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Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Noxz, May 10, 2011.

  1. Noxz

    Noxz New Member

    I'm a first time weed smoker; Is something like Purple Haze or Medical Kush good for my first time? What is the highs like for these? & How long will these keep you high for? Thanks
  2. Ryan 4891

    Ryan 4891 New Member

    if u smoke dro ur first time ur gonna be high prob. all day. (assuming u get high ur first time)
  3. CouchPotato

    CouchPotato Cotch Supreme

    A lot of people don't get high the first time few times they smoke. As for being stoned all day? I stayed high for a much longer time than I do now, but I've never been high all day unless I've had a constant supply of top ups, even when I was new to smoking. I think my first high lasted maybe 4 - 5 hours?
  4. Zero2Sixty

    Zero2Sixty New Member

    I wouldn't have anything important planned for the rest of the day. ;)

    You're either not going to feel anything, or get really, really ripped. Make sure you have someone with you who knows what they're doing so you can ensure you are inhaling correctly.

    Are you sure these are the actual strains? A lot of dealers will say that inferior weed is a certain strain so they can charge more; this happens more frequently with new smokers.
  5. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    be careful ,,the "high" for "you" can vary in so many ways,, space out your hits,,,, just in case its creeper .... and have someone to spend the time with,,, good luck to ya...

    you MIGHT laugh, be paranoid, be tingly all over, many kinds of high....
  6. Abigail16

    Abigail16 New Member

    I wouldn't smoke good kinds like that your first time, especially if you are paying. Those tend to be more expensive, and more than likely you will not get high your first time.

    Once you get high once, your next time get medical kush if it's available. I smoked that once and I was blazed for 6 hours, just in my own world. I was sooooo relaxed, definitely a lazy high though, I don't think I moved out of one spot for like 5 of those hours. Amazing though, hard to describe lol.
  7. Noxz

    Noxz New Member

    Does sleep help? I plan at staying at a friends and smoking it around 12am, I need to be home by around 12 the next day so would I be good? Will my eyes be blood shot after 12 hours or so? Also, Does sleep make a high wear off faster; Like could you fall asleep high and then wakeup high?
  8. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    Get some mids. It's still good bud. About 3/4 the price depending what you get and where you are.
  9. Res

    Res New Member

    You'll be fine. It sounds like you're gonna be in a good and safe environment and your eyes will definitely be better after 12 hours. The first time I got high, my eyes were only red for maybe 2 hours or so and they were so goddamn red I couldn't believe it. Good luck and have a great time.
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  10. Noxz

    Noxz New Member

    Alright thanks for this info man, This is what I was looking for, I'm just a bit sketched because I'm pretty young and worried about getting caught but I feel like I'll be fine now.
  11. Drew420

    Drew420 New Member

    Define pretty young.
  12. Res

    Res New Member

    No problem man. Just let the good vibes flow. Be sure to tell us how it went.
  13. Noobie014

    Noobie014 New Member

    i started with dro and it was great. i was so nervous so i only took a tiny hit and i was like "this isnt for me".. i didnt realize the wind was blowing my friends smoke in my face after every hit. i was pretty high off of other peoples smoke; sad, but its what i needed. i smoke a lot now, love it. just dont take too many hits. purple haze and medical kush, it shouldnt take too much to get you pretty high. unless your one of the first timers who feel nothing. either way, good luck!
  14. ughnessmaster

    ughnessmaster New Member

    It was not good. Thats all I can say. I had to go in public and I felt sick. I had to walk into 7-11 with a group of friends and it was super scary.
  15. Jack.Geee

    Jack.Geee New Member

    About your eyes being red, You should be able to feel them. If they feel kinda stingy they are gonna be red, If you can source some "clear eyes" Get it.

    smoke your weed and when your finished put around 2 drops into each eye. Problem solved.

    Personaly I dont det red eye my eyes go a cream colour and gloss over.

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