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    Hello lads. I've started my growth 3 weeks ago after reading this forum for quite a while, and noticed some really helpful tips on all sorts of matters, hope that would be the case with me as well. oh well, anyways - my setup is a closet grow "chamber", that's about 3x2.5x6 feet. I have a high pressure bulb in there, 250W, along with a cool tube, a decent air sucking gyzmo and a one way air flow hole to get some fresh air inside. the plants are currently at a 18/6 cycle. temps are usually around the 80's, humidity is at 30-35 most of the time. I do not mist the plants yet. as i said, this is the third week, and as i decided to make it a test run to learn the basics i decided this would be a soil, organic grow. as of today, 3 weeks since the seed emereged from the soil the plants are all 2.5 - 3 inch tall, the have their second set of true leaves and when I look at some crazy photos of some other growers it looks like my crop is at it's 1st-2nd week compared, is it just me, or is that normal? moreover I've got some more serious questions.. I first started with 6 seedlings, one of which sprouted 2 days before the rest of the batch, and another who sprouted 2 days after the rest of the batch, needless to say - they are both dead. after the first sprouted have died, I transferred the last sprouted one into the same pot, using the same soil, while I also gave it the same solution of water+nutes as i did to the rest of the plants, at first it looked as if it was thriving, but then - a day or two later it started dieing. do you think it was something in the pot or was it the over nuting? and a bizzare question... I've had 2 really hot days, something like 89-92F a couple of days ago, ever since the leaves of some of the plants are kind of curled in a weird upwards direction in a wierd manner. I'm not too worried since I lowered it back down n' all and they are continuing to look green and evolve more fan leaves but the "old leaves" look pretty ugly and their entire circumference points up, is that something that should worry me? can i do something to heal it? or should I just let time be the cure? and another one, one of my plants (I'm down to 4 now) has had/still has a weird quality. it was my sharpest looking one at week 2 and ever since, when ever lights are on the entire plant's leaves go totally up, like a man lifting his hands to the air, at first it was kind of suttle, sometimes up, sometimes down, when i noticed it might have something to do with me changing the distance of the light - I brought the light closer for 2-3 days in a row, i put it like 4-5 inches from the plant's tops as i wanted them to get more light. whereas the rest of the plants seemed to like it - this particular one's leaves have seem to have twisted a bit and curl it's leaves in a form of a sack... could that be OK? I'm kinda worried about him/her and I really want to succed this first time. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    double posted
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    need to see a pic of u garden ? u temp is 80 f that the lemit in indoor garden and u humidity is at 30-35. ell try to keep u humidity 45 to 50 . let me see a pic of u garden
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    Mist the plants from the first five mins they are in the new pot, never let the leaves dry out. The roots cannot absorb enough water to replace evaporation, misting the leaves keeps the moisture in the plant, allowing the roots to grow to where they can keep up. Time consuming, I keep mine covered for a full month, misting them every time the cover is off for watering. 95% survival rate, I lose less than one in twenty.
    Ever notice a wet piece of paper drying out again? the edges curl up, same same as a leaf.
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    It's hard to be 100% clear here without a pic, but it definitely sounds like heat stress to me. That's what makes leaves stand straight up like that and also causes a taco shell -like leaf. Even though your overall temp of the growroom might be 80, under the light and up in the reflector can easily be 90 degree+. With your plants being so small they probably don't even need any nutes yet. I usually don't use nutes until after the cotys (first two round leaves) dry up and die. The heat is most likely also effecting your rate of growth. You really need to hook up your ventilation so you can bring in fresh air and take out the old air+ the heat. Search on passive air intakes.
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    your room is too hot. Also you should not add any fertilizer or nutrients when your plants are that small. you could have damaged the root systems and that could be stunting the plants. I have done that a few times as a beginner. What kind of soil are you using? depending on the soil that you are using, there might already be time released fertilizer in the soil. flush the pot with distilled water and Be patient. let your plants recover and post some pics
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    Soil and nutes???? Soil usually contains nutrition for 4-8 weeks depending on brand. So if you are using potting soil that has nutes and adding nutes to the water and temps of high 90's for extended peroids of time!!!!! Those poor bastards are cookin,

    A soilless mix usually has very little to no nutritional value and pretty close to ph neutral.

