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  1. Any fellow Zappaphiles out there on

    Frank Zappa is the greatest and most creative musical genius of the 20th century. He ran the gamut of almost genre of music and always did it well. I'm not just saying he played a mix of rock and funk and reggae or something like that. He played a mix of *everything* from do-wop to avant garde classical.

    If there's any fans out there, let me know your favorite songs or albums or any interesting stories or folklore. Let's see if we can get a discussion going :chokin:

    "I never set out to be weird, it was other people who called me weird."
    -Frank Zappa
  2. imported_Pufnstuf

    imported_Pufnstuf New Member

    Puf digs Frank

    My first Zappa Show was at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City in 1977. Went out the side door to smoke a J during a break and the sound truck was sitting outside. Door opened and some dude stepped out with a bag of trash and asked me if I knew where a dumpster was, told him "yep" (even though I had no idea) and he handed it to me and I went into the alley and just tossed it. Asked me if I was ever in Denver and I said I'd been there and he gave me two tickets to the next nights show at Red Rocks. Frank played Dyna Mo Hum that night.

    Favorite songs would almost be impossible but I definitely dig Willie the Pimp and Brown Shoes Don't Make It.
  3. Goblin Thug

    Goblin Thug New Member

    'something interesting for you... My father had a drink with Frank Zappa in the 70's when my dad was in the 20's, I thought that was pretty cool cuz my dad is in a band and he goes on tours and hes a stoner like me :-D
  4. dopenose

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    I've never heard any songs by him but he sounds pretty cool. I'm reading this book on Hendrix and sounds like they jammed a couple times together.
  5. eyesbleed

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    I guess I'm more of a Mother of Invention fan, instead of a Zappa fan, coz that's when I quit buying his stuff. Although I do have Hot Rats & Waka Jawaka.
    Them Mothers wus crazy.
    So my favorite Zappa albums are Uncle Meat & Burnt Weenie Sandwich.
    Besides being my fave Zappa's, those are 2 of my favorite albums of all-time.
  6. newcarcaviar

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    I saw Zappa Plays Zappa which is Dweezil playing Frank's songs. That was back in June. I love Zappa. I've got Overnite Sensation, Lumpy Gravy, Sheik Yerbouti, Zoot Allures, Apostrophe as well as a bunch of downloaded songs. All the big albums ;)

    My friend lent me Freak Out though and I'd have to say that's my favourite Zappa (and Mothers) album. The last few tracks are amazing! I have yet to find a copy for myself though...

    And my absolute favourite Zappa song is still the very first Zappa song that got me hooked: Muffin Man :D

    EDIT: The Baby Snakes DVD is orgasmic!
  7. SpiralArchitect

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    Zappa is awesome!

    His song Trouble Everyday I did a school project on.

    It was about the riots in L.A. years ago. I got an A on the presentation, even did it stoned. :D

    Some of my favorite songs are I'm the Slime, and the instrumental Peaches en Regalia. That song is a trip.

    cool thread

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