First time smoking pot?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by askingdomi, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. askingdomi

    askingdomi New Member

    Hi. :)
    I've never smoked and I'm gonna try this Saturday with my boyfriend.
    We're using a pipe, not a blunt. I just need a few tips and heads up? I'm not sure what to expect. I heard that you don't really get high the first time you smoke but yeahhh idk. So, what do I expect?
    Thanks, :mj2:
  2. mdoto

    mdoto New Member

    I know people who didn't get high their first five times smoking and the sixth did the deed. My only suggestion for your first time is take it slow. A few puffs can go a long way, no need to chief it. If you take say three hits and wait like twenty minutes with no change in feeling, try taking another hit.
    I personally only need one or two hits from my pipe to feel a nice buzz.
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  3. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    Hey, Welcome to the forum!

    Most people wont get high there first time smoking, but some do. Me personally i didint get high until my 3ed or 4th time, but when i did i took one hit from a bong and i got stoned out of my mind, i could barley walk. I was stumbling over my feet like i was drunk and had to have my stoner friends escort me home. Then i passed out on my bed. But after that i got a normal relaxing high, and have never gotten as high as that ever.

    I dont think you should worry about that though, because i think i only got that high because i was really skinny (110lb, 5, 7') and i was pretty young too (13). Most people get a relaxing high there first time stoned. And like the person above me said, just take it slow, take a hit, wait like 5 minutes and take another one if you dont feel anything. Dont worry you will defiantly be able to tell when your high :blazed:.
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  4. codyf

    codyf New Member

    hmm....interesting. I must say the first time i ever smoked pot was by far my best time. I did get high- very high, probably the highest I've ever been. It was a combination of not knowing entirely what to expect, and the strength of the high from being a new smoker. I took maybe 3 hits from a joint, or so, my first time smoking anything. And immediately after my heart started racing, and I felt really dizzy and light headed, as if I were going to have a heart attack, which caused me to panic. Fortunately, this only lasted about 10 minutes, and then I relaxed a lot and started laughing and eating and I had the best time ever. :) should go great. just don't get too nervous, and remember that you have nothing to worry about. :)

    Actually I have a pretty great memory of looking at the clock and thinking "am i high yet?" and then all of a sudden it's like this wave of butterflies hit me or something, and I knew....i was baked. :)
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  5. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    All of that also happened to me lol. I felt like i was going to have a heart attack and was panicking, which was probably why i wanted to go home... All of it hit me at the same time too, one second i felt fine, then i was panicking. The stoner friends i were with are sketchy as hell too, so i think that made me panic a more than i should have. But since you are going to smoke with your boyfriend i think you should be pretty relaxed. :D
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  6. Blunt Wraps

    Blunt Wraps New Member

    Here's my tip, rip the fucking shit out of it and get highhh as fuck. Enjoy :D

    EDIT: Oh and remember this if you start to freak out, NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM CANNABIS USE.
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  7. mariguana

    mariguana New Member

    just smoke a few bowls with him it'll be all good.
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  8. CivilMinded

    CivilMinded New Member

    I got some sort of high, but it wasn't anything like the highs that I get now. I laughed at everything! and didn't realize it til the next morning, but ate a whole pizza to myself. Now its all pretty chill and I have a lot more self control.
  9. askingdomi

    askingdomi New Member

    Thanks guys so much I'm not really worried anymore, just besides the part about panicking cuz I have really bad panic attacks o__O
  10. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    Relax and smoke some bowls.
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  11. Dank723

    Dank723 New Member

    Id expect to have a good time. Your either going to get really high or not at all
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  12. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    nah, fuken chong it on the pipe yo'!That's the only way you're gonna get HIGHER!! hehehehe!!!!
  13. codyf

    codyf New Member

    So, how did it go? =)
  14. greenfish13

    greenfish13 Active Member

    dude just staaaarrrtttt tokin dem buds and trees create little mini forest fires that get you BAKED!!!! Just keep the forests burning in your pipe until life feels unusually ggoooddd
  15. AnotherHighGuy

    AnotherHighGuy New Member

    I remember my first time. It was the evening of January 15, 2010

    April and I were emailling, and she invited me over. So, she broke out some kush, her grinder, and a vaporizer that you plugged in. Then she handed it over to me, and I took some gentle inhales, but nothing. So I decided to inhale more and it was so great feeling that I took another and another and another.

    It felt like gentle prods from a sharp stick, but no pain, from the top of my head to my thighs. So, I kept on going, and finally it went all the way down to my toes, and out my fingers.

    It felt like I was in outer space, and not revolving around anything.

    Anyway, April's friend, Sophie, took a look at me, because I was in a lazy boy, and my eyes were closed, and Sophie said, "He's stoned". I smiled and then asked April how much I smoked. She said the equivalent of a small joint.

    Since then, life has a wonderful tinge of green.

    Thanks April!
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  16. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    Okay you need to relax. You will get really shaky cause you are nervous. When its your turn, Let him light it and take a big hit and keep inhaling real deep. Try keeping it in as long as you can. Then wait a couple of mins. Then take another hit. You will know when you are high trust me. Its like a movie.
  17. Мишка

    Мишка New Member

    My first time was pretty unique, at least, for me.

    I'm sixteen years old, live in The Netherlands, and well, I'm still sixteen years old, this was like a half year ago I think, before smoking weed I was very against it too.

    A good friend of mine had some Amnesia and decided to roll a few joints, this being my first time he told me I probably wouldn't get high but I didn't really care, we go to a spot where we can sit and smoke them (I think I pretty much didn't do good inhaling and all other shit because it was my first time and holding it down was hard), I just felt a little buzz, I saw the lights of cars getting brighter and them moving weirder, at least, not as they should, and moving my head around was also pretty strange, everything was slowed down, but this was nothing, I didn't feel light or anything, I could talk, walk and think normally while my friends were laughing about some stupid shit that I didn't get, thirty minutes pass and we are walking to a open store to buy some food and drinks, after around forty minutes I decided I'd really like to get as high as them and tell my friend to get the next joint, and this time I do it better, hold it longer, and cough a lot, which makes you higher then fuck, now all of a sudden I feel my body just becoming heavier and heavier by the second and I decide to sit down, I just look around and see all kinds of shadows that don't make sense, I have a hard time concentrating my eyes onto one point and this time everything slowed down, but not like before, just after me not responding to my friends they figured out I had too much and I realized that too I think, I don't remember everything else too well, but I wen't home alone because I had some shit to take care of, the entire walk (which was just 5 minutes to my house) seemed like a fucking 5 hour journey, people I walk past stare at me and I don't understand why, I'm sure I even started a few conversations on the street with a few people just for the fuck of it, once I got home I had a hard time unlocking the door, I wen't inside, got some food and a bottle of water and just ate the food and brought the water to my room, I wen't into my bed, put the water on the ground and wasn't able to lift it up anymore because of my arms feeling so heavy, I put on some music and just had the weirdest fucking dreams I could of have ever in my life, I saw some random objects flashing in my mind, but they were over-sized, like a shoe for example that was as big as a building or something, very weird experience, but nothing I didn't like.

    And just got the same type of high yesterday, seems like I only get these once in a month or something.
  18. elianam

    elianam New Member

    My first time I sat and laughed for 45 minutes straight. I could not stop myself from laughing. I was just so happy. I was also chewing a piece of gum and felt as though the flavoring of the gum was coating my teeth and I felt like I had two tongues. It was definitely a new experience. I did enjoy it so I'm hoping you had a pleasant first experience!

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