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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by CannaBabe, May 19, 2010.

  1. CannaBabe

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    So I was poking around the web for some smoking accessories when I came across Wholesale, a website selling mostly (you guessed it!) grinders, but also stash jars, pollen presses and other misc. accessories. They had a little button saying "Want a Free Grinder?" and of course I'm like chyeah, YES. So I clicked it and e-mailed the guy, and you have to write a short article on one of their products so you actually have to do a bit of work, but it's just to somehow up their rating on Google to attract more business.

    I wrote one on "Herb Grinders for Medical Marijuana Use" because you're not supposed to talk about any illegal substances ;). He e-mailed me back 2 days later and now my grinders apparently on it's way! We'll see if it makes it to me or not haha. Anyway, if you're interested definitely check it out, I know a lot of you are great writers so if you can get something free for doing it, why not?

    P.S. I'm not trying to advertise for this website in any way, I just thought some of you would be interested in a free grinder too. Like I said, I haven't even gotten mine yet but when and if I do, I'll definitely post a pic!

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  2. High

    High as a kite

    Whats their email..? I keep getting " No program available to open this task " kind of error.
  3. 216Smoker

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    I emailed the dude.. Does it have to be long? How Long?
  4. CannaBabe

    CannaBabe New Member

    Sorry, I guess I thought it would be more of a random topic because it's talking about how to get a free accessory, not one I want or own. But I'll remember that for the future :)

    Do you have Microsoft Outlook? If not that's probably why. Even though I don't use it, when I click to send an e-mail that's the default program that opens. The e-mail is

    He gives you a set of criteria to write about, but it has to be at least 420 words. Good luck guys! :)
  5. CannaBabe

    CannaBabe New Member

    I finally got it! It came in the mail today. It's just an acrylic one but hey, it was free and at least it's pink! :p


    He also put in a bunch of business cards... I guess he's hoping I'll hand them out to people? Haha. They also gave me a coupon for a 5% discount of my next purchase, but the expiry date was May 30th :rolleyes:

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