Failed drug test with Strip NC---doesn't work!!!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by luckycharms, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I have been searching all of these forums to see how others have passed their drug tests. Most forums stated that the Strip NC stuff works for them every time. I told a friend about this method and he stopped smoking weed nearly a month before his drug test and loaded himself up on gallons of water ever day of that time. He also purchased the Strip NC week long pills and took a proper drug test at a clinic to see if he had passed. It was about 3 weeks later and he failed miserably! He still had 220 ml in his system at that time. He then took the Strip NC pills and 1 Oz. bottle hours before his real drug test again with lots of water and he failed again. He is a very fit person who works out daily and has little if any body fat. Everything we were told on these forums is crap because he followed all of them and he still failed terribly. Some of these people are saying they smoked up to days before their tests and still passed. I don't believe it anymore. It seems to me that these people who are on these forums are stating that these so called cover ups work, probably only work for the companies and are full of it. Just thought I would post and let all of you know that the only way to really pass a drug test is to either quit smoking a long time in advance, or substitute someone else's piss if that is possible. In my friend's case substitution wasn't an option, since he had a full physical moments before his piss test and he was stripped down to nothing (even had the doctor feeling his balls for hernias). Any comments would be appreciated.
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    What in the Hell is wrong with all these hateful people today. Someone else today has already posted some crap today. Let me start off from the bottom of your post. Of course not doing drugs for a long period of time if not ever or subsituting clean urine while not being watched is the only 100% way of passing a drug test. That is just common sense. :rolleyes: If you do the crime then unfortunately you have to be willing to do the time! Most of these methods here only help to increase your chances of passing a test and if you don't read enough of the posts to know that there are people who still fail then that is your own damn fault, not the fault of the people who are kind enough to write their experiences, give advice, or answer questions. I find that you are quite rude to come on here and call people full of crap or post your thoughts on this conspiracy theory about people working for these companies. Most of the people who post on here about methods post a method that involves spending a few dollars on gatorade, vitamins, and aspirin. Are you that dense that you think people for Gatorade and Bayer Aspirin are posting on here to help promote these products? Most of the veterans that post here do not recommend the more expense detox products. I think Gatorade has much more success advertising their drinks with sports athletes and shots of these atheletes actually drinking their Gatorade on the sidelines or bench or dugout. I doubt Gatorade and Bayer are trying to tap the drug users in their demographics or would really want their slogan to be "Gatorade, is it in you so that you can pass your drug test." Or how about Bayer "It can save your life when you have a heart attack or your ass when you have a drug test." This just in, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have signed contracts with Gatorade. If you think people are wrong, no one is twisting your arm to read and follow the recommendations. Most of the people do not claim these tricks work 100% and these methods are here because they work on many if not most people but not all. Fooling a drug test is almost a combination of science and medicine and it is not an exact science. It is good that you let people know that your friend failed so that others do not make the same mistakes but don't be rude and call people on here that are trying to help "full of crap" or puppets of these detox companies or that the information here is wrong. Well, you live and you learn!
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    Yes, all of us work for the aforementioned companies.

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    changed my mind on this
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    :rofl2: I quoted all of this one, so I could see it all again.:rofl2: Did I ever tell you that you are cute when you are mad?:) Good job Boobs, give 'em hell the dirty bastard.:D I think I am starting to like you. Imagine that.;)
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    If you had actually read a lot of the postings on our Urine Testing forum you would know that detox products are a scam. Detox products are a very expensive means of doing the same thing as the dilution scheme outlined in these posts:

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2

    There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that removes THC metabolites from your system, other than time and exercise. You can spend $50 - $100 on "magic" drinks or pills and not do any better than you could with vitamins, aspirin, and Gatorade. Many people do worse because of the false claims of the manufacturers. The money-back guarantees are not any kind of insurance that the goop works. People who have applied for their money back are usually told that they must have done something wrong for the stuff to fail.
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    Unless I am an idiot (which most people say that I am), I read and reread Lucky Charms' post and I think he was talking about a competitor's forum. I have perused that forum and its full of people purporting the same urban myths about magical detox drinks, cleanser pills, golden seal, niacin, flooding your kidneys with water, etc. Probably a good many of these posts are viral marketing.

    I stumbled upon this marvelous forum a year ago after I got two neg dilutes on a urine test after spending a couple of hundred bucks on a 7-day detox program from a company that shall remain nameless. I learned the hard way that these detox drinks don't work. Instead of being bitter, I set out to learn as much as I could about drug testing, what works and what doesn't, and set out to share my wisdom with others.

    I fell for the phony, staff-written testimonials on the site from where I purchased my magic detox program. I've checked back at that site, and there are no new testimonials, probably because hundreds of other desperate folks like myself got burned. All these companies are the same - phony testimonials, or testimonials that are probably 15 years old, now that the drug testing industry has caught up with the snake oil formulas.

    I also bought the Strip drink from GNC and drank it before my second test last year. My test came up inconclusive.

    Lucky Charms, I'm sorry that your friend didn't discover this forum. Anyone who has posted on this site about detox formulas working, has pretty much been immediately set straight by five or six members, myself included. Alas, a large part of the marijuana community still wishes to live in denial and buys into these myths. Many of my own friends and acquaintances still swear by these cleansers despite my own sad story.

    If you're looking for a job, quit smoking weed until you find one.

    If you're on probation, stop smoking weed until you are off probation, because you're going to be tested. Abstinance, although extremely boring, is better than going to jail.

    I have abstained from weed since June 8. I spend a whole summer stressing and worrying about a pre-employ urine test, which I recently passed. I am employed, and after two years of being laid off and very little income, I am damn glad to have this job.

    I'm not ready to start smoking weed again. I had to fight like hell to get a second chance to reapply for my current job. My field is extremely competitive, and even though various colleagues (who smoke weed) have told me my company does not do randoms, I'm going to wait until my probation period is over and until my insurance kicks in.

    Yes, I resent like hell that I am forced to modify my behavior by corporate America, our current presidential adminstration, and a society that continues to demonize weed, but that is the direction in which the pendulum is swinging for the moment.

    This is an election year. This forum attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. We need to force the issue of pot legalization. I'm sure there hundreds of politicians out there who privately think that marijuana should be legalized. Perhaps if they realized how strong our numbers are, some of them will have the balls to propose legislation to end this drug testing lunacy that doesn't accomplish anything except waste a lot of big business bucks on catching a couple of pot heads out thousands of applicants, many of whom have the good sense to stop smoking weed long enough to land a job.

    This forum gives people a fighting chance. If you want to read some harrowing tales, visit the hair testing page on this site. After reading those posts, a piss test is nothing.
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    Lolo, I thought that Lucky Charms might have meant forums in general so I too read the post a couple of times. I came to the conclusion that LC was talking about If LC wasn't talking about then I may have to do something about my rant!
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    Well, it was a good rant. Maybe you're right.
  10. Hey is there a place I can sell or giveaway the 2 different 'detox' products I was dumb enough to buy but smart enough to not use? oh well, atleast i found this site first and learned the value of substition and synthetics...

    I guess I'll just toss the xxxclean and the other stuff. If anyone wants either just paypal me for shipping costs and its yours, just be sure you know its probably useless

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