first grow and having a lil bit of a problem plz help .....!

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by ganjasmoker706, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. ganjasmoker706

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    I have a auto flower white drawf , afgan kush ryder ,and just some random home grown dank seed . but the tips seem to be yellowing and just turning a lighter shade of green and dont know wat its from. no fertlizer added to it. the soil i used is jungle growth pro mix. my lights are 4 23 watt cfl two 2700k and 6500k lights . any help would be great thx for your time 429.JPG 433.JPG 428.JPG
  2. Mike005

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    Geez, with these being so young and yellowing now is odd. Are you "loving" them to death by over watering? How warm is the place they are in? I'd let the soil dry out some first. Then add a few drops of your favorite nutrient to some water and see what happens. These should be muscular and reaching for the lights.
  3. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    your pro-mix is mostly likely 75% peat moss, 5% perlite, and 20% random pieces of wood/tree bits.
    take a picture of the nutrient label on the back of the bag if you can. I can probably help you a lot more then.

    most soil bags labeled "pro-mix" are loose "soiless" mixes with very low nutrient levels. They are not bad, but they are not the same growing technique as the nutrient fortified soils.
  4. ganjasmoker706

    ganjasmoker706 New Member

    hey man thx for the help and here that pic u ask about . 002.JPG
  5. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    yeah seems like it would have enough nutes for a seedling, they usually don't need much.
    you might be overwatering, thats very plausible. this is happening to all the seedlings?
    you can try doing some fertilizing but go VERY easy, mike had good advice.
  6. BobBitchen

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    Id exhale, breath, exhale, breath, oh sorry.. relax, come back in two days, and calmly check her out. Then enjoy instead of stressin, fun to watch em grow, but if you stress, they stress.
    At least this is what my private talks with the plant god's have taught me......

    good luck my friend...........

    The opinions above are based on personal experience and hearsay, and
    almost no basis in fact.

  7. BobBitchen

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    yer in soil or soilless, be mindful of overwatering...
  8. Bud Is good

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    Ahh the infamous"cheapest potting soil I could find"..ROFL...Dude you need to add some perlite to that shit.I don't even put my house plants in straight cheap dirt like that..My house plants I mix that cheap dirt, miracle grow soil, and perlite.Treat your babies better than I treat my house plants..LOL
  9. Weirdbeard

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    How far from the light are they? Growing under CFL's you need to keep the tops around 4 to 6 inches from the lights to keep them from stretching and stressing themselves out. You might also want to switch out the 2, 2700K lights for 2 more 6500K lights while they are growing because they are more of a veg light. Switch to the warmer 2700K lights when you go to flowering.
  10. WhiteRooster

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    feed the baby's they're hungry

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