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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by irshred17, May 31, 2004.

  1. irshred17

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    Hi I am roughly 154 lbs, 5'4'', female if that matters. I used to smoke at least 2-3 bowls, at least 3 times a day, for months. I stopped for 2 weeks and 2 days, then smoked about 2 bowls, then the next day i had a bowl and a half of weed. It's been 8 days since i last smoked that bowl and a half. I might have a drug test coming up in the next week or 2. Does anyone know a fast way to get rid of the THC i have in my body. I have been drinking a lot of water, will that help, if so how much should i drink a day. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. reefermadness1

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    Water will do nothing because THC sticks to fat. The fastest way to get rid of THC is excercize. Make sure you quit a couple days before the test, and than drink plenty of water on the day of the test and get your B vitamins and aspirin.
  3. melanotaenia

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    unfortunately, there is no quick way to rid your body of THC. An increase in metabolic rate will turn over fat cells quicker. This can be achieved by an increase in physical activity, most importantly weight training. Eating less calories than your body burns causes fat cells to be burned by your body to use for energy. Stick to low cal diet and fiber and exercise, this is the best way to increase THC removal. You will want to not exercise the day of the test since exercise causes more THC metabolites to be released from the body, and into the urine.
  4. irshred17

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    do you think that i will pass one iin the next 2 or so weeks? if i exercise and drink alot of water and asprin the day of the exam?
  5. melanotaenia

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    it is hard to say, I would recommend getting a home test to make sure you are clean since I can't predict how clean you will be after that amount of time. You may want to also order synthetic urine or get some friends clean urine just in case you are still testing positive after that length of time.

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    how to rid body of thc

    i smoked 2 days prior to my urine test,i have low body mass from being thin,so i took 500mg of niacin for two days then had a liquid cleanse and flush kit,in this kit add one vial of liquid to 16oz of water and drink,you are going to use the bathroom a few times a day,i did this for 2 days,on the day of the test i drank a red bull and two 16 oz's of water and passed.
    it's not how much you urinate,it's how much you crap to get the toxins out of your system.
    niacin is not good for you so don't take too much.
    i looked for answers to this question and decided to do my own experiment,cleanse the body of waste,so crapping alot will rid the body of waste more than urinateing it out,,try it you might like it.
  7. DrugTestDave

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    If you are asking yourself the question, "Will I pass a drug test?" step one needs to be buying an at-home drug test from any common drug store. This step has to be taken--regardless of what it means for how you handle the situation, the truth will set you free! Test, if you test positive, abstain, and practice dilution methods until the big day arrives.
  8. Ruckus

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    You passed because of the dilution just prior to the screen. What you did before then is just nonsense and should not be promoted in a drug testing forum.

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