First time smoking a joint...

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Arther443, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Arther443

    Arther443 New Member

    I, the other day, smoked a joint for the first time. I rolled it myself (and only half of it was salvageable:laugh:) and that half-joint got me more high than anything I've ever smoked. I then decided to roll another (and smoked the whole thing:shrug:) and I couldn't believe it. I plan to smoke only joints from this point forth.
  2. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Congrats on the joint bro! It really is something else knowing that you created what you are smoking. Curious though, what was your smoking method before?
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  3. Sam Blake

    Sam Blake New Member

    Yeah joints are the best what papers do you use?
  4. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Not sure if that's to me but I usually use Rizla Blues. Other than that it's all blunts.
  5. Arther443

    Arther443 New Member

    corncob pipe, but it started tasting horrible
    I used one of my dad's Zig-Zags

    P.S. I plan to get ahold of a blunt as soon as i can
  6. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    Hahahhaha corncob pipe, classic. Also joints are one of my favorite ways to smoke, but you should try a fat bong bro. Lets say you put a gram in a j, if you put that into a bong bowl..... ooo weee
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