    Clarify that question and then your answers shall follow.

    Good luck though!
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    firstly, thank you all for the imidiate answers. the soil that I am using already has nutirients inside although I\'ve read a bounch of you guys\'s posts saying not to add furtilisiation untill 4 weeks at least. I am using two different types of nutrients. one of them is for NPK, the store vendor told me to use it from week one, it didn\'t show signs harming the plants thus far - oh contrary, and one other that I\'ve started using recently due to one plants signs of lack of Fe. what i decided to do, was to let everybody have some of the \"Fe potion\" as a pre-emptive act. the thing is that - the plant who lacked Iron is now looking great after adding him the new nutrient, not knowing what could be the meaning of this \"plague\" I researched the web and found this: I did a thorough research and found this: Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing tips & photos it seems like 3 of the four plants are having what is called Mg toxicity (it\'s on the bottom half, V shaped leaves). I checked the bottle of the new nutrient solution that I recently added to them, and it says it contains Mg. two days ago I watered the plants again and in the solution I\'ve had the new nutrient again. and now I\'m scarred :) I must say the plants are looking reletively better, i lifted the bulb a little, temps have been on 77ish, the leaves are unfolding back, on 2 of the 3 infected you can see a drastic improvement, on 1 of them not so much. I guess my question is, what can I do to treat them? should I stop giving them the new nutrient? when should I carry on nuting? anyways, I am going to switch the pots I\'m currently using to bigger pots sometime soon, perhaps 2 weeks from now, does that mean (since I\'m adding more soil) that I won\'t need to furtulise them at all now? should I clean the pots from all nutrients? thanks a lot in advance.
  9. groyoshit

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    I grow hydro so I am no expert in soil or hydro, but I was always told and have read that you shouldn't add nutes until the soil is depleted. I would run some fresh ph'd water through them then give them a day or two before adding anything. If you need extra nutes the plants will start to loose color from th bottom up but will look healthy for the most part. PH can play a role also, diferent ph leves means different nute uptake. Next go around try coco, since you are adding nutes anyways should be a difficult swap.
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    I got this from another member, I'm also a dirt bagger (soil grower) I just started my garden again, and am starting from seed, (white widow & afgooey) I germ them in a wet paper towel, then right into soil, I start with small clear plastic pudding cups (that way, I can see when the roots are abundant) then, I transplant (using more soil) into 1 gal. pots, I don't need to add any nutes at all during the veg. cycle, then when they are about ready to begin the flowering/budding cycle, I'll transplant one last time, and take them from the 1 gal. pots and transplant them (again with more fresh soil) into 5 gal. short containers, so again, theres no need for any "added" nutes.

    after the first 30 days of flowering/budding, I do offer my girls 1 feeding of fox farms: big bloom, at 1/4th the recomended strength per every gal. of water, then about 2 weeks before the harvest, I will flush out the pots with plain water, I use a 5 gal. sparklets water bottle for my 5 gal. containers, because at this point in time, the plant already has enough stored energy/nutes to complete its life cycle.

    once in awhile, a plant will tell me that its lacking in its nute uptake and needs a boost, the plant can tell you when it needs something, you the grower just needs to pay attention to what the plant is asking for,

    example: I need water = plant is wilting

    I need magnesium = fan leaf tips curl/turn brown/yellow, ect,ect,

    it is a weed, and will grow in a wide range of conditions, so as long as you, the grower pay attention to its needs, the plant will let you know when it needs something.

    Even a grower with experience, such as myself, can use a lil help, from his/her fellow growers. case in point: I just switched from using miricle grow, to now using fox farms ocean forest soil. I made a huge mistake by adding a nute booster (FF happy frog jump start) and burned my girls real bad, luckly for me, I got answers very fast and it looks like I was able to save them, they arn't out of the woods just yet, but after flushing the pots out with water, the new growth is starting to look real good and healthy.

    Good Luck,

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    i want a white widow,,,,, i got a perma frost ,,, but i still want a white widow!!
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    yes it is some sweet azz bud:D


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