First time using someone else's pee. :/ (help me out here)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Kris, Feb 16, 2011.

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    So..I've never had to fake pass a drug test before, and seeing how this will be my fist time I need some guidance from someone who is, hopefully, pretty used to doing so. Now I've read that concealing the sample in crotch-area is one of the most common ways, but seeing how I don't have balls I need another solution:

    I'm female, 5'0'', 116 lbs, I figure metabolism and all that other crap doesn't matter since it isn't actually my piss we're talking about here. The point is that if I hide the specimen in "crotch area" it will obviously be detected and I really don't want a vag-bulge...also I'm definitely not hiding someone else's piss in my vag for that matter, ha. Um...I've read about hiding it in your bra...but that seems like it would be noticeable, too. Any help?? Also I understand that 'pre-employment' drug tests aren't supervised, but I've already been hired--the drug test just hasn't happened yet for some reason. Anywho does anyone know if that will make a difference? Thanks!
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    Put the pee/synth urine in a condom wrapped in a Tylenol heating pad (goes to 100deg max).

    The condoms are surprisingly durable and you can squish them flat easily and hiding it unnoticed in many places would be easy. The heating pad will put the temp to 100max no matter where you stash.

    If you wore a dress, you could easily conceal the condom in a pair of snug fitting undies/bike shorts/swim suit bottom under the dress, basicly anything that will hold it against your body. The condom rubber on skin holds the condom in place very well believe it or not. If you dont wear dresses (like my wife), you would still be able to conceal in your underwear with pants.

    Im a skinny guy and wore non pleated fitted dress slacks with my shirt tucked in and other then my own bulge, the condom was not even noticible.

    Practice a few times with the condom full of water to see where it fits for you best, and then leave it there and try walking around and so on. You will find it squeazes easily and can be flatten/hidden in your bra or elsewhere with no problems.

    You could just put it in your sock against your leg, they dont check your socks or ask you to pull up your pants legs at the labs.

    Hope that helps,

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    Sub. Urine

    I need to take a drop on Tuesday, getting sub, pee on the same day, 1/2 an hour before test should be okay? Any corrections?

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