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    So a few weeks ago me and my friend were caught with about 2 grams in a car. He had some weed ground up on rolling paper when the cop flashed his light in our window. They searched the car, found a water bottle/makeshift bong and were pretty cool about the whole situation and when they gave us the tickets they said the fine would be 100$ and we probably wouldn't even have to pay it, that the judge may just give us a 6 month probational period where we just have to not get in trouble and it would be off our records. Our court date is may 23rd. Now for my question, would we by any chance have to take a drug test at the court date or any time afterwards? Some clarification on how the legal situation with the ticket may turn out would be appreciated as well. I'm 20 and I live in New York if that matters.
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    A probationary thing because of getting caught with weed.Yes you may be tested every month indeed..I would just pay the fine, yes it still technically goes on your record, but as a ticket and not a charge.I would rather pay 100$ for a ticket rather than 6 months of probation..

    In new york, don't they have better stuff to do then busting two young guys for a 100$ fine..But next time young padowon, don't park at a place like that..Go somewhere, so not to run into a cop next time..
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