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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by luxerygoods, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Thursday night was on the way to the airport, my buddy was burning a bowl and asked if I wanted a hit so I accepted one single puff. I abstain from puffing more than one hit for now do to my probation of random UA's. The last time I had a single hit was about a month ago. Last UA was almost a year ago. Anyways as my great luck would have it I was pulled over and the cop said the car "smelled funny"? Low and behold my probation officer calls me the next day for a UA. I was on vacation so he had to wait untill today to get the UA. Today is Thursday so it's been one week. My knowledge tells me I am clean but just to make sure I drank about 2 1/2 32OZ gaterades and a glass of tea this morning. Pissed about six times before my test. I took about 10 times the daily recommended dose of B12 to get some yellow urine but it was faint yellow when I gave my test. He said it was clear, although passed their test strip bottle test. He sent it in with "also test specific gravity" on the lab form.
    So what will the lab be looking for?
    Are the just testing just specific gravity or are they testing below 50 nanograms?
    Although I'm pretty sure there I am clean is there any consiquences for less than 50 nanograms?

    Thanks for any info you might have, remember this is a federal probation.
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    The process of drug testing has been repeated over and over and over again, especially in the last few weeks. Do a search for immunoassay and most of those threads/posts will have your answers as to what a lab looks for and the process of drug testing. The 3 validity tests conducted at the lab are SG, pH, and creatinine clearance. The reason your urine was clear was you used the wrong vitamin. It is B-2 not B-12. This would be one of the times I would have recommended getting the color right. Does your PO normally do instant tests or lab tests?
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    No my urine is always clear looking when I go in. I tested for two years now on random UA's and drink alot of water just so I can go infront of him. They are usually clear as water in the cup and they have never said anything about diluting untill today. I believe it has something to do with the being puled over and the cop saying the car smelled funny.

    My Ua's are always clean because I have only smoked twice on probation and it was just the one puff mentioned in this story and the one puff a month ago.

    I did try to search before posting on here.
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    It was useless for your PO to write "also check specific gravity" on the form with your specimen. The labs will check the specific gravity anyway. He didn't need special instruction for it to be done. It is standard to check specific gravity, pH levels and creatinine levels. No, they probably will not test below the 50ng/mL cutoff for THC.

    I think your PO has become educated in dilution and is trying to intimidate you into not trying it again. At the very least, he wants you to know that he knows of the dilution trick.

    You absolutely did not need that much fluid. ONE 32 ounce gatorade would have been more than sufficient, especially after only one puff about a week ago. In my opinion, you didn't need do do anything to pass. Hopefully you didn't test diluted because for a court ordered test, it is almost always a fail if you are diluted.

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