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Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by euphoric dreams, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    There are very few movies that revolve solely around the actions of a stoner female... in most movies you scarcely catch a glimpse of females toking up.

    I've only seen ONE movie called Smiley Face that revolves around the adventure of a female pothead who accidentaly eats 14 pot cupcakes sending her on a hectic adventure (worth seeing in my opinion).

    I know that the vast majority of users here are males but being a female I would love to see if anyone can pitch in a few movie titles pertinent to my interests.

    I'm already aware that there are few but does anyone have any opinions as to why female stoner "awareness" is pretty low key? I'm just wondering if it's considered taboo, offensif or just less common to see a girl who likes to smoke weed. Any opinions appreciated :D
  2. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Sr. Member

    well "death proof" (the new tarantino flick) had some bad ass stoner chicks in it ...if u havent seen it yet i suggest watching that one..
  3. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    I actually want to see that movie Smiley Face. But no I do not know many movies of stoner chicks. I don't think its offensive, but I do think there are less chicks who smoke than guys.
  4. MorbidKitty

    MorbidKitty New Member

    Death proof was awesome :)

    I'm a female stoner too, and I feel ya. There really aren't that many movies that even show girls toking, let alone a movie revolving around them. I don't know if it's necessarily 'taboo' but the media rarely puts females in controversial situations....it was a really long time before female serial killers even popped up in movies, and when they do, it's always just for revenge....like 'Monster' for example.

    I really don't think more guys toke than girls....

    I think the media has a problem with showing women in a negative light....maybe their afraid it would put a damper on their advertising scheme....anytime they wanna sell something they stick a pretty woman next to it....wait till weed is legal, then there'll be half naked chicks smoking weed on every other commercial. (just like the chicks in beer commercials lol )

    if you do find any movies revolving around chick potheads, lemme know! ;)
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  5. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    Good thread. I can't seem to think of many movies either, but then again, I'm not a big movie watcher.

    Snakes on a Plane had a scene where a hot girl and her boyfriend smoked a joint in the airplane bathroom and banged before getting attacked by snakes.

    Dazed and Confused implied a few females smoking up, but I'm not sure we ever saw them doing so.

    This is the best I can do for now, haha. Not exactly movies based on females smoking.
  6. StonerTaz

    StonerTaz New Member

    the only other movie I know of that even has a female toker in it is half baked other then death proof and smiley face
  7. xchoicex

    xchoicex New Member

    in my opinion, the female stoner image was more likely accepted and "out-there" in the hippie decade... it was all abt free love back then... sharing, freedom, etc...
    after that came the image of corporate workers and school drop outs stoners, wich were mostly guys... the image of an uncaring woman that doesnt work much in her society is forbiden these days :) they demande too much from us...
    weed was always seen as a drug that makes u lazy... a lazy girl is never accepted :) unless she lives in a trailer, with 5 children working at night and all (according to the image they show us on tv) only then she'd be ugly, useless (and mostly like seen as a wh*re ) and a pot head :)u tell me the name of a movie that revolves around a normal female figure, a girl that isnt athletic, prolly doing a double major, and raising a child alone, and has a wonderful body, ETC...

    How come there isnt a show about THE FAMILY GIRL? how come marge simpsons always cleans up the mess? or what about everybody loves raymond? or lets take a cartoon for litle kids, the flinstons...

    THE HUSBAND ALWAYS DOES SH*T AND WE ALWAYS CLEAN THE MESS... thats how we are seen... the creature that should fix stuff and shouldnt be lazy :) therefor you wont find alot of female stoner figure in the media :)
    this is in my opinion...
    im not offending anyone...
    i just ask myself sometimes where did the MAN figure go? its like time has castrated them...

    Ps: i know i have a point there ... and i know it can easily be critisized... its not based on strong arguments... but i know its somewhat true...
  8. Wybe

    Wybe New Member

    t'is a shame i say. I'm gonna see if I can find "Smiley Face", thanks for the tip!
  9. Crux

    Crux New Member

    I officially heart you. Forever. You just spoke my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, however, women are portrayed that way because we act that way, as a rule. We (as a rule) are too caring, we work ourselves too hard, and expect too much from ourselves. Which is why a lot girls really don't smoke pot on a regular basis, because they see it as something that will make them lazy and such. I know around here, when I'm dating someone I'm almost always complimented (at least in my mind) by my guy or his friends because I'm the girlfriend that will smoke pot with the guys. Well, I was, anyway haha. And I never really realized that less females actually do smoke pot until I was told that for the first time.

    Anyway, back to the point of this thread.

    Gramma's Boy. I loved how they showed the stoner chick in there, because she is very successful, attractive, and pretty much well rounded. She just likes to get high.

    Also, Knocked Up. That one guys girlfriend? The Asian one? I don't remember her name, but she's effing hilarious.
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  10. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    If anyone wants to watch Smiley Face I am pretty sure you can still watch it on YouTube for free.

    She was hilarious for sure :laugh:
    My favourite line of hers:
  11. industrialbug

    industrialbug New Member

    Smiley Face is an awesome movie. OJ AND TOSTITOS!
  12. RookieSmoker

    RookieSmoker Sr. Member

    There's a few female weed moments at the beginning and end of Waiting.

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