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Discussion in 'Books' started by TokinRugger, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. TokinRugger

    TokinRugger New Member

    Went into a buddies bathroom and ran across the newest issue of Forbes magazine. I read Forbes anyway, but this issue really caught my attention with a giant 7 finger marijuana leaf on the cover. Then inside is 12 page article regarding Canada's number one cashcrop. It goes into detail about the economical benefits of marijuana. It's a great article and definitely worth a look.
  2. Peeper_Willy

    Peeper_Willy New Member

    I live in Canada
  3. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Yeah I was watching CSPAN, and happened to catch this call-in regarding the new Forbes. It was definitely interesting, some guy from the MPP called in, enlightening all who heard. Then awhile later, John Walters was up and spitting out all his orchestrated mumbo, saying that legalizing weed for sick people was just an excuse to get high, these people need to admit they're wrong. Its not that hard for most, unless your entire life is a lie. :idea:
  4. footix

    footix New Member

    I remember in my inductory business class my professor made us read some articles out of those ridiculous magazines. I would like to buy that one, just so I can break my weed up on it. I wonder how much it costs at books a million.
  5. Skater dusto

    Skater dusto New Member

    I read that issue too. I was seeing a pediatrist for a while, so whenever I'd go there I read all those magazines in the lobby.

    It's strange, in the last few months I've read about 5-7 magazines with really good, unbiased articles about marijuana. Then they get to the part where all the evil dudes start rambling from their asses and yeah, gets kinda blah. And it's really getting old hearing that marijuana turns people into lazy farts. Can't they come up with something crafty, and maybe the least bit pursuasive?

    When it comes to cannabis prohibition, it's always the politics and hipocrates that fill the stereotypes. Who knows. Maybe we're just smoking too much evil marijuana to get the real picture. :rolleyes:
  6. Redline

    Redline New Member

    what issue is it?

    and anyone have a link...i don't have an account on

    i would really like to read it. i'll even go out and buy it, is it still in stores?
  7. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    Marijuana is the number #1 cash crop in most places. The article is interesting and I suggest everyone read it. It's simple about the pot trade in western Canada. It's worth reading if only because the topic is being explored my a main stream conserative magazine.
  8. Experience Haze

    Experience Haze New Member

    i heard that marijuana is the #1 cash crop in my state, good 'ol Virginia.

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