Failed first drug test while on probation

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by kenny770, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. kenny770

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    hi very new to this i smoked like a dumb ass about 2 or 3 days before my A&d assesment and failed my drug test(i didnt know i had to piss but its my fault). The lady was nice talked to my PO and she told me that me a the lady who did my assesment can come up wit plan (classes, NA meetings, etc.) so I hope she allows me to do that but im just scared to goto jail. no more smoking for me until im of probation but do you guys know if i going to jail. This is my first time bein in any trouble with the law
  2. Hookahs

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    You might get lucky. When I went on probation awhile ago I was concerned about the same thing (failing my first test). My friend told me, that when it happened to him ( failed the first test), that they (we had to do our classes and UAs separate from our PO) didn't turn it into his PO, but they made him do a few more classes and warned him it had better not happen again...

    So hopefuuly you'll get lucky. Good luck.
  3. ian r

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    usually you can fail your first test as long as your levels are always going down the correct amount.
  4. chadwick

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    if you do a bargain with them like doing the tests and going to the NA meetings the chances are if your PO is cool then you will just have to do the meetings

    normaly if you ahve no record and you just fail the one test then they will let you off, so you should be fine as long as you dont break any laws between now and when you get of probation
  5. 420godfather

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    ...not likely you'll go to jail , but you really never know. Good luck. PLEASE , stay clean while you're on prob. and don't do anything to put yourself in that position again. I say that because I had a brother who was 12 days away from ending his prob. and tested dirty , he spent the next 24 months locked up !!! Just some food for thought !!

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