Florida plant law?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by demonic, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    I'm a little confused...

    Is only growing 1 marijuana plant considered possession or is there no distinction between 1 plant and 10 plants? Someone told me 1-4 plants is considered possession only in Florida.
  2. hondadriver4life

    hondadriver4life New Member

  3. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    That doesn't specifically state anything regarding my question.
  4. MarijuanaGuy

    MarijuanaGuy New Member

    There are more marijuana plants growing in the Everglades than in your garden
  5. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    So my question still stands. If my house is raided and they find 1 plant, would I be arrested for cultivation or simply for possession?

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