Failed eCup Drug Test, Need Help Passing The Next One

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by SirThomas420, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. SirThomas420

    SirThomas420 New Member

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and I've tried to use the search feature and found a lot of related topics but a lot of the scenarios where different than mine so I thought I'd make a new one.

    Here's some background information about me(not sure if it really matters because I'm trying to just substitute but if you guys think detoxing might be a better method please enlighten me). I'm 5'11", 175 lbs, average metabolism, been smoking pretty heavy for like the past two months (about a quarter a week of some highs) and I do not work out and drug test is in 4 days.

    My employer is requesting an eCup Instant Test.

    Here is my story (if you don't care then please just go to the bottom of my post to see the cliffnotes/questions I have). So long story short I got some urine from a friend [used this method in the past twice successfully] however due to my ignorance I got it probably 5 days before the test and didn't refrigerate it so when I went to transfer the urine on Sunday to a travel sized shampoo bottle (test was this past Monday) it was a really brown murky color and very obvious that it wasn't normal urine. So as a last resort (couldn't get any more from my friend) I went to a smoke shop that claimed they had quick fix but when I got there (got there around 5:45ish and all head shops close around 6 around here, my mistake again I know) all they had something called Magnum synthetic urine and I had no choice but to get it. I went in Monday and had it at the right temperature (originally heated it to 100 degree but it some how fell to 92 at the collection time) but I guess that was still fine.

    My current situation:

    Well I got a call today from eScreen and they told me my creatine were extremely low and asked if I had put anything in it after I told them no they said the test results would be cancelled and my employer would be contacting me as to what they want to do. I e-mailed HR at the job and thank God they said they would let me reschedule it so now I have until 4:30 PM EST on Monday (4 days) to retake my eCup drug test and I am thinking about trying to just substitute again but this time from my friends urine.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Do you guys agree that substitution would be my best method? If not what would you guys recommend?
    2. It would be safer using a friends urine rather than going synthetic right?
    3. How long can I store human urine for? I've read conflicting answer of up to 8 hours to 2 days without refrigeration. Also would storing this urine would affect the creatine levels (or anything that they may test in eCup)?
    4. According to the link below the eCup has GC/MS confirmation so would me substituting have any affect on this?
    5. My last question is is the temperature strip that comes on the bottle with synthetic urine affected by water? Will it still work if I dip the whole bottle in a cup of warm water?

    More specs on eCup Instant Test:

    eCup Drug Testing Instant Drug Screening Services

    Thanks a lot for any help that I may receive and I shall update this thread with my results!

    P.S: Don't ever use Magnum synthetic urine or shop at Wrecked Smoke Shop in Tampa, FL because they are liars!
  2. orangecrush8585

    orangecrush8585 New Member

    i am a successful subber and i although i am not the expert on this forum, i will give my two cents. the method of how you deliver the clean sample is completely individual, only you can make that decision.
    if you do decide to sub, i would suggest getting a sample of someones urine that is clean of all drugs (including prescriptions). this seems like the best in your scenario, (esp b/c you mentioned the labs ques re creatinine).
    also, pls read and familiarize yourself with the sub sticky and search the forum under "urine sub". this will give you a good idea of what you need to do and what to expect if subbing. the most important piece of advice i would give someone who is subbing is to practice. the temp is a very important factor to this equation and practice keeping this in normal range, (90-100F). anything below or above is a fail. in my practice i could bring urine (stored in 2oz travel size bottle) to 105F (place 2oz bottle in a mug of hot water). i then stored in undies and keep constant at 96F for 3 hrs. HOWEVER this is just in my practice, you would have to see how if fairs w/your body temp. Good luck!!!!!
    just realized i forgot to mention some stuff. i think 8 hrs is max for urine at room temp. after this place in fridge. the gc/ms stuff has nothing to do w/subbing. the gc/ms is confirmation testing when the initial test comes up w/a hit for something. if there isn't a hit of any drug in initial test, then there will be 2nd confirmation test.
    as for the temp. invest in a digital thermometer, (just more accurate). if you are going to practice you will be much more effective w/a digital to see where you temp is at. good luck!!
  3. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    A few helpful comments before getting to your questions.

    When purchasing a synthetic best practice is to purchase the product directly from the source to elminate the possibility of buying a knock-off or one that has since expired Then test the sample using an SVT so you will know that the levels screened for, like creatinine, are up to snuff.

    The so called "detox" products are nothing more then an unreliable and expensive dilution scheme. Follow this link for more information.

    How can one argue with success. Here and like forums are top heavy with testimonials to it's effectivness

    The other option is a well prescribed dilution scheme which is mentioned in the topic linked above

    Will certainly save you a few bucks.

    To be on the safe side of the street, no more then a few days.

    No, not for the timeframe above.

