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    Im new to this website and new to smoking all together so sorry if this isnt the right place to post this type of question. Anyway, im going to smoke for my first time this weekend and im not sure to expect. My friend is getting this stuff which he said was called arizona mids or just zona. Not exactly sure what it is or if its any good but i wanted to know how long I will stay high or if i even will get high and how hard it will be to control myself. We are planning on doing it when my parents go to bed, either outside or in the bathroom with a air vent that circulates the air from inside the bathroom to outside. Which place do you think is better? Im also a little worried about my mom wakign up in the middle of the night while we are high and I dont know if she will be able to tell or if i can cover it up easily.

    Any tips or advice is welcomed, thankyou.
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    Bring water. You will get the worst pasties of your life.

    You should be able to control yourself. You might space out but it's all good.
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    Try not to expect anything. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself. Realize that cannabis is a psychoactive substance and you will notice big differences from sober-reality. These are not bad things, they are just different. Accept it and enjoy it (won't be difficult.) Just relax. Find somewhere safe to smoke.

    You are new to smoking, so mids(which is a general term for middle-grade cannabis) will still get you high. It will last probably around an hour and a half. Maybe two. Controlling yourself is fairly easy. Just don't overdo it. A lot of people who are new to smoking do not understand what it feels like to be high, and are confused about the whole experience. Some don't feel high the first time, some people get high as fuck.

    Don't get scared. If your going to do this, go all out. If you feel all paranoid and shitty pre-smoking, you may have some unpleasant emotions and feelings due to this. You'll end up spazzing yourself out. If at any point you feel like your uncomfortable, just take some deep breaths, and reassure yourself that you will be 100 percent okay, and that any feeling you have now is temporary and a creation of your own mind. With this mindset, you will conquer your first smoking experience.

    Since you are new, and are afraid of your parents finding out, you will need to be quick. If you use your room, turn on a fan, and open the window, put the fan on the window, blowing outward. When you take a hit, blow it directly through the fan or out of the window directly. Do not let your pipes sit there and burn. Take your hits as fast as you comfortably can. Do not worry about a burning feeling in the throat. I remember my first time, I felt like my throat was ripped apart by steel wool...But that feeling is just a feeling and it was gone in like 20 minutes. So don't worry. Thats they key, don't worry be happy.

    Your friend should already understand what proper inhaling technique is, so have him run you through. Smoke a couple bowls with him (or her) using the above stealth technique. Try to finish within 5-10 minutes. Keep a glass of water near by so after you take a harsh-hit, you can recover quite easily.

    Key is to RELAX RELAX RELAX. Do not freak out. If you do not freak out, you will remain in control. Control of yourself when high is self-controlled. You can get to a point in highness where it may seem extremely difficult. If its hard for you to maintain control, take some deep breaths, and remind yourself that you just consumed a psychoactive substance with far-reaching effects. You will not understand them or be able to control them at first, because you don't know what they are. Nobody who hasn't tried cannabis can explain what the high is like.

    As long as you are quick and you are responsible about the disposal of smell, you shouldn't have to worry about your mom. Make the time where the pipe is in your hand very short in the high experience. Smoke fast, hide your shit, and make sure the smell has dispelled. Do not make noise while doing this, so you can hear anything approaching your door. But, you have to have enough noise in the room to cover up lighter-noises and potential coughs. I have the tv on with the volume up just a tiny bit.

    You will probably not feel anything right after smoking, especially if you do it very fast, as the active ingredients take a while to kick in. After you speed-smoke, sit down in your chair, pop in some music or a movie, and just relax. Accept all feelings and emotions and normal, and anything you can't understand as a simple confusion of your perception. This can be a big experience for you.

    Some people do not feel high from smoking the first time, but I think this can be attributed to fear, discomfort, anxiety, and overall stress from trying something new. This is why it is crucial to assure yourself that cannabis is safe and alters your perception.

    The first time I smoked out one of my friends, he was on the verge of freaking out. The experience was so different that he believed something was medically wrong with him. He was like "dude my legs feel weird, I think i'm having a reaction, I think i might have to go to the hospital." I replied "Dude, you just inhaled a psychoactive drug, the point is to feel different, your freaking out over nothing." He kept on fussing a little bit, so I added "Yes of course your the only person in the world who is having a detrimental allergic reaction to cannabis that is specifically tailored to fuck your life up, sorry" I got him to calm down, and in 10 minutes, he was blazed as fuck. The euphoria was so evident, I could tell that everything was going a-okay in his mind lol. After, we laughed our asses off about his little episode. Hes a paranoid person, and doesn't like to try new things very much. The initial feeling is what bothered him. Your face will feel flushed with blood, and your legs will adopt this feeling of a calm numbness, and throughout your entire body, sensory input and output is increased by a thousand percent, and it combines with the psychoactive response that alters perception. This is literally one of the best feelings in the world. When you are high as fuck, you will know. It will just not be instant. That kinda fucks with people too. They think they aren't going to get high, and they decide that they won't and believe that it doesn't work and that they won't become "high." Then, when the effects start to kick in after a couple minutes, they try and fight it. Fighting it is the worst thing you can do.

    So yeah, kickback and enjoy the show brah.
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    Have fun! I remember my first time, felt nothing. 2nd time and onwards I felt high, odd isn't it. My advice to you is, pace yourself, you don't have to do huge hits. I am saying this because once I did 4-5 hard hits on a bowl and around an hour and a half later a couple more hits, I felt so tired and I couldn't even walk straight. Got horrible migraine the next day. Also bring drinks, pop, water, whatever you like because your mouth is going to get dry. Maybe watch some stoner movies afterwards?

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