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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by dman2kx, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Hey, i was wondering about first time drug screening for probation. I just finished an open plea with the judge yesterday for a felony and ended up getting 3 yrs deferred probation and 30 days in state jail served on the weekends starting exactly in a week. Part of the probation is drug/alcohol screening and im not sure what will happen if I fail the test for my first time. I remember the judge asking me if I had a problem with either and I replied NO to both but prior to the judgement I smoked once a week before and a few times a week before that time. I few of my friends told me, they allow you to fail your first test but I don't know if I can believe that... Anyone know anything about first time probation drug testing???
  2. metus

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    i think you made a mistake in saying no to the judges question about weather or not you have a drug problem, they want to hear you admit to the problem and ask for help...

    when i was busted i said i had a problem and i was given 6 months in an oit-patient drug rehab program. i failed 2 or 3 probation drug tests be4 i passed. my PO told me that the only reason i wasnt in jail was because i hadn't started my rehab program yet, however once i did she said that if i failed i would go to jail.

    this is my personal experiance and i cant say u will have the same, i hoped this helped a little. dont smoke, get through all the B.S., do your "time" then smoke a bowl ;]
  3. t-1000

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    lol... now that is an interesting tactic:

    You: "I have a problem sir, please rehabilitate me, I need help"
    Judge: *wow the first pothead ive seen that isn't in denial and want's help* "rehab 6 months"

    SCORE :D
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    i hear they mostly test for the LEVEL of toxins in your system. i am on probation also but haven't been tested yet. but most people agree that the piss patrol just wants to see that level go down over time. so your friends were right in a way. just cut back or cut it out and drink water and sweat (exercise)
  5. VAsHustla

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    Im in the same boat,im on probation for PWID marijuana and i went to see my probation officer for the first time after serviing 60 days in jail.The judge ordererd me substance abuse class so i will b screened....I couldnt help but smoke this purple haze so i came to this site to figure out how to clean ur urine before my first visit and guess wut i went to my PO yeserday and first thing she did was piss me...i passed wit flyin colors thx to this site!!Dilution is the only way to pass the screen if u are beign strongly observed like I was.I smoked a couple hits of haze a day for about a week and then stopped last weds(5 days b4 my screening).I drink alot of water and beer to kinda flush out my body some knowing that THC metabalites are stored in ur fat in which is slowely released in to ur urine but the sercret to sucsess is to drink atleast a gallon of water before you go in for ur screening.In my city they test the sample right there and do not send it to the lab which is good because the lab performs better test and they check for creatine and pH levels so I did not have to worry bout boosting my creatine level up,just adding color would be the focus.I did this by takin 4 vitiman B complex pills and 3 B12 and 3 aspirins about two hrs before the test.As i was pissing alot i noticed my urine wasnt dark enough so thats why I ate the pills every 30 mins or so to get really goin in my system oh and i drank about 3 glasses or cranberry juice to make me urinate better and maybe help clean the toxins out my my bladder.Water is the trick and color is very imprtant...i practiced a few times just to see if i could drink massive amounts of water without puking so i knew i could do this.Just flood ur body wit water and vitiman Bs and u should b able to pass even if u just stop smokin acouple days before.I was 5 days clean but failin a urine screen could send me back to the city jail fro 2 years so iwas riskin alot but i was positivethe dilution trick would did too and now im bac smokin again since i passed she pushed my substance abusebac an told me to come 1 every 3 months...i was so happy but she did say i could not use alcohol at all and will b coming by my residence to make sure thats really where im living....which will b no problem ...jus show employment and stay out trouble nad passin the pee test is th ez part ...just remember massive massive amounts of water wit Vit Bs and 3 or 4 aspirins b4 u go in and piss away....ieven gave a very small sample and couldnt even give a midstream sample at all just some dribbles an wasstill clean so i could only image how clean my piss would b if i pissed a whole lot.Thanks to this board i can get high and not worry bout screenin and i even read up blood samples r even easier to pass wit jus 3 days of being clean wit no flush at all!good luck
  6. 1tokeovertheline

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    You probably know it but just a word of caution. It is not a good idea to smoke while on probation so be careful of your intake. You sure as hell don't want to smoke so much and so close to testing that the dilution method won't do it's job.
    Take Care and be carefull.
  7. VAsHustla

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    no dout stop a week wit dilution and ull b good
  8. JackBauer

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    A little proper punctuation and capitalization and proper spelling would make your post easier to read. Dilution is not the only way to pass a drug screen if you are observed. Quitting drugs would be another way to pass. I know you understand that you are taking instant tests that do not do validity testing but there are some probation offices that are starting to use validity tests even with the instant drug tests. I don't know which dilution method you are using but not the one here. No where in the original dilution formula does it say drink a gallon of water. The goal is not to produce pure water in the urine. Doesn't seem like you care about going to jail or not, just that you want to keep smoking. You made mistakes with the amount of fluid, type of fluid, and the vitamins and supplements used. For anyone else who reads this post I hope they read the dilution methods by S2 and IAMN2POT because their methods are much better. What worked for VAhustler might not work for them or their type of probation drug screen.
  9. VAsHustla

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    thats why i explained my situation asshole....and i did pretty much did what N2pot said to do...fuck it i passed

    [Admin Note: Please don't flame members.]
  10. JackBauer

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    No where in N2's method does it say drink a gallon of water for starters. Based on your previous posts, I'm not surprised that you would cuss at me either. No need for you to call me names just because I pointed out some flaws in your technique. Read the posting guidelines.
  11. 1tokeovertheline

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    Oh my goodness. I think you are going to get spanked by the mods/admin. It is against the law to call someone an asshole on this site.
    See ya in the TANK.

    Welcome back Jack. Isn't it nice to be back? :laugh:
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    This thread makes my head hurt its so full of bad information from uninformed people. For the record anyone else reading this please for the love of your spiritual being read the sticky on dilution and substitution, and don't believe anything you read unless the person has a reputation (not those little green bars, credibility you've looked up yourself on other posts).

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