Favourite strain of weed?

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  1. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    So, what's the best strain of weed you've smoked?

    Thor's Hammer, White Widow, Strawberry Cough and Timewarp seem to be some favourite strains.


    Hm, any ideas as to what the weed in that picture is?
    Looks worth trying, and I haven't a clue.
  2. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    I smoked this stuff awhile back that came out of NY, it was a cross between Sour Diesel and Trainwreck.
    Best stuff I ever smoked.
  3. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    If I ever got my hands on some of that weed I wold probably have an instant orgasm.:eek:
  4. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    You have no idea. Oh my god. I haven't had a high like that since.
  5. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Blueberry is my fave
  6. 3merica

    3merica New Member

    well, out of all the bowls ive done, probably cherry kb. But tonight im having northern lights and ive heard some really good reviews about it.
  7. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I'm a noob smoker and really haven't had that many different types of strains, but my favorite is Color Chronic.
  8. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    i've had some good skunky stuff, some super silver haze,some strawberry cough and some California orange something whatever, those were all really nice.

    FATHERPARIS Sr. Member

    The best weed I have smoked is either Orange Dro (Orange Bud from Canada I think) which was like tan in crystals and amazing. Or I just recently picked up some legit Hawaiian Skunk which has a really nice smell, taste, smoke and high. The next stuff my guy is picking up is a White Widow hybrid strain and I think that might be the best I have or will have until he gets some better stuff in the future. I'm happy I have a new consistent dank dealer. :D
  10. 1TonBee

    1TonBee Active Member

    During a snowstorm I smoked the most dank weed in my life, it was straight covered in orange hairs so much my friends called it tarantula and it's leaves were powdered with trichomes. My roommate and I made a salad out of about 4 different 'brand name' strains we collected, best smoke of my life.

    It was some kind of white widow hybrid, i'm dying to get more.
  11. zig zag

    zig zag New Member

    i wish we had the type of dealers that knew anthing about it.

    there are 2 types of weed here - good and bad.
  12. Snon

    Snon Sr. Member

    I smoked one strain in Amsterdam called Big Buddha Cheese it was crazy nuts! Big crystal buds and super sticky icky.

    At home I prefer Grape Kush.
  13. jake-'n-bake

    jake-'n-bake New Member

    the dopest dope i ever smoked was this shit my godmother grew and it wasnt fruity or diesel or purple. it was just a snow ball with fat white hairs all over it and when you broke it open it was bright orange and it smelt and tasted like ultra concentrated bud. pegleg. a true stoners strain

    and as for the pic. idk if its the same strain. but i wouldnt argue with the replacement

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