Finger Hash!

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by TheGoldNugget, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Anyone tried finger hash? What do you think about it? :p

    cuz I got an eighth of it ( cost me 30$, which is pricey here :eek:)
    But gets you real stoned.

    If anybody doesn't know what it is ; it's the weed that built up on the gloves used for trimming (big quantities) and it sticks to the fingers (of the glove), builds up into a kind of mix of hash and weed, but it's better than both ;)
    + it smells real good and the smoke smells real good too.:rolleyes:

    I has to add, STRONGEST SMELL EVER!
    and I has to go get more tomorrow :D

    yaa .. I'll try my best to take a picture of the finger hash.. !!!!!
  2. truxmagic

    truxmagic New Member

    That's pretty cool. Post a picture!
  3. S&MPenguin

    S&MPenguin New Member

    I've smoked it before but this the first time I've heard of finger hash being sold. I feel finger hash is more properly a reward for the trimmer for their hard work and to help ease that carpial tunnel
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  4. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Wait, I think my boss was telling me about this stuff but he didn't know what it was called, is this the stuff thats hash but smells/tastes of weed? He said it was the best thing he'd ever smoked, not in terms of strengh, just as the nicest thing to smoke.
  5. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Finger hash is great, but traditionally doesn't come from gloves, but is collected daily from the hands of the workers in the marijuana fields of the middle east. However, it can be collected from ones hands/gloves after trimming (there will be a lot of hash on the scissors also). Although it is not the most potent form of hash, it IS very, very tasty and will get you very blazed. I have been lucky enough to enjoy some Nepalese finger hash brought back from the A-dam; I was told is the best finger hash available, but who knows.
  6. Tr3-0

    Tr3-0 New Member

    No such thing as finger hash, maybe "weed trash".

    Sounds like you paid 30 for'a 1/8 of marijuana left-overs.

    Plus, to make hash in the first place requires you to follow one of many methods.

    or at least i have never heard of this.
    Just my opinion, dood.​

    EDIT: Some people aren't ready for the world, and it's thoughts i guess...

    1st Groan.
    More will follow, but the thing is...
    I don't need to look to anyone to tell me im good.
    So, go on. Slaughter Me.​
  7. marijuanavillle7

    marijuanavillle7 New Member

    Um.. yes there is. Hash is pure trichomes and when you are trimming buds all day the trichomes build up on your hands and and when you rub your hands together you see a brown putty like texture start to roll up which is hash made by your fingers.
  8. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Yea; sorry, Tr3-O, but finger hash certainly is real. It doesn't necessarily need to come from trimming either. When someone handles large amounts of herb in a relativly short period, those sticky crystals, hairs and other matter start to build up on their hands. This can be collected and smoked. Since it contains gland heads (called trichomes), it is considered hashish.

    However, hash is IDEALY just the gland heads. Since this contains contaminants such as the hairs and plant matter, it is not the purest, most potent form of hashish; that is to say it doesn't have the highest THC content compared to other forms of hash (bubble comes to mind :dizzy:). However, some may still think the stone is more powerful, because these contaminants contain cannabinoids that, when smoked, deliver a different high than the high of straight THC given by the more "pure" forms of hash. It's preference really.

    Ahhhhh.... another hash rip for me (bubble :D) and I'm OUT....
  9. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    i dont like finger hash because its mixed in with the oils and cells of the hands of whoever made it

    its kinda nasty
  10. Tr3-0

    Tr3-0 New Member

    I know exactly what Hashish is guys...
    I've dealed with plants longer than i've smoked em'.
    And have been an avid pot smoker for a good 8yrs now.
    And all im sayin is all the crap that's mixed in with this so called "Finger Hash"
    Voids it's warranty if you will...​

    I make hash myself my men, i've tried many methods...
    "ISO Hash"
    "Wand Hash"
    The List goes on...
    But Hashish, like you both said, is made of:
    pure Trich's, Keif, Cyrstals, what av' you...​

    But usualy i just smoke keif on bowls, I put hash in my vape...
  11. Nando

    Nando Sr. Member

    Isnt this like when i crumble my weed with my hands, so alot of THC that sticks to my hand. Then I start tu rub my hands togetter and because of the compression it turns to some sort of green hasj. I really love to smoke that :D

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