Feeling blazed long after smoking.

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Reddemons56, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Hi everyone :)

    I seem to have a problem, 6 days ago (March 6th) I smoked half of a little blunt that I had rolled myself and gotten from my cousin, and he and my two other buddies had already smoked before I had. I had a great blaze that night which lasted until I went to sleep, and when I woke up, I still felt blazed. Now, six days later, I still feel blazed, and the intensity of it comes and goes, after sleep, it seems to be more hardcore, but sometimes when I try to concentrate on things I just go off into a daydream. I know that a lot of people will say its all inside your head, well if it is tell me how to get it out, I've tried running, working out, doing anything to get my mind off of why I still feel high 6 days after the fact. I have drank lots of water, and tea, and to no prevail, I still feel blazed all day. It's not like a full on blaze, but about halfway to one, and it's enough for me to notice it, and for it to be a burden to everyday activities. I know THC doesn't stay in you that long, so why am I trippin so long after? It's starting to freak me out, and I'm hoping it will just randomly dissapear in the near future.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm still pretty new to getting blazed, this is probably my 5th time or so and the same stuff that I have always smoked. The wierd thing is that it's not a relapse, that will fade in and out real fast, it lasts all day and makes me daydream a lot and feel like the top of my eyes are almost deactivated somehow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm wondering if smoking again will make it worse or get rid of it entirely, but I have no idea what to do.. Thanks a lot.
  2. Baschoen

    Baschoen New Member

    That'd be awesome for me when I smoke I'm lucky to be high for a half hour after I smoke... When you first start smoking it is common to feel high for a long time maybe not six days but most likely I would say its in your head. Smoking doesn't effect you as much as some people may think there is no reason you would be high for 6 days off a blunt even if you smoked it to your face.
  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    I assume your buddies aren't feeling the same effect.

    That said, I would just keep to your routine: exercise, eat right, enough drinking water etc.
    You will be fine (unless of course there is something unrelated going on).

    If it were me I'd wait till I felt my normal self again before smoking and then I would not smoke the same bud as before (simply as a precaution).
    Remember two things. You're new to marihuana and if it's decent weed then it doesn't take much, so go slow brother.
    One hit, wait 15 minutes and decide whether you're where you want to be.

    Don't get caught up in the 'gotta do like my friends bullshit'. That's not what our sweet lady is all about.

    There have been any number of posts from other people who have experienced exactly the same thing. You might want to do a 'search' here using various keywords until they pop up.

    Let us know how it goes eh. Oh and, Welcome to the board Reddemons...:)
  4. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Sterbo, firstly thank you a lot for the welcome, and for the advice as well.

    I'm trying to focus on other things and get my mind off of it.
    I will definately keep you updated on my status. Thanks for all the help and again the welcome.
  5. $moKeDanK

    $moKeDanK Sr. Member

    i wouldnt worry about it man, i think the fact that you keep thinking about it is causing you to believe you are still high. you might be a little burnt out, but i think its psychological. just dont sweat it, and next time dont smoke as much youll be fine.
  6. Alive-And-Dreaming

    Alive-And-Dreaming Sr. Member

    SLEEP a lot. Nap ALL DAY then sleep all night. It'll get the high right out of ya
  7. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Yea I think that you're right because lately I haven't been getting good enough sleep. Today I had a golf tourney and it felt pretty strong, funny thing is, I played better than I usually do, I was nice and relaxed all day. :D

    Still will keep you guys posted, thanks for more input, I believe that it's probably the rest issue at hand.
  8. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Yeah, with new smokers, being tired can really exaggerate things. I remember when I first smoking, it would happen almost all the time: Fell stoned and burnt the next day.

    I think that you are slowly becoming a more frequent toker, and your body is having to adjust.

    I'm back to baseline in 3 hours or less....or am I really? Maybe I'm "stoned" for 6 days and don't even know....

    There's a saying "If you smoke a joint, you are high for 24 hours" and I'm a supporter of the message. People need to stop regarding cannabis as a quick, get-in-get-out drug, because it's not that simple. You get borderline effects for a long time. I know that my driving is effected (for the good, generally) up to 7-8 hours after I smoke.
  9. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    You may be experiencing longer term nervous system depression due to not sleeping enough the days after smoking.

    i don't believe you still feel "blazed"... more like a bit "down" and "dizzy" so to speak, which leads to a placebo effect of thinking you high

    if you get high and go to sleep while you're still messed up, you'll probably feel a little out if it the next day. Basically because being high affected your proper sleep cycles that night... so if you fail to sleep well the days following you will continue the same next day dizzy/tired feel.
  10. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Well it's been 8 days now, and after I stopped worrying about it and just chillin out, I feel pretty good today, I can tell that it's still very slightly there, but otherwise I feel back to normal! Thanks for all the help.
  11. Amdro

    Amdro New Member

    This same kind of thing happened to me when I first started blazing. It was hard to sleep the next night after blazing and I felt tired and out of it due to not sleeping enough.
  12. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Yea when I'm awake I feel back to normal but after going to sleep and waking up its back again.
  13. Reddemons56

    Reddemons56 New Member

    Alright guys I'm back up to speed, and feeling great, although after intense workouts I get a slight buzz feeling, but nothing enough to hinder thoughts or concentration.

    Thank you very much for all of your responses, if I wouldn't have posted here I might have gone insane.

    Happy blazin.
  14. 2high

    2high New Member

    same thing happend to me the first time i mixed weed and lq... but mine lasted about a year :S nothing i did made the feeling go away i tried jogging, cold showers, working out but i always felt different. your lucky though i guess im back to normal now but it was pretty weird for about a year.
  15. Paewa

    Paewa New Member

    I'm feeling the same way!!

    I'm just reading the posts and I got stoned thursday night, it is now saturday afternoon. I'm feeling alright but whenever I move I feel quite dizzy and a feeling of vertigo. This has happened before a couple of years ago when I first tried weed and it wore off after a few days but I don't know why this is. Is it a mental disorder or what??? It's quite freaky...I get real tired when I try itch something or pick things up and then because I think it's too strenous a task I can't be bothered doing it... I don't know whats wrong. I'm not anxious, it's just really tiring.

    anyone with any ideas?
  16. Bud&bluntman

    Bud&bluntman Sr. Member

    And you're upset by that?
  17. foolcoolguy

    foolcoolguy New Member

    It's all in your head guys.

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