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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by thetruth, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Frozen clean urine may be the new way to go. On April 4th 2011 I got clean piss from a friend who stop smoking about a year ago. I froze the pee in quick fix bottles I had laying around. To freeze the pee I used a turkey injector set used for injecting turkeys to fill the bottle from the collection cup. After the bottle was cap off I wrap the bottles in tin foil then put the bottles in freezer bags. I heard its better to use a vacuum sealer to seal the bottles but I don’t have one if you do I would go this route. After its wrap in tin foil and put in the freezer bags I just placed it in the freezer. Make sure your freezer is set at a lower level. Good way to check is put ice cream in your freezer and see it develops ice crystals. If it develops ice crystals then its to cold. Well the pee went in on 4/20/11 I took out one sample today to replace it with a new clean one and check it with a piss test strip. Ph, specific gravity and creatinine came out fine. It still had a nice yellow color and have a low foam head. It also still had a smell. so if i had to use it today i would of been fine.To reheat the pee put it in a glass of hot water. Then to heat it up use hand warmers.If your in a hurry use hot air from your car on way to site. DO not microwave real urine it will kill it making it test low on all levels.hope this still usin gf for test also but nice to have a back up plan!
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    Has holymoly seen this yet? He was looking for this exact info... messaging now. Thanks thetruth :)
  3. I thought I replied to this but I guess I didn't. thetruth, have you actually used the urine from the frozen batch you are referring to for a lab test or just at home tests? I wish I would have vacuumed sealed my bags but I didnt. My freezer only has one setting (I know thats crappy but weird) , however, I stored the clean urine in a travel shampoo bottle for a quick use if need be, and the larger volume in the original plastic water bottle my friend peed in. I did wrap both of the bottles in both plastic wrap, foil, and then out those inside of 2 ziploc freezer bags.
    Do you think that will be good enough for storage ?
    Should I get him to do it again and not store it in the original, uncontaminated water bottle?
    Any other ideas on ways for excellent, long term storage?

    When I have ice cream in the freezer, after about a month it will get a small amount of ice crystals formed. But not as fast as I have seen other freezers cause ice cream to form ice crystals, so I'm thinking my freezer isn't super cold, but colder than I would prefer. Thanks for the help all, and please stay in touch and keep posting info. Ill keep updating my status as well.
  4. Oh another question, regarding thawing properly. I researched online for a few hours total, and found a few comments from other websites from people that sounded knowledgeable and intelligent. However one person recommended that thawing it in the fridge slowly will be the best process in order to not cause crystal/sediment formation (And this is for cases where you aren't planning on re-freezing additional leftover urine). Another "intelligent sounding" person recommended that thawing it quickly under warm water is the best way. I guess I'm going to freeze some of my own dirty urine and do some experiments on the best way. That seems to be an easy way to actually do some personal tests to know for sure. Ill try to freeze some tonight, and store it in the same exact manner I stored my friends clean urine. Ill let it freeze for a couple days, and then do some testing. I'm also going to leave a dirty sample to freeze for a longer period of time to have a few variables to test against.
    Any other thoughts on the right way to thaw it? (hopefully you have actually successfully frozen, thawed, and lab tested it but either way please post)
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    urinecheck 7

    i have only check it out at home but am sure frozen reheated clean urine will pass any test giving.the fact is its real human urine.freezin the urine keeps it from growing bacteria and going some adulteration test strips off line they check for all the same things labs check for prior to testing the urine for drugs...being specific gravity, ph,nitrite,creatinine,glutaraldehyde,beach, and pyridinium chlorochromate.the strips are easy to use and go off of color codes.this is how i tested my frozen urine.all levels came back with a pass so the lab would of got the same get sediments out of urine if needed shake it in the bottle after you warm it up.or strain it threw a white coffe fitler!has to be white no other color!!!!!hope this helps.
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    i passed lab test with frozen pee!

    Passed lab test with frozen pee!!!! Just wanted to verify that I passed a test that was given at the clinic. My urine had to have methadone in it so I got clean, froze my pee,put 60 mo's in separate bags, ( I used the disposable baby bottle bags) about 5 days later I defrosted it under running water, kept it in the sealed plastic bag, slapped a thermometer sticker on that mf'r, and heated in with my car vent on the way to the clinic. I had done a couple test runs b4 that so I knew if it was at 103° I had about 15-20 mins until it was at 98°… I dumped it in the container and Viola! I just saw my test was good today!!! Positive for the 'Done and metabolites so I know freezing it doesn't effect that. Just thought I'd let u guys know it most definitely works!
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    just tested 3 month old frozen clean pee and it past the drug test and other test labs use to determin that the urine is ok for testing.also i know of 3 people who have past urine test with qf in the last few months!
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    ive been working on this for a few years the frozen clean real urine can be frozen for about 3 months reheated and used for a test.syth still working but having some problems at certain and mouse game and we r winning.if i can get drunk i should be able to smoke.please keep the info coming!
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    I see lots of people saying they used plastic bags or bottles to store their urine in the freezer. I used a washed and sanitized small glass mason jar, wrapped in tin foil and then placed in to a freezer bag and i sucked all the air out of the bag before i closed it. my freezer is -6degrees. the pee went in to the freezer about 1 hour after collection, but during that hour it was in a cooler next to an ice pack.

    if the sample is clean like my buddy says it is - did i collect it and store it properly? i used quick fix 4 years ago, but am getting kinda nervous to use it again because i see lots of posts about it no longer working. BUT, I don't want to hand in a contaminated specimin either.

    Do you think I'm good to use the real pee?

    This is pre-employment

    Thanks in advance, I know I can trust this site because you guys helped me out 4 years ago.

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