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    Quickfix 5.7-1 Canadian failed a standard pre employment 5 panel test here in Washington State, June 2013. The instructions were about as basic as it gets. Mixed in the uric acid, heated it up, submitted the sample at 97 degrees and 24 hours later, a call came saying it was "inconsistent with human urine", which turns into a "refusal to test". Obviously the sample was in range, sample was not split, the tech signed off and away the sample went.

    I did a lot of research on the product and hours of forum reading and felt comfortable going with the QF 5.7-1 after hearing all the success stories. But, apparently, I was wrong and I would caution anyone to NOT to use it. I'm sure some people have passed. I'm sure it'll work with a dip stick drug test (in office) but if they're sending it off to a lab, don't do it. I sampled half a marijuana cookie, just to see what it tasted like. The next day, I get a new job offer and a drug test the following day. With a 80% higher pay rate, I didn't want to risk it. Look at me now..

    Working on getting a copy of the MRO results. The lab says I need to get it from the employer or potential employer, I emailed them asking for a copy so we'll see. I've read people want proof with a scan of the MRO so, I'm working on it and will post a link to my drop box as soon as I get it. Bottom line, my advice, don't use it. I feel like an idiot.
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    I had a similar situation about 2 years ago with version 4 here in Portland, OR. The temp was fine and they signed off at the testing site as normal. Then I got a call a few days later from Metro labs saying it was synthetic. From what I found online, it doesn't have creatine and thats how they are able to detect that its fake.

    Since then, I only sub with real urine from friends and have always passed. It can be tricky trying to get a sample sometimes since you can't store it for too long, but its worth it.
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    Hey fellas. Veteran piss test taker here. Been taking random pee test for 20 years now. Me and a bunch others. I am a master in the wash room. Never even had a slight blip. Also been using the QF product for maybe more then 10 years. IT HAS NEVER failed me and a good handful of others. We have all sleep good at night. Well that is no longer true. QF has failed 3 times in the past 2 months here in NY. The test have come up inconclusive. QF is no longer reliable and I would not trust it. Best way is subbing with someone's rel clean urine. But it seems like the labs are catching up to QF. I am going to call Spectrum labs and try to find out what is the deal. Thank goodness it didn't screw me over. But now I am on a clean out and life sucks. Be careful, do your homework, read, practice and educate yourself. I have been looking at but who knows for sure. Careful with QF everyone.

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