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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Chief Cash, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Chief Cash

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    Tomorrow I have to take a pre-employment drug test at Quest (6633N SAP 10-50 GC/MS). I've done enough research on this test to know that it will test for THC (my only concern) at a cutoff of 50 ng/ml on the initial screen, and that if it comes back as a preliminary positive, then it will go through GC/MS.

    I am 35 years old, 5'7", 190 lbs., with average to slower metabolism. I used to be a heavy daily toker for the last four or five years. Knowing I may have to take a drug screen for a job I'm accepting, I quit cold turkey on 4/20/08. On 5/25-5/26/08, I had a momentary brain lapse and indulged in a few tokes each day. I have been totally clean again ever since.

    In late April/early May, I began testing myself with the First Check home test. No surprises, the first couple of test results were no-brainer positives. In early June, after my brain lapse, I resumed taking the home tests weekly (sometimes twice a week). I'm clearly flushing the THC out of my system, because the THC band has been showing up on the test results (negative), and getting ever so slightly darker with each test.

    As we know, the test brochure says that ANY lines no matter how faint should be interpreted as a negative result. I just took another home test tonight before my actual test tomorrow afternoon, and there is clearly a band next to THC, but not nearly as dark as the control band.

    I guess now that I'm within hours of the actual test, I'm finally starting to stress out. Can anyone definitively say if the home test literature is truly accurate about the presence of faint lines vs. what a true lab test may identify? I have one more home test, which I plan to take tomorrow morning. I'm just hoping I haven't fooled myself into believing that the fainter THC line is a negative result, hands-down, in a lab environment.

    Thanks for suffering through this with me. Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. boogerbrains

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    I know it's going to be hard for you to accept it....


    Sleep easy lol.
  3. Chief Cash

    Chief Cash New Member

    Apologies and question about aspirin

    First of all, my apologies for not searching the forums before I made my post the other night. I found tons of previous similar messages on the subject, and felt like a dunce for not having looked first.

    I woke up early, early A.M. yesterday and popped three 325mg aspirin and went back to bed. A couple of hours later I woke up for good, and took a home test (technically my second void of the day, as I just couldn't hold it when I got up the first time to take the aspirin). The THC line came out just a touch lighter than the control line. But by far the darkest line I've seen in all my testing this past month.

    So, three hours prior to my test yesterday, I popped another three aspirin. As far as dilution, I only drank about 44-48 oz. of gatorade in the hours leading up the actual test, as well as some iced tea and a little water at lunch. At the Quest lab, my void was definitely a nice yellow. I bought another home test on the way back, just to see how it was coming up then, and again even a darker line (just as bright as the control line this time). All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances, although I am yet to receive any official word (if that's even coming).

    I'll search aspirin on this forum, as well, but it seemed very strange that just popping the aspirin, and not following the dilution method as described, led to such a clear negative result. Does this little white pill really skew the results so much?

    Maybe it's just good timing on my part, but the difference in lines was pretty dramatic from the ones taken just the day before, and those a few days prior.

    By the way, this Quest center didn't have any of the normal regulations you hear about (no washing of hands before I went in, no blue dye in the toilet, nothing taped off, etc.). The collector did tell me obviously not to flush the toilet, but I frankly could have gotten away with just about anything in there.
  4. unable2smoke

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    According to the in house tech that mods this sight a faint line on that test is a negative in the lab. My test was today and the same thing happened on mine it was very faint but clearly a line so we will see I'll let you know if my results were good
  5. unable2smoke

    unable2smoke New Member

    My quest center made me wash my hands twice, and did they test you there or send it to the lab???
  6. Chief Cash

    Chief Cash New Member

    Not an instant test

    No, I'm assuming this was being sent to a lab. The collector poured it into a single vial, had me initial and date the sticker on the vial, gave me my copy of the chain of custody form after he filled out his part and I filled out mine, and mumbled something about "results come back in 24-48 hours".

    I barely got much more out of him during the entire time. I was in and back out to my car in under 10 minutes, if even that. There was not another soul in the place taking any tests (empty parking lot out front), and besides him, I counted three other workers at the center. When I stepped outside of the bathroom, he was a good 10 yards down the hallway from me (i.e., hardly listening at the door, as others have experienced). I was not too keen on the idea of subbing, regardless of the ease with which others on this board talk about it. However, there is no question in my mind that it would have been a piece of cake to do at this particular facility.

    Took the test over 24 hours ago. Obviously haven't heard anything. I start the job on Monday. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that I don't hear anything more about it. Good luck to you, as well.
  7. hwood1258

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    unabletosmoke-im in the same boat as you were... saw a faint line on my first check home kit....took it twice both passed but with faint lines...then went and took the test. how did end up for you? did you pass the lab test even though your lines on the first check home kit were faint? im wondering if i will pass even though i got faint lines and i dont want to worry about it for the whole weekend!!!
  8. Crispen Raw

    Crispen Raw New Member

    I had a very faint line, so I sent it in for the test. Got the results tonight, and it said positive for marijuana. I used the dilution method and got a VERY dark line, which I did for my actual test at my job, but apparently the whole if you can see the line at all theory you passed isn't accurate.
  9. RiotRiotRiot

    RiotRiotRiot New Member

    So you sent it in for that gc/ms test?

