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  1. 420ciscosys

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    Has anyone one else read about famous historical figures that smoked MJ? A few I have heard of are Sigmund Frued, William Shakespear, George Washington(not 100 percent sure on the last one) I'm high now but later I'll post links to the pages I read the above from.
  2. Pod

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    Woody Harrelson ;)
  3. Deep_Freeze

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    does marilyn manson count?
  4. weedzinger

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    George Harrison
    Paul McCartney
    Bill Clinton
    Spider Robinson
    Julia Roberts
    Al Aronowitz
  5. Wiseman

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    Tara Ried
    Louis Armstrong
    I *think* I read *something* about Einstein somewhere, but I'm definately not anywhere near certain on this.

    How do we know about Julia Roberts?
  6. Pod

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    Bill Clinton haha YEAH is there anything he can not do? Heheh best pres ever.
    Julia Roberts and Tara Reid fantastic two of the best looking birds in holywood. Smoke Smoke Smoke oh yeah.
  7. weedzinger

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    Well in the recent HighTimes mag. they said that someone spotted Julia Roberts rolling up what appeared to be a doob while taking a break on the set of her new film, Full Frontal . She and her boyfriend passed it back and forth and handled in with all the standard body language thats attends pot-smoking. She also said, in a recent Esquire interview, that "I smoked twice. It made me sleepy." Straight from HighTimes****
  8. Barrett-9317

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    Great Topic...

    I've heard of only a few famous pot-smokers of historical significance, but those few make for some very convincing pro-MJ arguments. For instance, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, probably one of the most prolific jazz musicians and singers of the early 20th century. And of course, Carl Sagan, brilliant astronomist and the smartest man in history (some people may say this honor goes to Stephen Hawking, but I think there's room for argument.) And, as a lot of history buffs already know, Queen Victoria, symbol of leadership for the Royal Family in, what else but the Victorian age! She smoked pot to relieve menstrual pains. And it's a good thing she did too, because where would Europe be today if it had been under the control of a Queen who was constantly moody and on edge? Even actor Robert Mitchum was caught by police puffing a joint at a Hollywood party in 1948. He was arrested, but his career took off like a bullet soon after, and he became a superstar when he co-starred with Gregory Peck in "Cape Fear" in 1962. Larry Hagman (Sargeant Healy from "I Dream of Genie") smoked pot for years, and movie tough guy Steve McQueen's vices didn't exclude a few joints a day. In fact, Steve often showed up high on the sets of his movies!
  9. bo-battie

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    thomas jefferson
    rob van dam (wwf wrestler)
    jesus (not proven, but probable)
    NBA players/coaches: phil jackson, lamar odom, allen iverson, dennis rodman, ben wallace....damn i cant think right now, i know there's alot more. i remember reading something saying that 60 percent of NBA players smoke/have smoked bud...
  10. mindraver

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    i cant believe no one has put down...

    Willie Nelson...just go to www.norml.org to see his pro-stance on legalization.
  11. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    I dont like Willie that much. Hes too wrinkly.
  12. schwadood

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    You didn't see Willie at Spring Hookahville 2001. He was great. Whiskey River was so good he played it twice.
  13. Deep_Freeze

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    were do u get jesuse from?
  14. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist


    Robert Mitchum - Famous actor and one of the first celebrity victims of marijuana prohibition. Mitchum was arrested in a 1948 stakeout in Laurel Canyon, CA.

    Bob Denver - Played lovable character 'Gilligan' on popular 60's television show Gilligan's Island. Arrested in 1998 after a package containing two ounces of marijuana was delivered to his West Virginia house.

    Oliver Stone - Filmmaker of renowned movies JFK, Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, pulled over by police officers for driving erratically and subsequently arrested when hash was found in his car.

    Matthew McConaughey - Actor in such popular movies as Dazed and Confused and Amistad busted in his Texas home after numerous noise complaints from neighbors. Officers saw him dancing naked and playing bongos. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

    Brad Renfro- Actor in 1994 movie The Client arrested on marijuana.


    Whitney Houston - Grammy winning pop diva was busted boarding an airplane in Hawaii. Officers found 15.2 grams in her bag.

    Ray Price - 73 year old country music singer was arrested in his Texas home for possession of marijuana.

    Snoop Doggy Dog - Famous rapper and protégé of Dr. Dre arrested at a Los Angeles comedy club for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

    Savion Glover - Tony-winning tap dancer was charged with disorderly conduct after police pulled his car over in New York city. He was smoking a "blunt" in his car and police charged him with possession of marijuana.

    James Brown - Godfather of Soul busted on marijuana and other charges.

    The Rolling Stones - Band members were busted several times in 1967.

    Willie Nelson - Busted in Texas in 1995 with pot in his car. Charges were dropped later when search was determined to be illegal.

    David Lee Roth - Former Van Halen front man busted in 1993 in New York city after buying a "dime" bag from an informant.

    Louis Armstrong - Legendary trumpeter busted in 1931 outside of an LA jazz club.

    The Grateful Dead - Their infamous house at 710 Ashbury was raided in 1967. Band members Bob Weir and Pigpen were arrested. Amazingly the police didn't find the pot hidden in a kitchen pantry.

