For those of you who think Certo is a myth

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by -=Meric=-, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. -=Meric=-

    -=Meric=- New Member

    Ok, after I took my test and passed I was shredding the sheet from the Lab that had the test on it. I input the number SAP 5-50 W/NIT in google and did a search. Came up with this website and saw some posts from some people talking about Certo... that just really don't know the full facts or HOW to use it properly to pass. I would say off the top of my head I have passed probably a couple dozen or more tests using a Certo formula I have come up with. I have even gone as far as smoking on the way to the test using this method. All the ingredients cost about 5 bucks total. And for those non believers out there... my tests NEVER come back saying that my urine is is too diluted with water or ANYTHING else. Trick is .... throwing in some good nutrients on that last glass fluid (hint: MILK) you intake before you P in the cup... (hint: protein drinks work wonders). So... again... for those of you who say the "C" method is a myth (which I read quite a bit....) I say "whatever... you don't know what your talking about. I have been using this method for over 10 years now"
  2. roasinbluntz247

    roasinbluntz247 New Member

    you want to let us in on your $5 formula or is it a trade secret?
  3. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    You say that we don't know the full facts, but yet you didn't post any to support your claim.

    You say, 'throw in some good nutrients on that last glass fluid,' which means you're diluting your urine. This is what causes you to pass.

    People will take pill x, food x, drink x, etc., and then drink loads of fluids, and then credit the substance they consumed, when it was dilution that caused them to pass.

    Smoking on the way to your urine test doesn't mean a thing. It takes time for your body to metabolize THC and end up with the metabolites that the lab is testing for. A little info on that:

    The average times to detection of the first urine specimen positive for THCCOOH by EIA and GC-MS were 6 (+/-2; 1-16) and 4 h (+/-1; 2-8), respectively.

    Would you care to explain how exactly Certo fruit pectin alone causes you to pass a drug test?
  4. ceej7403

    ceej7403 New Member

    If I were to eat sand then drink a gallon of water and pass a urine test, it does not mean that eating sand made me pass the test, it was due to the water.
  5. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    like Cheebs stated, without some type of scientific evidence to back up your claim, your success is unique to one person; yourself.

  6. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Quite right Mel..
    There are many very open minds on this forum. If you could provide cogient data to back up your "method", we would be more than happy to entertain and continue research on said method. I know I'm not alone when I say I would certainly try your "method", numerous times, and post the results here.
    If it works that well, and would truly be "our hero", we would all praise you and continue through life with big happy technicolor smiles and a righteous buzz without all the duress we feel with an impending urine test lurking in our near future.

    PLEASE ADVISE :poke:

    We await your sure fire method...

  7. Shmapty333

    Shmapty333 New Member

    It does work

    I am a user of certo for urin tests. What the juice does is coat the inside of your bladder and other things which cause what ever you drink after taking certo to just come right out of you. You buy the packets in the juice ile and first you stop eating at midnight the day of your test. Use one packet in a full glass of ice water starting about 2 hours be for your test (maybe more it is not easy to drink if you arn't used to it), then when done with that glass you drink about a 12oz of water, then do another glass of certo (I never added any milk or anything), and by the time your done with that you will be pissing like a race horse. Just drink some more water and your piss is clean for like 3 hours after that. It works I used it and passed. Enjoy.

  8. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    Its the water not the Certo.
  9. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    These statements are incorrect; certo does not coat your bladder, it does not cause things to just "go through you" and certo does not cause you to pass a test.

    You stated you were pissing like a race horse; this is why you pass, the dilution factor; not the certo ;)
  10. Shmapty333

    Shmapty333 New Member


    ok... well I really don't think drinking water for less than 24 hrs would have cleaned my system so fast. I was told it coated my kidneys or something, and after I took in the certo then I started pissing like crazy. Even though I was drinking a lot of water only after taking the certo I started pissing like crazy. So, it worked for me and I don't think water did it in less than a 24 hour period. What I suggest is a case study, buy a home piss test (maybe a couple) from wal-greens and smoke a lot of weed run a a test and watch you fail, drink a lot of water see if you pass (this done in a 24 hr period), and then smoke more then drink water and take certo see results. Just an idea it would be interesting to see.