    That's odd because everything i have read thus far indicates that if there's a faint line and the test is sent for the post preliminary test you should still be safe, would be interested to hear from the experts on this one... my home tests are on order and my test is oct15th... oy... perhaps the home test you got wasn't accurate??
  10. Crispen Raw

    Crispen Raw New Member

    I unfortunatly didn't take a pic or anything like that, but it was VERY faint. However, you could see some pink in the line, you could def see somewhat of it. It was very light, but distinct. It had me stressing, luckily it was just my home test and not the work one.
  11. hwood1258

    hwood1258 New Member

    i wanted to write and share the results of my situation so anyone else in my boat could feel more at ease than i did! i am a heavy smoker like 2 blunts a day and have been that way for at least a year. i needed to pass a drug test so i bought the clear flush liquid and followed all the directions including stopping smoking 48 hours in advance. i wanted to make sure it worked so i used the First Check at home tests and got lines but they were faint. you could def see them but they were about half as dark (maybe even a third as dark) as the control line. they werent "barely there" but they were definitely faint and it scared me! but i went to take the test anyway because i had to and i just hoped for the best...and I PASSEDD!! and mind you i had only stopped smoking for the 2 days before the test. so long story short if you get a faint line but you can def see it will pass in the lab for least i did
  12. Stressing Drug Test

    Stressing Drug Test New Member

    I have the same concern "Can anyone definitively say if the first check home test kit is truly accurate about the presence of faint lines vs. what a true lab test may identify?"

    These posts above were from 2008 to 2009. My concern is for now 2011. Has anything changed or upgraded at the labs to detect THC? Are test in labs in 2011 now more accurate or more sensitive than 2008 and 2009? My Lab test was at 3pm yesterday. I smoked 4-5 blunts within 17 days before my lab test. But the very last time was 7 days before the lab test yesterday. I drank massive water and cranberry juice 2 days before my Lab Test. On the day of lab test, I flushed starting 3 hours before the Lab Test (at 12pm) with Ultimate Blend 24 (which can be found at most smokeshops). I did the First Check Home kit test at 2:35pm and showed negative with very very faint lines. Since it was faint lines and the box stated that faint lines falls under "negative", I went ahead and Took the Lab Test at Quest Diagnostic at around 3:05pm. I then rushed home to do another Home Kit Test which then appeared completely negative at 3:45pm. So if it was faintly negative half hour before The Lab and then completely negative with solid lines 40 minutes later after the Lab test, is that safe to say that the Lab will detect a "Negative"? I haven't been called yet from the job even though its only been 29 hrs and I am worried sick. I do not want to lose out on the job opportunity. Please help me and let me know.
  13. erljr

    erljr New Member

    Faint line they said I failed NO job

    I am 29 6' 185lbs. Took ,my pre-employment test and failed.
    Was a very heavy smoker and have been 100% clean for 3 weeks drinking only water. I have lost 15lbs from the water detox and lack of munchies.

    I took a Walgreen's at-home test and had a faint THC line, I read directions and assumed I passed.

    Employer stood over my shoulder and watched me pee in cup so quick-fix had to stay holstered. I had a bright line on all drugs except THC that had a faint line that was 1/2 as dark as others. He said I failed because line should have been bright. I haven't found one site where the urine test says the line must be dark for negative result, does anyone know if this is so?
    Thanks for any insight. I wish I would have taken picture of line with my phone before they they cup in trash.
  14. Ruckus

    Ruckus New Member

    Not unusual for many employers to be ignorant in regards to drug testing and that is the reason that many more employers model their work place drug testing programs on federal (SAMHSA/DOT) regulations and guidelines which give the labs the say on the final outcome.

    Perhaps your employer is fair and would be open to discussing a confirmation test at a local lab.
  15. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Why is your employer standing over your shoulder while you urinate? Not sounding too much like a legit test. Can you give us more details on this scenario please? Sounds very sketchy on the employer's part.
  16. erljr

    erljr New Member

    It was for a job with maintenance contractor local DuPont facility. He was standing about 3 feet away with a line of 5 other men at the door of a 10x10 foot dirty outdoor bathroom.
    I was not overly excited about the job so I didn't press issue of him telling me the line should be dark pink like the control line was.
    After I got home I search the internet for a few hours finding testing companies literature that said that any visible line is a negative. The company, LD Patrick, from TN will be receiving printed guidelines from several different drug testing companies in the mail.
    I wish I would have taken a picture of test with my phone to further advertise the owners ignorance. He threw cup in trash and had me sign a form saying I failed his test.
    HE told me I could re-apply in 30 days and take a test every week for 6 weeks at my own expense. Screw that place, I will find another more professional work environment.
  17. Bigbudzz

    Bigbudzz New Member

    I want to re-open this by asking if the line looked anything like this:
  18. erljr

    erljr New Member

    Faint Line

    Been a few months but it was a visible line.

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