First post: homemade single perc gatorade bong

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by gatorfade, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. gatorfade

    gatorfade New Member

    Hey everyone,
    Long time reader so I decided to join.
    This bong is my second attempt at a homemade piece. My first was a bubbler out of a mason jar so I figured I'd dive in head first to making a 6 stem percolated bong. It hits pretty sweet.

    2 G2 bottles
    6 bendy straws
    Hot glue
    Drill bit the same size at the straws for the percolator cap (for my straws it was 3/16")
    Downstem and bowl (I used a socket and a pen casing which i turned into a diffuser by poking holes in the bottom) - if anyone has a better idea for a downstem and bowl please post. the plastic pen melted at the top and the hot glue i used to attach the downstem and bowl together melted (duh on my part) what's your downstem assembly like?

    How I made it:
    I took 1 on the bottles and cut the circle out from the bottom - big enough so that I could fit the percolator assembly in there. This will be the perc chamber. With the second bottle I took the cap and drilled 6 evenly spaced holes big enough for the straws to fit in snugly. Then I cut each straw to size and hot glued each one into the holes making sure to make it airtight. then I screwed the cap back on the second bottle and placed the first bottle on top and glued that b*tch together. Finally I made the hole for the downstem and tested it out. I took it to a party the next day just because I didnt want to smoke from my usual piece and it hit amazing. I made a mini version using the G2 8 oz bottles and I have yet to try it. It's way more portable and I used the same procedure to make it. The cool thing is you can always add another perc chamber very easily to the top, just make another perc cap and throw another cut out bottle over top. Here's some pics:

    Happy toking :bong2:
  2. ecrets

    ecrets New Member

    I would show yall my hamemade single perc but I can't with my phone, but I used I small maglight and took all the parts out and its perfect.
  3. TokeArtist

    TokeArtist New Member

    Nice. I actually made the exact same set-up except with 3 chambers made from 3 smart water bottles. If you search "three stage rocket" you can find it.
  4. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    If you can, I would strongly suggest buying a real bowl and downstem. There is no need to be inhaling fumes from plastic.
  5. Wilberforce

    Wilberforce New Member

    i have the perfect solution for a better downstem! ive used this many times and they and the best! Go to 7-11 and buy some of those aluminum slurpee straws! i built the perfect little mini hookah out of a sobe bottle with one of those. If you want a pic of it tell me and i will post it.
  6. gatorfade

    gatorfade New Member

    How did you attach the slurpee straw to the bowl? In my case I'm using a brass socket. Is there some sort of glue that you can use to attach the pieces to each other that won't release dangerous fumes when heated? Any sort of homemade bowl & downstem ideas would be appreciated. Maybe anything involving the steel tube zebra pencils seeing as I have 2 of them
  7. PsychoactiveCat

    PsychoactiveCat New Member

    did you have any trouble clearing out the bottom chamber? i ended up making something that is just like this yesterday with the smaller bottles but i couldn't get the bottom chamber to clear.
  8. Dank723

    Dank723 New Member

    Thats gross man, why would you want to smoke out of plastic?
  9. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    hey that's actually pretty cool! Good Job!

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