how. I didn't smoke at all except some synthetic weed and I was regularly drinking a lotta water and working out. I even took some niacin. Anybody know how I could've possibly failed????? The only things I could think of is my boyfriend blowing smoke in my face and kissing him after he had smoked but I dont think that would've made me fail.
  2. nmp123

    nmp123 Active Member

    Even something as little as your boyfriend's second hand smoke and enough of it can still keep enough THC in your system to fail a drug test :/
  3. Waldy

    Waldy Sr. Member

    wow, that sucks, i don't know how.
  4. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    Not knowing how fat you are, I'm guessing that your past toking episodes created stored THC byproducts in your fat cells. Drug tests are very sensitive to MJ usage. I guess you found out the hard way. Don't blame your boyfriend. He's merely an innocent pawn in your heart wrenching story.
  5. Teleo9

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    I'm assuming this is a urine test?

    Did they specifically tell you that they detected THC? It's possible they got you with synthetic marijuana which I've read is supposed to be detectable for 72 hours. It's illegal now too, so more testing centers are testing for it.

    Also THC metabolites can be detected for longer than a month, possibly up to 60 days. Buy some drug testing strips and test yourself weekly before you go through another drug test. It's the only real way to know for sure that you're clean.
  6. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Not factual at all. Not all of the over 100 synthetic cannabinoids are illegal. DEA has temporarily added a total of five to it's watch list as a schedule I drug. And you will not pop a non-negative for THC if you use any one of them.

    Testing for those synthetics is not a common occurence and is not part of a standard screen I know of only one lab, Redwood out of California, that has developed a test for only two, JWH-018 and JWH-073 and their metabolites. Both test must be specifically ordered.

    This would have been better posted in the Drug Testing sub-forum.
  7. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    This is not factual either. Second hand smoke would not come even close to failing you on the most common assy of 50ng/ml.
  8. 1956

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    Mid stream?

    Did you pee straight into the cup or did you pee a little first and then fill it mid-stream?
    Catching it mid-stream is standard procedure for any type of urine testing.

    Also first void of the day can be a little metabolite heavy.

    Don't know if any of these were part of your experience. Sorry you got caught. Jobs are a precious commodity these days.
  9. Teleo9

    Teleo9 New Member

    It was entirely factual, I just overgeneralized a bit because it's highly likely she was smoking a synthetic that was one of the banned substances.

    Also I never claimed that THC will show up on a drug test from smoking synthetic marijuana because that doesn't make any sense at all.
  10. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Why when many of the still legal synthetic cannabinoids are sold everywhere. That's a big leap.

    You are correct. I misread you and I apologize.
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  11. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    One month is no guaranty that you would pass. As you found out.

    Water loading weeks or days before your test will do nothing to assist you in passing a drug screen. Niacin is of no help either.

    Easy question. You had not abstained long enough and you did nothing in the way of any preperation to pass while you were still hot. Plain and simple.

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