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Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Alex Halding, May 20, 2012.

  1. Alex Halding

    Alex Halding New Member

    I smoked weed for the 2nd time 2 days ago, and this was the first time I got high. I have a few questions.

    Q: Would you vote to legalize weed?

    Q: Is the first time always the best?

    Q: Is fake weed as good as real weed?

    Q: Will I get hooked?
  2. Teleo9

    Teleo9 New Member

    1. Who here wouldn't? :p
    2. Not necessarily, the first time I smoked I threw up because I drank too much alcohol. The first time I got REALLY stoned was one of the best nights ever though.
    3. No. It can be incredibly dangerous. I smoked it for a month or two every day. I did not experience a single abnormal side effect, but smoking that stuff is like playing musical chairs. I've seen someone take a single hit and they said they thought they were going to die while I smoked from the same batch and felt normal like I always do. Most of the deaths that have happened because of it are usually heart related in people who seemingly have healthy hearts so it can be a big risk.
    4. It's possible, not probable. It can be psychologically addicting, but essentially what that means is that too much of any good thing can be addicting. But no, marijuana is not anywhere close to as addicting as alcohol, cigarettes, heroin, etc.. Take EVERYTHING in moderation! Marijuana is still a drug and needs to be treated as such!
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  3. Soap Mactavish

    Soap Mactavish New Member

    Yes, I would legalize weed.
    No, not necessarily.
    Not at all.
    Marijuana is not physically addictive. It can be mentally addictive, but so can anything.
  4. mariguana

    mariguana New Member

    1. ye
    2. not really lol
    3. obviously not lol
    4. more of a habit i would say rather then get addicted. It's not an addictive 'drug' like heroin or cocaine. You might grow some habits but that's all really.
  5. Trevor214

    Trevor214 New Member

    1. Of course!

    2. I think you might have meant if the first high you get is the best in which case I say yes.
    If you literally just meant is the first time always the best I say no. I think half of having a good high is being in a good surrounding. Smoking with friends always makes it more fun, and can be more enjoyable than a first time high, though the feeling won't be the same.

    3. K2 or Spice or JWH-18 which is the chemical that gets you high in "fake weed" is extrememly dangerous. I've only had one bad trip, but it felt horrible. The high lasts about 1/3 of the time, and it doesn't have any medical benefits. The only way I would ever go back to smoking this is if I have to get drug tested as it doesn't show up.

    4. If you think you have an addictive personality you can rather easily. People also say that using marijuana for the wrong reasons like escaping from problems can lead to a dependance, even though it isn't physically addictive. If you plan on being the occasional recreational user, I doubt you will.
  6. Poppy Mia

    Poppy Mia New Member

    1: Who the fuck wouldn't!?

    2: Not necessarily.

    3: To my knowledge, I've never smoked "fake weed", but I'd think it's quite obvious that it's not.

    4: You may eventually believe you are hooked, but in reality, marijuana is not physically addictive.
  7. Rovelo

    Rovelo New Member

    A: Yes
    A: No
    A: No
    A: No
  8. Stoned_Soviet

    Stoned_Soviet New Member

    1) Only for medicinal purposes and with an age limit.
    2) Chances are you're smoking schwag or middies for your first time and sure it will get you baked but the effects aren't as great as with something like whitewidow
    3) that's not a serious question is it? Spice should be illegal not marijuana
    4) it can be a habit but of you set boundaries for your self and are a recreational user you'll be fine. It's not physically addictive though.
  9. Kenjammin.

    Kenjammin. New Member

    1) yeah man
    2) everyones first experience is different, some don't feel high at all. I smoked with a friend before an hour long bus trip for school and passed out for the whole ride. Ive had far better experiences than that lol
    3) people die from spice and other synthetics. No one has ever died from marijuana. It doesn't even get you as high and is more expensive. Retards only do that shit to pass drug tests.
    4) it can be habit forming. Key word 'can'. If you do it enough times it'll be more routine over some time. Not addicting like cigarettes
  10. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    Dealers and growers don't XD.

    1. Yes
    2. Not always, for a lot of people it is. But for me i had a panic attack the first time i got high. Mainly because i didn't know what to expect when it came to the high, and i was kinda sketched out by the people i was smoking with (sketchy shit man).
    3. No. I would never try spice or "Legal Bud", because the stuff has never been tested at all. So you dont even know what it can do to your body. Stick to marijuana, bud.
    4. Mentally, Possible. Physicality, No. You will not fell any withdraw symptoms like hard drugs when you stop smoking. You can become mentally addicted because its a natural reaction for the human body to crave something if you experience "pleasure" from using it before.

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