Federal Government Job drug testing guidlines that might work for thr private sector

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    Here goes it folks,
    I have a callback interview for the USPS this week and I have been doing some research on what to expect in terms of pre-employment testing, etc. I have found that a lot of the info on these types of forum boards has been lax to say the least, so I have done some detailed research and decided to share it with the community.

    Federal agencies, since November 2004, have been instructed to follow workplace testing guidelines administered by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) - a division of Health and Human Services. The drug testing guidelines are on their website here:

    There is a serious amount of info throughout the various links on that site, so I would suggest that if you're in line for a cushy government job and enjoy the sweet leaf as much as I, you spend some time pouring over the guidelines. If you happen to be too stoned or lazy to invest a few hours in research, best of luck to you in all your life endeavors.

    Here are the main points I found:
    Fed jobs = Urine testing and under NO circumstances allow for blood samples. Hair seems off limits for the time being, but some of the verbiage indicates that higher level positions could start using the more expensive method in the future. I'm not applying for Secretary of State, so I think I'm cool. If your job involves commercial driving you have to test for alcohol consumption as well (past 8-12 hrs only).

    The labs test for 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of THC in the urine specimen, which is important because this is the measurement that home over-the-counter test use. It appears that some lab testing go as low as 15 ng/ml THC in urine, which would make the abstinence time much longer for the test. In short, go buy a home test, stop smoking for a few days and see what happens. From what I gather, if your current employer drops a surprise test on you, you're in the 15-30 ng/ml territory because the employer will invest more cash in a test for a current employee. If you only have 24 hours notice (according to fed guidelines), good luck, you're gonna need it.

    The feds aren't dumb, read through the links on the SAMSHA page and you'll see that they're on the lookout for all the stuff at the head shop that’s supposed to ‘cleanse’. Evidence of alteration is grounds for failure also. This I think would account for all the people who say they used different cleanse products and still failed.

    Here's what I've deduced so far: Time and water are your friends. THC sticks to your fat lipids, which means it takes longer than other 'substances' to cycle out of the body. People have hypothecated all sorts of crap about metabolic rate, exercise and diet before the test etc. I think this is all a bit hyperbolic because every person's body is different. Basically, a beer gut or bedonk-a-donk is gonna work against you. Therefore, time and water the way to go if you got a little notice.

    Here's what I'm doin: No dope for at least ten days. I'm taking a fizzy drink multi-vitamin thing called Emergen-C that has a ton too much vitamins, including 433% of your daily value of B-12 in it and mixing in a teaspoon of Creatine Monohydrate. The fizzy drink is available at your grocer for about $7, the Creatine can be found at health food / work-out type places for about $10 a jar. At $17 bucks, much cheaper than any of the 'cleanse products' and after you score gainful employ, you got more green to spend on more green.

    Basically, the multi-vitamin OD's the body's system thus kicking up metabolism and waste disposal. That's why your pee turns dark and stinks extra when you take them. The discoloration (darker pee) will also aid in making the gallons of forced water in your bladder look like how pee is supposed to look. The Creatine is a product body builders use to make their pecs look bigger and shit. It basically allows for more water uptake into the muscle fibers. Think sponge-like effect, thus one is able to drink and pass much more water more water than normal. It might be important to note that one can actually die from drinking too much water. Unless you’re Snoop, I think this 10 day combination should handle the average imbiber. I know some wake and bakers that use just B-12 and enough water drown fish for two plus weeks out. I only have a little more than a week hence the body building stuff.

    Here's the last bit, read the SAMSHA site and you'll see that DT labs have to get certified by the fed gov't, so chances are unless you're working for a mega corporation with in-house testing, your employer is outsourcing the DT to a company that has to follow these guidelines. I realize that I have knocked out a War and Peace length novel here, but I want a cushy government job, and I’m no dumbass (a grad student actually) so I have put some time and thought into this. If you’re content with dropping $60 on some stuff, and it’s worked for you in the past more power to you. If I get some interest in the post and not a bunch of dickhole responses I’ll write up my theory on how to buy yourself some time on a surprise DT according to the guidelines for specimen gathering.
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    10 days clean is not enough for many to pass using dilution.

    I am 5'7", 165 lbs, 40's. It takes me at least 20 days to pass with dilution. I'm an every day evening smoker. I've heard of longer for other chronic users.

    Creatine has no roll in reducing thc metabolites or increasing water intake. It is one of the measures used to determine if a specimen has been diluted. There is no upper creatine level. There is a cut off lower level(I don't know the number off of the top of my head, but it is well documented in the forum). It's very important to address creatine levels for any lab test. Creatine has to be loaded several days before the test. The night before does no good. A dipstick test will allow low creatine levels to slide.

    You did not address the issue of specific gravity. This is another check the labs do to determine diluted samples. You need to keep your specific gravity at or above a certain level(documented in this forum) or you will have to retake due to being diluted. Specific gravity can be raised by subbing a sports drink for water and loading with salt and tums.

    50 ng/ml is the standard DOT and other employment cut off level. Lower levels are generally reserved for confirmation testing, not for testing current employees.
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