First hookah!

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by Frid, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Frid

    Frid New Member

    I just got my first hookah woohoo!


    The bong is bubb rubb hes my boi

    i need to name my hookah and suggestion's
  2. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    Hah idk! First name that came to mind was the Green Lantern, but that might be too cliche. Ha that first picture is a pretty good definition of a mans room. But the hookah looks pretty good! Enjoy smoking it!! It's a very chill piece to use, just sit back and blow smoke rings :) Or smoke bubbles, those are TOO fun ha.
  3. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Sr. Member

    sweet lookin hookah and bong:bong2:

    clean yer room stoner...
  4. allenlovesgreen

    allenlovesgreen Subscriber

    Nice! Me likey! :D

    We shouldn't be the ones who tell you how to name it though. My best suggestion is toke with it, think about a good name that you like and it's suitable for your Hookah and Viola!

    Although I like "Green Lantern" a whole lot. Nice job Dudeimanoldfart! :laugh:

    Good luck on your name search.
  5. BakedSilverado

    BakedSilverado New Member

    Sweet hookah, and beautiful water pipe, and im sorry you own a ps3
  6. dt5014

    dt5014 New Member

    Haha sweet hookah man, now that's how you roll!
  7. Seejay

    Seejay New Member

    Ps3 :( but nice bong and toke up a good nick well will cone around
  8. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    hah dude thats sweet!! how much was it??
  9. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

  10. Frid

    Frid New Member

    everlong whats up! it was only like 50 bucks but i got a better hose for it alot of charcol and some sisha
  11. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    Yo Frid hah i want a hookah, even to smoke Shisha out of would be sick just get mad good at blowing smoke rings and doing tricks and all that.

    Ctwalrus, why isn't that a good Hookah to smoke weed out of? I don't know too much about Hookahs but it seems like a smoking device is a smoking device.
  12. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    its what they are made out of
    classic hookahs like that have fabric hoses and pot smoke will clog them
    also they use metal for tubes (usually copper or brass) which is not good for the pot smoke at all
    also the bowl for a hookah is shaped specifically for a coal and have you ever burned pot with a coal?
    also the bowl holes will suck A LOT of pot through

    also once you smoke pot out of it not only will the pot taste funny but anything else you try to smoke out of it will as well

    thats why you just get a glass hookah with surgical tube hoses and a regular bowl meant for a lighter
    like that
  13. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    however i like hookahs and will regularly burn a bowl of shisha which tastes nothing like regular tobacco and you can get it in all different flavors
  14. Frid

    Frid New Member

    hey i smoke sisha and weed and trust me bro its fine. works like a charm so far the name i think im going for willie.
  15. Everlong2019

    Everlong2019 Sr. Member

    Willy Wonka and the Sour Apple Smokes!!! cuz its green, get it?!
  16. zEnVy

    zEnVy New Member

    I saw some people get high off a hookah like that with this setup: coal on top of tin foil with holes in the tin foil, a bunch of pot under the foil in the bowl on top of a screen. Like vaporizing i suppose.

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