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  1. JoeyLance

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    Hey yall,
    Have smoked on and off for the last 6 years or so. Not an addict, just do it socially in college, and now on the weekends, I go through my phases. I have fainted three times from smoking weed. This third time has got me a little concerned and hopefully you guys can help.

    Last night I fainted, was smoking a few bowls around 7pm, then again at 10pm and then 1030.. Was pretty stoned all night, only had a hot dog and a pretzel at a sixers game, was probably a little dehydrated, had about two beers at the game, a shot of jack and a jack and diet at the bar after 11pm... Smoked a few cigs and started to feel faint downstairs in a bar where I was listening to a very very loud band, I smoked a cig and just needed fresh air before I was going to pass out. Everything started to get blurry as I was walking out of the bar, I finally made it outside, stumbled around on the sidewalk and just lost my legs, fell about three times in a fainting kind of way, but somehow kept getting up. My stomache hurt and I crawled on the side of an alley, very afraid of what was going to happen to me. I called my friend from inside but could barely speak. I was slurring my speech as if I were roofied and could not stand up. He got me a coke with caffeine, and I laid down in the freezing cold for maybe 45 mins. I was not that freezing, most of these fainting stories have you guys shivering and getting cold. I had only shivered if I were having a panic attack. I could talk fine after an hour, just a little dazed the rest of the night and afraid to sleep incase I had a concussion. I slept and today still dont seem 100 percent, but I played two hours of basketball and had a good run, not hung over becuase my tolerance with drinking is a lot more than what I drank last night.

    Two summers ago at bonnarroo I gulped down a large goo-ball or whatever its called with nugg in it. Also was smoking and probably dehydrated in general just because its so hot in Tennessee for the concerts. Probably didnt have the right nutrition in me. We got to the Black Crows concert, I smoked a cig, and turned to my friend (who says i became pale) and said I am going to pass out, I fell flat on my face. Of course my friends just let me fall infront of them (assholes), they said they were slapping my face and trying to get me to wake up. One of my friends, which im not sure was telling the truth, said I was shaking almost like a sezuire. I was probably out for a few seconds. Someone through some water on my face and when I woke up I freaked out and put my fist up like I was ready to hit the man saving my life. My two friends picked me up and started to walk me through the crowd.. I lost my legs once and kind of fainted again, but they caught me and kept me on walking. We walked all the way back to the campsite. I had slurred speech and it felt like I could not focus for the whole night. I slept good that night though.

    The third time I fainted was not really a big concern because I thought it was just because a mixture of heavy drinking with smoking at the end of the night. I felt faint and stood up to walk to the bathroom to puke or something, I didnt even make two feet and fell on my face again. I was worried and told my friends to take me to the hospital, they told me to relax and lay down.

    Yes every single time I fell foward on my face.. pretty funny, but another pattern is that I am always trying to make it to a certain point. For instance, I am always trying to walk somewhere, like I dont want to give up and just lay on the street, I was determined to walk somewhere and get help last night. I didnt think marijuana had these type of effects, until I did some research online. I see that fainting is an effect, usually with low blood sugar. Doesnt liquor have sugar in it though, however I am constantly going to the bathroom? Please let me know what you think. In these cases I did not really have any shivering, like losing blood flow circulation.

    Thanks guys and girls hope to hear from you soon,
  2. JoeyLance

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    guess I should have read this before posting this thread.

  3. rachelreay

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    can anyone else verify that the shaking while fainting from being high is normal? this happened to me two days ago, similarly at a concert.
  4. Bhikku

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    I wouldn't say it's normal, per se, but it's not uncommon.

    I know a few people that have fallen out, and I personally have come close to fainting a handful of times while high from loss of blood pressure. My vision grays and there is a loud ringing in my ears which grows louder and louder, while everything else becomes more muffled. It's sometimes accompanied by an intense wave of nausea.

    In all of these situations, I have laid down immediately for about half an hour, and although I felt a little drained afterward, I soon returned to normal. The odd thing is though, after each of these spells, I felt significantly higher afterwards than I did before....
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  5. Daddyo

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    Either you`re having too much fun, or you need to see a doctor, and be truthful with them. I myself have often fainted from mixing beer and other alcohol. I can`t imagine myself adding marijuana to the mix. As to your symptoms, anything from abuse of substance to brain tumor/everything outside might be the cause. If you continue to have need of getting that fucked up just remember you will not fall flat on your face too many more times before you`re seriously injured; the brain can`t stand up to sudden stops for very long.
  6. weedidas

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    So does this explain why when I got too high this one night, I lost a lot of circulation in my hands and face and wen't pale? But my heart rate sure never decreased, it was at about 190.
  7. Daddyo

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  8. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    It sounds like you've diagnosed the problem yourself. Lack of nutrients and energy along with limited sleep and a combination of drugs can cause you to faint.

