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  1. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member

    Anyone else going to watch this? From what I'm hearing, it's gonna be the best new scifi show. And since Farscape is going off the air, I'm gonna need to fill that scifi void, and Star Trek just ain't gonna cut it. I'm hoping that Firefly is going to be as good a Farscape, and that ti has a sense if humor.
  2. ThaNarc

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    I'm boycotting fox, well except for the Simpsons and Futurama, because they cancled Titus. I thought Titus was a funny ass show. They say there cancleing it because it was to edgy and not p.c. enough.
    Then they go and replace it with a show like Fastlane, which the promo for it says it like a cross between Miami Vice and Fast and the Furious. Well thats all I need hear to know that shows going to suck hard.
    All in all fluck network t.v.
  3. imported_LordIcer

    imported_LordIcer New Member

    Is Firefly susposed to be a sci-fi comedy? Personally I think it's in the gutter with the most of their new lineup. I am stoked for the new season of 24 though.
  4. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member


    I had to bump this one back up to the top. I really like this show, and was wondering if it has managed to hook anyone else here?

    (I mean come, in the first episode, instead of any touchy feely crap like star trek sometimes does, the captain kicks a criminal enforcer type into an engine intake when the guy refuses to negotiate. It's a good show.)

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