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    Unlucky my today stupidity could cost me my job... at annual medical exam psychologist found my old psychological assessment form high school where i admit that i smoking pot... and with nature of my job i need to be 100 psychological clear which i`m obviously not. so he ordered me narcotic test

    i understand how dilution works and concept of it but i don't understand something else and i need to ask experts here if they are able to answer me some questions...

    My first and most important question is related to fat. we all know that THC is stored in fat cells and when body metabolizes fat from those cells we get THC metabolizes. so my question is if i am to eat a lot of fat foods so my body will use that fat for its metabolic process instead of fats from its fat storage's. so in theory that alone should decrease THC metabolites in my urine. so question here am i right ???

    second question is related to prior one and it is B3 vitamin related. as we know b3 vitamin is widely known as niacin. some studies show that it don't have any influence on THC in body while others show it does but also there is not scientific evidence that could prove that.

    what most people don't know is that niacin prescribed in doses between 1000 and 2000 mg two to three times daily blocks the breakdown of fats from fat tissue where THC is stored.

    so idea behind all this is to decrease fat breakdown from fat tissue and initialize metabolism of "clean fat" so our urine is virtually clean. but that may not be enough...

    fat is mater that is insoluble in water, only organic compounds... with that on mind combo with dilution technique could work great, with better efficiency in cheating in "piss test`s"... why??? it is simple water wont interact with fat metabolism because fat is insoluble in the water

    BTW... this now is my first time dealing with a drug test so i am little scared because i`m in a deep financial shit and i cant afford to lose my job now...

    in past two months i didn't smoke that much, i smoked on NYE and before 2 weeks ago... so basically that means that i am clean 2 weeks and before Nye i didn't smoke that much either... and i can maybe steal one more week before the test. being a semi pro bodybuilder i have large knowledge in nutrients so i setup my cleaning cycle like this...

    for the next five days i will start taking active coal tabs to clean up my system and start eating as much fatty food as possible three days before test i want to take niacin tabs in range of 1500 mg 4 times a day and just before test start that dilution technique... so how do you rate my chances ??
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    You can slow down THC release from the body fat stores but you can't stop it completely. There's a million posts on how to use aerobic exercise and changes in diet to do what you can. Do a search or look around and you'll find more about this.

    I've never seen a study show that niacin improves THC metabolism. If you have one you should post it.

    FYI If there is a study where a large group of people who were getting B3 were able to metabolize THC metabolites more quickly than a group receiving placebo, that study in itself would be evidence supporting the hypothesis that B3 helps rid the body of THC metabolites but one study doesn't make it fact or prove the hypothesis. Theory, hypothesis, evidence, fact---all important terms when proving any scientific theory.

    Actually that's not accurate at all because you got that almost straight from wikipedia (seen this before, see linked thread below). While wikipedia is cool and all, it's not always the most accurate or complete source. Also, you truncated it at the most important part. Basically it works on very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) and in turn cholesterol. This affect on VLDL and chlosterol is a clinically significant effect on blood cholesterol levels but isn't a large enough effect to help you as far as weight loss or burning fat stores. I'm trying to word this as carefully as I can so as not to be confusing and to help you with the facts. Basically there are many fats and lipoproteins in your body and unfortunately the niacin works on a narrow portion of this spectrum and this spectrum are the the lipoproteins that affect the heart and cardiovascular system in regards to clots and plaques and atherosclorisis but not body fat stores which is what is needed.

    Also, here's a thread you should read and pay attention to my post number 15.


    That is what everyone's theory is when it comes to niacin but it just doesn't work. Niacin doesn't clean adipose tissue nor does it increase metabolism of adipose tissue.

    Coal isn't absorbed into the body or bloodstream. It stays in the GI tract and you don't store THC metabolites in your stomach or small intestines. While coal can be a mild laxative, you would be better off with soluble fiber. A search using the term soluble fiber and posts by me will help you learn more about this. If you are familiar with procedure when there is an overdose many times activated charcoal is used to bind to whatever the overdose chemical is but this just binds to whatever is left in the GI tract. It won't get anything that has already made it to the bloodstream.


    Sorry but that was a more than normal amount of errors (we've all been there) and it did make it hard to read. As a courtesy to those that might read and answer you post you may want to copy and paste your post to a spellchecker before submitting the post.
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    I thought losing weight gets rid of the THC, not gaining it... Then again I'm not an expert on that stuff considering I haven't had to take a drug test, but my brother had to take one a while back and he bought this big juice container from GNC that supposedly cleaned out the drugs in his system. He had to drink it constantly during the day every day until it was gone, and he had to piss a lot. So from what I know the best thing to do is drink a lot of water or juices, piss a lot and try to exercise or lose weight.
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    There is no product that can rid the body of THC. Only time and exercise can accomplish this. "Cleansers" work via the dilution principle. They are an overpriced way of doing the same thing that can be done by following the guidelines in this link:http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/12956-dilution-tips-tricks-guidelines-n2.html

    Drinking fluids is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Drinking fluids days before the test is of no help. To find out why, read post #1 in this link: http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/28391-why-drinking-lot-useless.html

    Also, taking niacin at 100-500 times the 15 mg daily recommended value can result in some serious health consequences:
    Overdoing Niacin Can't Thwart Drug Abuse Tests and Is Risky<o:p></o:p> - Psychiatric Times
    Niacin Used to Beat Drug Screening Found Toxic, Potentially Fatal
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    That was my point, to slow down releasing of THC in to bloodstream so there is less in my urine while testing. As far as know body metabolizes fat from food first and if there is deficiency body takes fat from its storage's. I understand that whole concept. My aim is to have best possible results and i will try to achieve that by making my body to store fat by sate it with fat.

    i am sorry... this is the first time for me to confront this use of niacin and i I did not read enough... it is all from online texts... sorry my bad

    k knew purpose of charcoal bud i dint know that it stay within GI... my fault again...

    done that :D

    i found your post very informative and i am very thankful for it...

    one one more thing to satisfy my curiosity... i know you always hear this question but how do you rate my chances of passing test...

    im 6.23 height 220 weight around 20% body fat... last time i smoked was two weeks ago and before that on new year eve... last time was two joints shared between three people some moderate stuff. i don't have much physical activity because of spinal injury due to deadlift. test could be on next wensday or friday... i always drink large amounts of water. 1-1,5 galon/day... i have normal metabolism...

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