Finding a "Marijuana Friendly" Psychiatrist?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by DarkangelAzrael, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. DarkangelAzrael

    DarkangelAzrael New Member

    Hi everyone- I'm kinda new here...Anyway, I need some help! My therapist refused to keep seeing me if I keep smoking weed so... Does anyone know of any psychiatrists in San Francisco that are okay with weed/support the usage of marijuana as a method of treatment for anxiety and depression? Thanks guys! :p
  2. Loopoo

    Loopoo New Member

    Wow, your psychiatrist is a bit stupid...Their job is to help you out, and not be biased about stuff :x Anyway, sorry, I don't know but good luck in finding someone :)
  3. Dark

    Dark Fool on the Hill

    It's not being biased, trying to help is exactly what he's trying to do.
    I'm guessing most psychiatrists will tell you to quit, and I would probably agree with them.
    Depending on your age, mental condition and history, it could be very important to your recovery. Heavy usage of marijuana has even been proven to increase depression, and the amount of panic attack and paranoia stories you hear around here shows it obviously isn't a great cure for anxiety attacks.

    If your psychiatrist thinks marijuana could be part of the problem, maybe it could be and you should take him on his word. It's not the same for everyone.
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  4. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    Wow that kinda sucks. my psychiatrist actually told my parents(im only 16)that marijuana was benifical to me.
  5. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Just as with doctors and regular human beings, people are across the board when it comes to weed.
    My psychologist is pro-weed for the people it helps. He doesn't prescribe / recommend it as far as I know but he's been okay with it when I mentioned it.
  6. doyoulikegreen

    doyoulikegreen New Member

    Sorry I had to chuckle at the mental image I got of how cool it would be if you could blaze with your psychiatrist. :D

    Imagine that
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  7. DarkangelAzrael

    DarkangelAzrael New Member

    Oh, I know! She said she was looking out for my "best interest" but....Marijuana is the only thing that I've tried that's HELPED ALLEVIATE my symptoms....SSRI's, SNRI's, nothing else has helped.
  8. Train2Bangkok

    Train2Bangkok Sr. Member

    I haven't seen my psych in over 6mo...but he never attempted to dissuade me from using weed(much to my surprise). I was honest with him about the quantity & frequency of my usage...still, he never advised me to stop. :shrug:

    On the other hand, the psych that I saw about 15yrs ago did tell me to stop. Not because they would interfere with any of the meds I was on at the time...he just refused to condone the use of an illegal substance.
  9. bytemee495

    bytemee495 Sr. Member

    Ya...mine used to keep track of how much a week I'd smoke and shit...but she told me she didn't approve of it, but she acknoledged that it was a succesful form of self medication. We differed in opinion as to whether or not it was better then the SRI's I was on. Personally...nothing makes me feel better then when I smoke! Can't argue with those results!

  10. TaylorSays

    TaylorSays New Member

    I don't visit a psychiatrist, my parents don't "Believe in medicating for mental issues" and it's stupid. But I want to be a psychiatrist some day and I would definitely try and help my patients get it if it would help them. xD
  11. NirvanaHaze

    NirvanaHaze New Member

    Stay in control

    This is an old post, but my reply may help those reading later.

    I've been a mental health therapist and seen people decline on legal medications. You must remember that a psychiatrist is a highly paid professional who's an expert at following society's rules for their own benefit. Most won't risk all they've worked for to give you the thumbs up to smoke pot. They have a vested interest in supporting the current drug laws. Many are thoroughly brain-washed also.

    I'm also a combat vet, and can say I've seen fellow vets on so many legal meds that they can't tell their head from a hole in the ground. Yet, some of those brave enough to venture into the world of weed seem to find PTSD relief.

    What's the point? Your body doesn't belong to a psychiatrist, the government, your parents, husband or anyone else. Don't give up your rights over your own body for so-called experts. Psych meds are still very primitive and barely understood.

    Don't be stupid, though. If you smoke too much weed, you won't feel good. So what? If you eat too much pizza you'll feel sick too. There's so much more to psychological suffering than tinkering with body chemistry. To ignore circumstances and the soul is suicide...

    As for me, I intend to vape my medical herb as long as I benefit from it.


    FUMRDODSON New Member

    well if it makes you feel depressed stop taking it shithead

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