    Gene Krupa - Jazz drummer arrested in 1943 in San Francisco after LA narcotic officers followed him. They seized the pot and he spent 84 days in jail.

    Carlos Santana - Legendary Grammy award winning guitar player busted at Houston Airport in 1991 for transporting five grams of marijuana from Mexico.

    Freddy Fender - Tex-Mex pop star busted in Louisiana in 1960 for less than six grams of pot.

    Flavor Flav - Sidekick to Chuck D. in Public Enemy busted in 1996 while riding his bike in the Bronx. New York Police officers noticed a bulge in his jacket and stopped him. They found a kilo sized brick of marijuana on him.

    A.) The Beatles

    John Lennon - Famed front man of The Beatles busted for hash in London in 1968. 5 years later almost deported from America because of the charges.

    Paul McCartney - Beatle and long time pro-pot advocate was busted several times throughout the 70's and 80's.

    George Harrison - Beatle arrested in London in 1969 after they raided his home and found 570 "grains" of pot.

    OTHER NOTABLES: Ray Charles 1961, Bunny Wailer 1967, David Bowie & Iggy Pop 1976, Neil Diamond 1976, Notorious BIG 1996, and Queen Latifah 1996.


    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Former Lakers star busted at Pearson International Airport in Toronto Canada with six grams of marijuana by U.S. Customs officials. Paid $500 fine. Jabbar claims to have used marijuana for years to successfully treat severe migraine headaches.

    Robert Parish - Boston Celtics star arrested in 1991 when police intercepted two ounces of pot being shipped Federal Express to his Massachusetts house. He paid a $37 fine.

    Ferguson Jenkins - Pitcher and Cy Young award winner busted in 1980 for possessing hash.

    Orlando Cepeda - Former San Francisco Giant and MVP award winner in 1967, charged with smuggling 160 pounds of marijuana from Puerto Rico to Miami in 1976.

    Vernon Maxwell - Former Houston Rocket busted in Texas in 1995 after running a red light. Police found a gram of pot in a baggie on the floor of his car.

    Ross Rebagliati - 1998 gold-medalist snow boarder from Canada who almost had his medal taken away when traces of THC were found in his system.

    Isiah Rider - Former Portland Trail Blazer's guard arrested in 1996 when officers observed him in a car attempting to smoke marijuana from a soda can. He was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

    Allen Iverson - 76ers franchise player busted in 1997 on marijuana charges.

    Mookie Blaylock - Atlanta Hawks star busted in 1997 when drug sniffing dogs uncovered marijuana on him in a Vancouver Canada airport.

    Marcus Camby - New York Knick busted for marijuana in 1997, performed community service and the charges were eventually dropped.

    Chris Webber - Sacramento Kings player charged with marijuana possession and assaulting a police officer in 1998. He was pulled over and he resisted the police officer. The vehicle was impounded and traces of marijuana were found inside.

    Khalid El-Amin - Point guard for University of Connecticut during their championship season, busted a month after championship game against Duke. During a stop for a traffic violation a small amount of marijuana was found on him.

    Todd Marinovich - Former USC and Raiders quarterback arrested for growing one pot plant in his house in 1996.


    Timothy Leary, MD - arrested after a small amount of marijuana was planted on him in 1968. He received a 10-year sentence but would escape and be re-captured in Afghanistan. He was in jail until 1976.

    Ken Kesey - Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and chief Merry Prankster arrested twice for marijuana in 1966. He fled to Mexico, turned himself in, and spent 5 months in jail.

    Neal Cassady - Famous 'Beat' and road partner of Jack Kerouac arrested in 1958 after selling two joints to undercover agents.

    John Sinclair - Founder of White Panther Party and manager of rock band MC5 busted after being set up by undercover agents in 1967. He served two years of a ten year sentence for possessing two joints.
  15. Barrett-9317

    Barrett-9317 New Member

    Oh man, really?!

    I'm a huge fan of both Gene Krupa and Ray Charles. Had no idea they smoked! And Ray Price, what a talent! Man, you learn something new every day.
  16. TheGreenBlazer

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    Benjamin Franklin was reportedly a real heavy smoker.
  17. Wow, I had no idea Paul McCartney was a pro-pot advocate... I always thought he was a jacka$$ from his interviews with Chris Connelly from MTV lol. Oh wel,, we do learn something new every day. Keep tokin'
  18. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    You didn't know that Paul toked? Have you ever heard a beatles song after Sgt. Peppers? He did a lot more than just toke (see the White Album)
  19. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    Dr. of Jornalism and his loyal lawyer Hunter Thompson and Dr. Gonzo. :)
    Didnt the beatles get caught smoking a jay in buckinham palace?
    Every body that played at woodstock and every single concert in the 70's. every good band did smoke weed, Iron butterfly, floyd, led zep, doors. I dont think we should include musitians here coz everyone there has at least tried weed, except those gospel dudes.

    My favorite comedian Chris Farley.
  20. Peter Tosh, Bob Marley! Bill Hicks! Dennis Leary! George Carlin! Bradley Nowell and Sublime!

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