  11. landragon

    landragon New Member

    ok . from what i understand here noone seems to know the effects of certo on thc metabolites in the blood stream. i say blood stream because it works for blood tests not only urine. certo or any commercially available fruit pectin concentrate binds the thc to your fat cells where they are stored. once ingested it stops the release of thc and it's metab's into the blood stream where they would normally be filtered out and excreted in your urine. hence the 2-3 hour wait before clean urine. if you kept it all in untill the test it would not be clean. urinating 2-3 times prior to test will cycle through to the clean urine.the clean urine effect can last 3-6 hours depending on your individual metabolism rate. all the replies to the effect of " it's the water" are nonsensical . water can not dilute your urine to the extent neccessary to pass a urinalysis if only drinking it for a couple hours. if the urine were truly that dilute, any testing lab worth it's salt would fail the testee on dilution/ possible tampering grounds. i can not provide you with cogient data as any data i gave would possibly identify the source of my information and could result in his/her termination of employment. so if you want to run the tests you will see it is not the water and it that it does work. if not then you are only doing yourself a disservice. i KNOW it works from first , second, third etc... experience. so, contrary to melanotaenia's statement of the success being unique to one person, the success of certo in passing thc rerlated drug tests are shared by anyone who follows the descibed method. in my experience (unique to myself i am sure :) ) one packet in quart of gatorade, drank no less than 2(preferably 3) hours prior to testing, followed by 16 - 32 oz water or juice and at least 2 urinations will result in clean urine. daily vitamin intake will improve the color and nutrient content of the tested urine (not sure about milk). if you have a high fat content then two packets may be neccessary to bind all stored thc. as far as blood tests go i can only speak of what i was informed. since thc metab's are released into blood first filtered out into urine second, the clean blood happens and ends sooner. since i did not provide any evidence to back up my claims, i blame you not if you don't believe me, only if you don't test it for yourself. i do not mean to inflame or incense anyone, just to provide an alternative viewpoint to possibly further any research any of you may be able to conduct. hope i at least made one person think.
  12. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Well....I find that interesting to say the least. I have to say, you sound intelligent, and, although you really DIDN'T provide any cogient information regarding PROOF of this anomaly, I for one appreciate your input on this matter, and, can assure everyone, I'm looking into this extensively. I WILL research it, I WILL test it first hand with a stantard 50ng cut off assay test. And, I will post what I find here. But, I fail to see how a fruit pectan can prevent any toxin, let alone, THC metabolites to be released from lipid tissue. But, perhaps I'm not looking in the right places for this information. I would help us all if you could disclose your source of said info.
    Thanks for you input though.
  13. pectinguy

    pectinguy New Member

    The high carb content of the pectin is what does it. pectin burns a little bit slower than sugar, but still causes a serious insulin spike causing an anabolic responce preventing the body from being in a catabolic state. In a nutshell, prevent fat burning by giving the body something else which it prefers to burn - easily digestible carbs - fruit pectin. Stopping the metabolization of fat temporarily stops the release of everything stored in that fat into the blood stream.

    There's no binding going on - instead, unbinding is being prevented.
  14. lsd420

    lsd420 New Member

    So it's the high-Glycemic factor in the pectin that does it???
  15. pectinguy

    pectinguy New Member

    To an extent, yes. It's my understanding that there's a sweet spot being sought by carbo drink manufacturers that pectin lends itself to. It's highly glycemic, but it's also "fibrous" enough to have some hang time...i.e. a somewhat predictable metabolic window.

    This is why the directions on some carbo drinks specifically tell you not to consume anything sugary around test time. That throws a monkey wrench into their attempts to manipulate your metabolism in the most predictable manner possible. That's also why fatter people have to take multiple carbo drinks, or more certo.
  16. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Just remember when taking advice on this forum, or any other, look to the number of posts a member has. That is a direct link to the credibility of the information being posted.
  17. ShakingHand

    ShakingHand New Member

    Yeah! I was going to input, but after Sec3's remark....Who would believe anything I say?
  18. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I didn't mean to imply that no one should post. We all started out with the first post.
    What you should do, however; is verify information that goes against what has been posted here for a very long time.

    Pectin or "Certo" is a mild diuretic which can screw up attempts at dilution and cause you to be overly diluted. Not a good thing for most tests.

    It isn't that we don't want to hear from you and don't value what you have to say. Just don't believe everything you read on face value. Verify the information first.
  19. pectinguy

    pectinguy New Member

    google "fruit pectin" and "diuretic" and see what you come up with.

    If you google "fruit pectin" and "diuretic", you won't easily find those two terms in the same document.

    You'll find it listed as a soluble fiber - not something that makes you pee alot.

    Actually something that might make you go #2, however.

    I never advised anybody to use certo, however or fruit pectin.

    I do advise people of this: try a few different carbo drinks (if you can afford it). then try and drink down some liquid certo. You'll notice the similarity between some of those carb drinks and certo.

    Some of the carbo drinks are loaded with

    a certain amount of sugar, or syrup - fat burning stops
    fruit pectin - fibrous soluble carb to slow down the sugar burning and maybe bind some toxins to your turds
    b2 - for yellow pee to help avoid being flagged as dilute
    creatine - to be metabolized into creatinine to allegedly help avoid being flagged as dilute

    And to close with my googled reference:

    "and fruit pectin (the substance used to thicken jams and jellies). ... slows the rate of glucose digestion and consequent absorption in the bloodstream"

    Read it for yourself. You'll find more information about pectin being a fiber than you will about it being a diuretic.

    Just because popular consensus in these forums has been that fruit pectin is a diuretic doesn't necessarily make it so. And even if it is so, it doesn't mean that there isn't another mechanism of the fruit pectin that is being utilized by carb drink manufacturers - namely interfering with the body's metabolization of stored fat by using the pectin to regulate how fast glucose is digested and absorbed.
  20. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You rely on pectin all you want. I'll (or someone like me) probably see you when you come in for your next pre-employment test.

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