Failed Hair Test: Please read before you take

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by karmagirl010, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. karmagirl010

    karmagirl010 New Member

    I took the Psychemedics hair test 3 times within a 4 week period:

    The first time I used The Fluff hair follicle cleanser. I failed horribly, testing 9.9 pg and the cut-off limit is 1 pg.

    I got to take a Safety Net test for the 2nd test to confirm the results. The cut-off limit was even lower, 0.2 pg. I used Clear Choice hair follicle shampoo, but had to take the test AGAIN because the seal on the sample was not sealed properly by the lab or was broken during shipping.

    So here I go again.... I had to order Clear Choice shampoo again. I took the test and failed again!

    People listen to me: Do not put faith in these products, the particular ones I tried do not work!!!

    I'm a big fan of the MJ and had been smoking daily for about 8 months. I have a Bachelors Degree and lost a job with a Fortune 500 company because I wouldn't give it up and I thought these "miracle" prodcuts would work.

    I have read other "home remedy" methods that would probably work better than these rip-off shampoos. I followed instructions exactly... I used a new comb, clean towel, quit using all hair products 3 days prior. FAILED!!!

    I have not touched the stuff since. It made me wake up and realize it's not worth it. I have no desire to smoke anymore after such an opportunity was shattered before my eyes.

    Anyway, my advice is to wait 90 days (if possible) before taking the hair test. They only go back 90 days.

    Anyway, I can reapply in 6 months - bet I won't be using any rip-off shampoos, because my hair will be squeaky clean.

    It's not worth it people! Please listen to me!
  2. Phreaki

    Phreaki New Member

    I was dirtier than a pig dippe din hash and coke oil. You can pass this test easily using the Mcujo method. The shampoos are never guaranteed.

    RSXDSM New Member

    Phreaki, it’s great you passed your hair test (assuming they actually sent the sample in for testing…) but the macujo method is hardly guaranteed either, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

    For every story of someone using a "home remedy" or so-called detox product and passing, there’s another story of someone else doing basically the same thing and failing. The truth is, it’s all a big crap shoot for people who have been regular users. Unfortunately, Karmagirl and many others have had to find this out the hard way.

    Like Karmagirl says, the only guaranteed way to pass a hair is ABSTINENCE and TIME. Quit for about 90 days prior to being tested, and get 1 reasonably short hair cut PER MONTH to get rid of all the evidence. If someone wants to continue smoking and depend on some other method, fine – more power to ‘em if they can get away with it. For many of us however, the risk of losing or not getting a good job are just not worth it. I haven’t smoked since I was told at the end of last March that my telecom job was being downsized, and I don’t need the worry of possibly having to pass a hair test on top of trying to find another damn job in the first place. For me, it's just not worth it!
  4. Phreaki

    Phreaki New Member

    If you say so RX.
  5. hairtesthater

    hairtesthater Member

    I failed using the maccuj0 method (I think I did it about 5or 6 times before my test) and Root Clean shampoo. I have said it in several other posts I firmly believe it all comes down to you specific body chemistry.
    We are all glad that you passed Phreaki, I have said it other posts I’m very skeptical on the amount that you say you used and whether your test was sent in. Something just doesn’t sound right.
  6. dopenose

    dopenose New Member

    Why don't you use someone else's hair that doesn't smoke? If you have to send the sample in the mail I don't see how they could catch you cheating, but what the **** do I know. :)
  7. Phreaki

    Phreaki New Member

    Gimme a break you guys, I had 30 days clean, of course the sample was sent in. I work for a company that loudly trumpets its dt policy. Lame comments people. Perhaps YOUR samples were not sent in and they told you you failed so they wouldn't have hire YOU because yer idiot morons unworthy of the workforce. Lame to question me like this, take it or leave it but don't publicy question my results and integrity.
  8. livefreeordie40

    livefreeordie40 New Member


    just like a urine test...there is a nurse there to supervise the sample being taken..the hair test is very hard to fool... easier to quit for a short time
  9. hairtesthater

    hairtesthater Member

    "I was smoking about 2-4 big bowls a day. Alot ... I cannot belive I passed but I did. I actually asked the HR chick the other day when I was filling out paperwork, "So I passed the hair test eh?" She said yep no problems. I told her I was nervous because I was on so many other meds, which I am.

    Bottom line, this test is passable. Unless she didn't submit it and is just saying I did to save $$$, I dunno.

    Phreaki in Hawaii"

    This is your exact quote. So what has changed?
    Who’s the moron now?
  10. punkjunkie

    punkjunkie New Member

    break it up, then roll it up :)
  11. Phreaki

    Phreaki New Member

    I guess you are since I passed ... :)
  12. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Seasoned Activist

    TIME OUT!!!

    Punkjunky, thanks for trying to 'break it up'.

    Phreaki, glab to hear you passed. Congradts!

    Hairtesthater, you know I respect your opinions.

    Phreaki and Hairtesthater, if you wish to continue argueing, please do it with PM's. You can say what you like, privatly. But if the inflamitory name calling continues, I'll be forced to issue warning and lock the thread.

    Thanks to both of you in advance as I'm sure you will contine to contribute to this board in a non inflamitory manner.
  13. Ginasgettingsca

    Ginasgettingsca New Member

    I have to agree with you karmagirl. I was offered a position at a fortune 500 Co. and turned it down just 2 weeks ago because I am not sure I would even pass at my 90 day mark which is August 30th. I want to buy some more time, get my hair cut a little bit and send in a home test to check it out first. Its not worth it to me to fail as this is the only real company (jobs) in my town to work for and I wouldn't want a failed test to ruin my chance in the future. You have to QUIT in order to be guaranteed a pass.
  14. Ragdoll

    Ragdoll New Member

    I hate to say it, but I agree!

    Ginasgettingsca, I'm sorry to say it, but I agree with you - there are just no guarantees. You're extra smart to perform your own trial-run before a real test. I did the same thing when I hired in to my job, and I'm glad I did! That test run enabled me to breathe easy when I took the real test! All these "let's catch the naughty potheads" testing companies piss me off anyway. Although even if MJ does become legal in my lifetime, I'm sure lots of the Fortune 500 will still drug test. Grrrr...

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