    Bhikku described very well what happens when someone smokes too much too fast. Take it easy. ;)
  9. Ckot

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    I had something kind of similar happen to me before, about 4 years ago, nothing like it had ever happened to me before or after this time. A friend and I toked up in my friends car in a parking lot then went to a 24 hr. Starbucks near my house to smoke hookah outside. I had pretty bad cotton mouth so I went inside to get a drink, then when I was waiting in line I blacked out for a second and felt my head bounce off the floor. I was like, holy shit, wtf is goin on... Then I tried to get up and it happened again. By that time people were coming to help me, and some lady was asking me if I was a diabetic, which I'm not. Luckily all of my friends were outside and no one saw this happen. I felt better in a few minutes but it's never happened since then and I don't know how to explain it.
  10. steakii

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    Dehydration, lack of eating, and being high all lower blood pressure. I have passed out before from being high and not eating or drinking anything before hand. Just keep hydrated, and eat food, and this will not happen again.
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  11. The Syntax

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    I've had this happen to me about 25 times and every time I've done the "seizure"-like convulsion thing.
  12. PowDawg

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    Maintain hydrated and if that doesn't help, get a strain that has some sativa, that will help your blood pressure stay up.
  13. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    I have felt like the OP from smoking cigarettes before. All light headed and nauseous. You did mention smoking cigs in all situations, this could be adding to it.
  14. stoner_chic

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    I've always considered myself to be a light weight when it come to taking any type of substance. When I use to smoke cigs at age 13 I used to get real lighted and I would have to sit and rest. As a daily pot smoker I kinda became immune to the effects of weed...well the weak stuff anyway. But when I mix weed with acohol I either end up puking or fainting. The fainting is really scary for me because each time I feel as if I'm gonna die. Like I'm between worlds its really scary. I think I'm going to have to lay off the liquor when I smoke. This thread reall helped calm some of my fears.
  15. Fox91

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    I visited a doctor after passing out the first time (the second happened yesterday), admittedly I didn't mention the weed smoking which was wrong, but i've been smoking for 4 years now and had nothing ever happen like this before, so i figured it might be something else. I had the same symptoms the first time, including the shivers.

    The doctor suggested it was a vasovagal attack, which have more in line with panic attacks, he said they can be triggered by certain situations: the first time it happened at the bar of a very very busy pub, I had a similar experience the a second time (but managed to catch the symptoms early and went to sit down and chill, which helped avoid passing out. The symptoms before were feeling a fast rise in temperature, being aware of the noise level, a nervous feeling followed by passing out. (Note this doesn't happen every time I go to a pub, just at random times.

    What has me confused this time round is that I passed out after the third spliff of the evening, which is usually no where near my limit, this happened in my own home at uni, casually smoking with a buddy, I even make coffees post joint and pre pass out.

    I was probably a little dehydrated and without adequate nutrition. Diabetes runs in my family, I should probably get checked out. I'm 20

    I don't understand how the week before I can go out with my buddies for new years eve, visit lots of bars, clubs and pubs, completely baked, booze up lots, come home and smoke till the early hours, yet after a few casual zoots, playing some video games can lead to passing out?
  16. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    The rapid lowing of blood pressure would cause the fainting but I've never heard of convulsions till now. Was it convulsions or just that you were cold or chilly?
  17. Msep4979

    Msep4979 New Member

    I've experienced sycope twice in my life, Once 5 years ago and most recently last week. I've attributed the last episode to smoking marijuana. The first time I fainted I don't remember much, I felt nauseous and my hearing went, I sat down and the next thing I knew I was on the ground with people around me. I think this was from extreme fatigue and low body temperature (i was camping). This last time I had blurred vision, ringing in my ears, and stimuli stressors. I experienced the convulsions/ giving of the muscles. As a student who is familiar with the human body I wouldn't worry about this. It's more likely than not weakening of the muscles because the brain is shutting down (this is most likely going to happen if the process of fainting is drawn out rather than instantaneous). In extreme cases this might actually be a seizure, but I'd rule the probability out unless you know your prone to them (my brother used to have seizures, people release their bowels/ urine when this is actually the case). The brain shuts itself down only when it needs to Protect itself from any kind if damage. The brain, in this situation is most likely either not getting enough glucose (frOm low blood sugar) or enough blood flow and therefore oxygen (marijuana increases heart rate which in turn decreases blood pressure).
  18. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    The way I'm seeing this is if marijuana was involved in every episode, try going a few weeks without the weed and see if it still happens. Just because you didn't have a problem for the past 6 years, doesn't mean it isn't a a contributing factor now. Stay off the weed for a few weeks and keep in touch with your doctor because fainting with convulsions could be indicative of a serious underlying condition or could be nothing serious but fainting in itself can be pretty serious depending on what you're doing and where you are when it happens.

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