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    this is such a great forum, i thought i would ask another question. i will be totally clean for 51 days the time of my urinalysis. i thought about doing the delution technique. however, i've read that it will be retured for a false negative. i really don't understand that wording (false-negative). does that mean i'll be re-tested? i'm on probation and this is very serious to me. i only need to pass this one random test during my probation. i really want to go back to smoking. please help. thanks.
  2. Buzzby

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    A "false negative" result means that, while your THC metabolite level was below the test threshold, other factors indicate that this result was due to the testee's efforts to spoof the test.

    Usually it's because of what they call a "negative-dilute" condition: your creatinine or specific gravity readings were outside normal ranges due to dilution. It can also occur because they found that the sample has been adulterated with some chemical with the aim of creating a negative result.

    If your probation officer finds that you've gotten a "false negative" on your test he might retest you or might void your probation.

    Unless you were a very heavy smoker prior to the 51 days of abstinence you should be able to pass the test without taking any special precautions. To be sure, you should acquire a home THC test and test the first part of the first void of the day the day before the probation UA. If you get a negative there you'll get a negative on the real thing. If you get a positive on the home test you need to do some dilution, but probably not much.

    Dilution and aspirin-- the technique

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2
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    .. normally it means that the 'substance' is present but not detected; so the test shows a negative result which should have been a positive. In most cases, it requires a retest with a fresh specimen.

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    Sorry Portena but wrong info. Read Buzzby's post and it should enlighten you some.
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    Buzzby's post was actually the correct explanation of what a false-negative is, especially in reference to dilution as was asked. Being clean for 51 days as of right now I would say you could pass this test without pulling any tricks other than making sure you've pissed a couple times in the morning on test day. That being said the only way to know that for sure as I'm sure you'd like to is to pick up a home test. Don't crack and do anything silly like smoke until you take this random test. If it's the only one you'll possibly get during this probation than it's just not logical to break down until you'vev taken this test.
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    One thing about which I'm confused. If this is a random test, how do you know when it will be? Isn't the whole point of random testing to spring it on the testee so he can't prepare for it?

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