    Why would it? Samples that pass the initial screen will never see a GC/MS.

    Do not immerse the strip in liquid. Best practice us to baggie the sample bottle then soak the baggie in hot water to bring it up to the required temperature.

    Review the substitution sticky located at the top of this sub-forum for more info.

    All the best wishes SirThomas420.
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  4. SirThomas420

    SirThomas420 New Member

    Thanks for all the help so far guys! So GC/MS and them checking the creatine levels have nothing to do with each other? And honestly I'm not worried about saving money if you guys think I'm better of buying some Quick Fix I'll do it I'm just worried about whatever tests they run to check the validity of the urine.
  5. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member


    The federal drug testing guidelines whose protocols are regulated by DHHS/DOT do not call for any testing that would reveal a well formulated synthetic as being anything less then human urine.

    If you would feel more confident with a donor providing you with an undiluted sample, that is free of THC metabolites as well as any prescribed meds that would test postive for any other off topic drug, then by all means do so.
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  6. chic o stic

    chic o stic New Member

    I borrowed 5 ounces of fresh pee and went straight to site. Also, i hate to think it but now that i think about it, it did seem as though the young lady was trying to catch a waft of the must when checking the temp, but I didn't care because it was real & fresh.
  7. chic o stic

    chic o stic New Member

    It was the e cup I took also.
  8. 0neguy

    0neguy New Member

    Do you mean there WONT be a confirmation test correct?

    the immunoassay is to check for the drug, then if negative then there is NO gs/ms test correct?
  9. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Correct on both counts.
  10. SirThomas420

    SirThomas420 New Member

    Hey guys just for personal reference if I was to go buy some quick fix how do I know it will be the latest and greatest version? Would the version number be on the box? Also do you guys think the quick fix will work on an eCup (even though they check creatine levels etc)?
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  11. chic o stic

    chic o stic New Member

    I think it will work.. I.just felt I didn't have enough, as I had only bout 2 ounces of it. The QF will come with an info slip with the batch# and toll free, give it a call and they will provide the info.
  12. orangecrush8585

    orangecrush8585 New Member

    sorry this was a typo, it was supposed to say won't be a confirmation test.
    thank you ruckus for replying ;)
  13. SirThomas420

    SirThomas420 New Member

    Alright guys tomorrow is the day! I picked up some borrowed urine from a cousin that he collected earlier today, can you guys please make me feel better and tell me the urine will be fine until tomorrow morning without any refrigeration, like I said he collected it earlier today so it'd probably be out for 18 hours total without refrigeration and will it pass any validity tests (such as creatine levels etc). Also can you guys give me some tips on how I could maintain the temperature? Last time I tried to just tape it the inside of my thigh close to my scrotum with a pair of tight boxer briefs on but somehow the temperature dropped to 92 degrees which I know is passable but I don't want to cut it that close again. I've seen tips involving tighty whities but I don't own any of those and no time to go buy some. I was thinking the only thing I can do different is just taping it more directly under my scrotum in my 'gooch' area and keep my legs close together the whole time, any thoughts?
  14. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    The sample will be acceptable.

    Honestly SirThomas420, you have the sample in your possession and if you are not sure of the creatinine level, how could you expect anyone here to be. It should be safe to assume that if the donor was not a vegetarian, or vegan and the sample was not not diluted, it should pass the integrity screen.

    There is no one foolproof way in maintaiing the desired temperature and that is why it is recommended that one practiice. Did you review the sub topic and replies? How about the results thread? Many are quite detailed and include how the sample was kept at the desired temp.

    Best of luck.
  15. orangecrush8585

    orangecrush8585 New Member

    If you are worried about urine, just put it in the fridge till you test.
    As for the temp thing, I have to say I am dissapointed in you, have we not taught you anything?! Haven't you been practicing?! Lol, but seriously, class has been in session, haven't you been taking notes? Okay, well I will give you some crib notes just because. If your test is tomorrow, you can still find away to get some tightie whities, (isn't walmart open 24hrs?, its open around the clock for reasons such as this). I think drug stores carry underwear too...
    For the temp you will need to do some practice runs, but try this. Take urine in 2oz travel size bottle, (rinsed well), and set in mug of hot water. Bring temp to 105F (time it takes depends on orig temp of urine). Use a digital thermometer and dip into the bottle to find out temp. Generally speaking you can place urine that is 105F next to body parts, (you can figure this part out). You can tape if you want, whatever you feel comfortable with. Im not worried about that, but I am worried your temp is going to get messed up b/c you havent been practicing. Some guys have wrote on here that they tape a hand warmer to bottle and other side of bottle next to skin. You will need to do some test runs, (see how long temp stays and such and if you need a hand warmer), b/c everybody is different and body temps fluctuate between person to person.
    Okay, so bottom line is-WORK IT OUT.
    good luck

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